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Gen Wright's Articles in Religion and Spirituality

  • Dark Revelations Concerning The Life Of A.E. Waite And The Secret Societies
    The information contained in this article was acquired by the author through his Greater-Self. It reveals the disturbing secrets of some notable esoteric orders of the past. Arthur Edward Waite was one of the many secret society members who had good reason conceal their personal affairs from public scrutiny.
  • A.e Waite Communicates New Mystical Concepts In The Book- 'the First Truth - A Book Of Metaphysical Theories'
    The law of attraction has received much attention in the past few years. There are many other universal laws in place to make our physical life possible. The mechanics of these laws are largely unknown. A few concepts are presented in this article relating to the operation of the law of attraction.
  • God And Loneliness-the Missing Link
    When people are struggling with loneliness, God is often left entirely out of the picture. The numerous self-help guides and the overwhelming focus in getting things done by ourselves has resulted in generations of people turning to their own powers instead of God, and loneliness is only one of the fallouts of this self reliant behavior.
  • Becoming Closer To God And Being Loneliness-free
    With all the stresses and strains of modern life, God is the one factor that can make everything much easier to bear with. Unfortunately, many people seem to treat God as an afterthought, and when trying to deal with the problems that we all normally face, He is often not even considered as part of the equation. This is quite unfortunate, as for every problem that life throws at us, the only one that can offer a real lasting solution is God.
  • Dealing With Loneliness With God's Help
    With all the problems that we have to face on a daily basis, we need all the help we can get in dealing with the most challenging ones. Loneliness is only one of the many obstacles that we typically encounter in our lives, and the condition can be very distressing indeed. In the midst of all these problems, many people would not think to find the solution in God. Loneliness can be a very isolating occurrence, and most of the people who suffer from it tend to retreat within themselves and basically disregard all outside influences. Unfortunately this so often means turning away from God.
  • The Importance Of God And Loneliness
    One of the main factors that can occur due to the spirituality aspect of God and its different varieties, you need to understand that there is been a lot of people that prefer to undertake essence of loneliness in the presence of God.
  • While A Lot Of People May Not Realize That Spirituality
    God, as we know is everywhere. In our hearts and souls and also in different places of worship, you would find God. Under such a feature, it would definitely be able to provide you with the necessary amount of relief you manage to undertake medication in the best possible manner.
  • Conforming To Your Ideals Of God
    While there have been a lot of circumstances in which people would generally be able to feel extremely painful upon finding themselves lonely, it is also necessary for them to understand that they are lonely out of their own understanding, and it is nobody else's fault. If you are always burning the bridges that can connect to people, then you need to ensure that you sometimes build a break, rather than destroy it.
  • Their Right To Marry Or Our Right To Deny Their Rights
    The fight over whether or not couples of the same sex have a right to marry has become one of the nation's hottest and most controversial subjects, especially since the statement released by President Barack Obama advocating same sex marriage...
  • An Introduction To Bhavacakra
    The Bhavacakra, is a symbolic wheel used by Tibetan Buddhists to represent the concept of Samsara. The Buddhists are firm believers of cause and karma, as well as birth, death and re-birth.
  • Growing Spiritually During Difficult Times
    Spiritual growth in a world dominated by money, power and influence is a monumental undertaking. Our physical wants and needs attract the lion's share of our attention due to conveniences such as electronic gizmos, television, and the Internet. Meaning and self worth are confused as a result.
  • A Discussion Of Buddhist Vegetarians
    Contrary to common perception, Buddhists are not absolute vegetarians. To set the facts straight, some Buddhists are practicing vegetarians while others are not. The stand on vegetarianism differs from sect to sect and from one Buddhist to another. When you are wondering if there is a necessity to observe vegetarianism when one wants to become a Buddhist, you will most likely get a conditional answer.
  • Five Dead Sea Scroll Surprises Repudiate Centuries Of Tradition
    Recently deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls result in unexpected findings regarding the original Old Testament, the book of Jude, Biblical prophecy, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, and the language of the first century Jews. These scrolls reveal Christianity has been misinformed on all of these topics for the last 1,500 years.
  • The Covenant Of Wealth Will Increase Your Finances
    Look at this article and quickly notice that God does want us to be prosperous and went so far as to create a covenant of wealth along with his people.
  • Spirituality Versus Religion
    The term spirituality is used more today than ever before. More book and article titles use the term, its verbiage is heard and seen in much of the media, it pops up in conversation more often and many more people today will respond with being spiritual when asked their religious belief.
  • True Power Behind Spiritual Objects
    Utilizing objects is an important part of spiritual practice. Placing a red, white, or black cloth on an alter, lighting certain colored candles for a ceremony or meditation, using a bowl of water for scrying, using objects decorated with a pentagram, yen and yang, or other symbols, etc, all provide meditative focus for any spiritual work or growth that we're trying to achieve.
  • Ten Ways To Find Magic In The Every Day
    We have lost our folklore, our magic, and our inspiration in the every day.

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