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Gen Wright's Articles in Pets

  • Understanding Visits To Your Vet
    It is important to establish a trusting bond with your veterinarian, as it is important to bring your dog in for routine visits. From vaccinations to spaying and neutering, your veterinarian will establish a proper health care plan for your dog. Continue reading to learn more.
  • Socializing Your Puppy For Proper Behavior In Different Environments
    It is important to get your dog used to meeting new people from the youngest age possible. Some breeds are naturally sociable, while others may take some time. Continue reading to learn more about how to properly socialize your new puppy with people and other pets, as well.
  • Feeding This Diabetic Dog Food Could Cure Your Dog's Diabetes
    Diet is arguably one of the main causes of ill health. The reason your dog has diabetes is most likely the food you feed him. Feeding my recommended diabetic dog food will not only keep his diabetes at bay, but also may help to cure it. Diabetic dog food is easy to make at home, won't cost you any more and will make huge savings on veterinarian fees. However, not all diabetic dog food is equal!
  • Which Type Of Dog Bed Is Best For Your Puppy?
    Those who have pets are well aware of the fact that puppies love sleeping on a comfortable surface. Each dog should have a special place in which he can relax and this place shouldn't be your bed.
  • How To Use A Wireless Dog Fence
    Not everyone has the energy to constantly run after a pet. If one has more than one pet, constant surveillance is well-nigh impossible. This is why electronic devices to keep your pet within safe limits become a necessity.
  • Top Three Pet Behavioral Problems and How to Fix Them
    We all love our pets. How can you not? Their love and warmth at the end of a hard day are often the only constants you can depend on. They hang on your every move, particularly dogs, and they give you the companionship that you need to enjoy this life a little more each day.
  • Christmas Clothing for Dogs
    Christmas is just round the corner and you are wondering what gifts to send to your family and friends. As you are pondering over your options, don't forget about the animals.
  • Dog Training and Its Tools
    Do you have an out of control dog? Do you have an aggressive dog? Or do you have that dog that chews on your favorite pair of shoes when you leave it home alone to go to work or just down the street?
  • Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning Tips
    Have pet stain and odor problems in your home? If so, here is some information to help you solve pet stain and odor problems. You have probably tried just about everything to rid your home of the contamination and odor.
  • Dog Training Tips for a New Dog Owner
    Bought a new pet and looking forward to being a good dog owner? Then perhaps you may find these tips useful.
  • Different Types of Dog Clothing
    A dog is man's best friend, and you certainly want your pet to receive the best treatment possible. Besides proper shelter and food, you can also show your love by clothing your dog in proper dog clothing.
  • How GPS Dog Tracking Collars Work
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed the way we travel. No longer do you have to beg and plead the stubborn male figure in your life to stop and ask for directions because by programming a few simple coordinates into your GPS system you can know where you are at all times.
  • Pet Rabbits- How To Pick Rabbit Cages
    Cages for pets are always a very important aspect because you are essentially providing their habitat. By deciding what kind of an environment they will be living in, you are also deciding how comfortable and active they can be.
  • Why Dogs Bark and How to Control Barking
    When a dog barks, they are simply communicating. It is normal for a dog to bark. Whether they are alerting you to someone else in the vicinity or telling you they are hungry, it is the only way they have to let you know what they want.
  • Demystifying the Modern Myths and Misconceptions about Electronic Training Collars
    Are you considering using an electronic training collar for your pet? As the widespread availability and increased sales of these electronic training collars grow, so do many of the many myths and misconceptions about them.
  • Jack Russell Puppies - A Great Companion
    A Jack Russell puppy can be a perfectly family pet if you understand it well. It has unique personality traits, which makes this breed ideal for some lifestyles.
  • Jack Russell Puppies - Behavioral Problems
    The Jack Russell is a fairly small dog, but it has such a high energy level and dominant personality that can sometimes land it in trouble.
  • Jack Russell Puppies - A Bundle of Energy
    Have you ever heard of the saying "a bundle of joy"? That is a saying that usually refers to having a baby. But when you are a Jack Russell owner, you should convert the saying to having "a bundle of energy". Why is that so?
  • Boxer Puppies - Ideal for Any Home
    Many pet experts recommend buying a boxer puppy as a family pet because they know that these animals make the perfect pet for any home.
  • Boxer Puppies - Will You Consider a White Boxer as a Pet?
    A boxer puppy will grow up to be a medium sized dog, with a proportionate body. It is easy to care for a boxer, as it is a fairly active animal.
  • Bulldog Puppies - Need a Stable Dog?
    Many inexperienced pet owners find themselves stuck with a puppy that is not a good match for their current lifestyle. For example, some owners have young children in the house.
  • How to Tackle a Dog Barking Problem
    Your puppy could be barking for no good reason and you don't know why it is behaving in such an irrational manner. Non-stop barking can cause problems for you, your family members, and even your neighbors.
  • What to Do When Your Puppy Bark Non-Stop in the Middle of the Night
    You just had an enjoyable day playing with your new puppy and you badly wanted to have a good night's sleep.
  • Crate Training Puppy - The Correct Setup
    Crate training is one of the most effective method that you can use to train your puppy to eliminate according to the schedule that you want.
  • Puppy Potty Training - Tips for the New Puppy Owner
    Potty training can be frustrating and challenging. Many new dog owners simply give up because they get such a shock when they see their adorable pets eliminating all over the place, and during the oddest hour!
  • Puppy Training Tips for First Timers
    It can sometimes be challenging to own a new puppy, especially if you are a first timer. There are many lessons that you need to learn.

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