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Gen Wright's Articles in Telecommunications

  • Say Bye To Calling Cards
    If you ever made international calls you know the hassle of using calling cards. First you have to go to a store to buy a paper phone card, dial a local access number, type in your pin code and then long international number.
  • The Advantages Of An Italy Phone Number
    With today's financial difficulties, exuberant expenses on phone calls are definitely not very practical. It is a known fact long distance calls normally cost a lot.
  • Use Calling Cards To Save On Long Distance Calls
    Ever since their introduction, the prepaid phone cards have been the main reason behind the smile on every long distance caller's face and this is because by using these cards the caller manages to save a substantial amount of money which would not have been possible otherwise.
  • Buying A Mexico Phone Number To Improve Business And Personal Communications
    Whether you need a new phone number for personal or business reasons, you will want to explore all of your options regarding new phone numbers that are available for registration. It is crucial that you do all the necessary research that will lead you to a good provider with quality rates, because you do not want to end up paying too much for your services.
  • Call Forwarding - A Vital Feature For Businesses And Individuals
    Call forwarding is a vital feature for many businesses and individuals who wish to have top quality phone services. You will find that Callcentric offers a wide range of these features, among them call forwarding. It is important that you find out as much as possible about this feature, so you will be able to take full advantage of it. One of the most common questions that people tend to ask is how billing works when you use it.
  • 6 Uses Of The Sip Softphone For Business
    The SIP Softphone for business has changed the way both small and large companies work and communicate. Gone are the days of ultra-expensive telephony provided by the big service providers. Instead you can operate all of the communication channels in your company from the comfort and convenience of a network of computers. Following are six ways that Internet phone technology has made it possible to become more prepared in today's workplace.
  • How to Purchase An Australia Phone Number
    Getting an Australia phone number through phone service providers is just actually very easy. After selecting the provider, one can choose the type of product that he prefers such as international phone number (DID), and sign up for the account.
  • A Pleasant Experience With Phone Service
    I was a Vonage customer for a while and since my contract was up, I decided to switch to a provider I ran across, TeleBlend. They were offering the first 4 months free in an unlimited calling offer to 47 countries.
  • Save Time And Money With Video Conference Calls
    Commuting to work for some can be a problem due to different reasons. First of all, there are time and cost issues to consider. Then there is the weather and traffic that may pose additional obstacles.
  • Telephones For Telecommuters
    Telecommuting is easy to accomplish with new VoIP technologies. Integrate your legacy phone system with IP phones.
  • PBX Phone Systems - Managing Growth
    When you make a phone call to a large MNC, you usually get to hear a pre-recorded voice message from the phone system. This is because large companies usually have hundreds of phone calls coming in on a daily basis.
  • How Do I Use Prepaid Phone Cards
    The prepaid phone cards have come to dominate the world of communication in such a way that there may be hardly a caller who has not used these cards ever to make a call. The use of prepaid phone cards for making domestic as well as international calls is more due to the convenience of not having to pay the monthly bills because once these cards are bought for a particular price after that the caller does not have to pay any extra cost except while buying a new card or while recharging the existing card.
  • Hosted PBX - What Is It and Do I Want One?
    You know how important telecommunication services are to your business. They let you communicate efficiently with colleagues, workers and customers. They also allow you to serve your customers' needs directly by giving them direct access to your goods and services.

    Telecom services also provide one of the major components of your public identity. Your phone number or website reminds customers who you are, what you offer and what services you provide. Since these benefits are important to make your business successful, you should always be looking for new telecom services that can increase your efficiency, help your bottom line and improve your identity with the public. One solution that addresses these issues is a hosted PBX.
  • Use Prepaid Phone Cards - Save on International Calls
    Prepaid phone cards are becoming ever popular for making international phone calls. They are popular for very good reasons. They slash the regular phone bills by 80%. These phone cards allow us to make international calls at less than local call rates! This is possible because one pays only for the connection charges and the rest of the call is free.
  • All About Reverse Call Charges
    Reverse charge call is a phone call that requires the receiving party to pay for the call i.e. reverse call charges; it agrees to receive from the calling party. The reverse call charges are clearly mentioned to the called party and are charged through a Premium SMS after the conversation ends.
  • Telecom Expense Management - Spotting Telecom Billing Errors
    Whether a business has only ten employees making a few long distance calls a day, or is a burgeoning enterprise with hundreds of employees conducting thousands of calls and data transfers every hour, it is important for that business to carefully manage their telecommunication costs.
  • Project Management Basics for Telecom
    Telecom projects, like any other project, need special attention if you want the project to be successful and done on a schedule. One way to proceed on a telecom project is to hire a telecom management professional to oversee the project. Another way is to use a project management software program. There are many software programs available that cover the many facets of project planning including document management, workforce management, time/expense management, client collaboration, custom forms, knowledge management, and certified email. Either way, due to the complexity of some telecom projects, it is vital to your success to use one of these options.
  • Get Phone Cards Online and Save on International Calls
    Spend less to talk more! A great way to spend less to talk more is to buy a calling card. International calls are always a costly deal. But, with the use of calling cards, it is possible to reduce the expense to considerable extent. Due to this, using calling cards for making calls is now becoming more and more popular.
  • Think Big, Look Big, Save Big on Small Business Telecommunications
    Even if a business is small, the owners need to think big. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service provide big corporation telecommunications features on a small business budget. A cost-effective substitute to landline services, VoIP breaks down information into digital packets that are sent over the Internet.
  • Tame Your Telecom Spending
    Telecom spending can be a very large part of a company's operating costs. Companies are always looking to keep their costs under control and telecom spending is one of the more difficult areas to manage.
  • Telecom Disaster Planning - What You Need to Know to Get Started
    What if your company couldn't use its computers for a day? How about your phones? Any phone system outage, even if it's a short one, could result in financial losses and inconvenience for your business. Can you afford this disruption? Most businesses can't.
  • Use Phone Cards to Make Phone Calls to Ukraine
    Nearly everyone these days has a cellular phone, and if you don't have one of those, then you likely have a landline. If you use either of these things to make international calls, then you're likely spending a lot more money then you have to. One of the least known secrets about making phone calls is the use of phone cards for international calls.
  • An Overview of Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
    Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a term used to define an approach to managing all telecommunication service expenses such as voice, data and wireless with a combination of software tools and manual auditing. In managing all these services and related processes, its goal is to minimize costs and maximize process efficiency.

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