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Gen Wright's Articles in Nutrition

  • Nutrition And Your Child's Teeth
    Not only does the food your child eat affect their overall health, but it also has lasting results on their oral health, as well. Continue reading to learn more about nutrition and your child's teeth.
  • Watch What You Eat- Proper Nutrition Establishes A Healthy Smile
    Proper daily oral hygiene isn't the only way to help maintain a healthy smile. By maintaining proper nutrition, you can also experience an improved smile. Continue reading to learn more.
  • While Enjoying The Holidays Establish Proper Nutrition To Improve Your Oral Health
    At any age, your home oral health regimen should include a healthy, nutritional diet. Many of the foods that help your body build strong muscles and bones also help build strong, healthy teeth and gums. Continue reading to learn more about how nutrition affects your smile.
  • Diet For Hypothyroidism
    For people suffering from hypothyroidism, natural treatment is a feasible course of action to take, especially given the absence of any real cure for the condition. Hypothyroidism is caused by the action of the autoimmune system on the thyroid gland, which causes it to produce lower levels of thyroid hormone.
  • Healthy Eating Without Salt, Sugar, And Preservatives
    We need to get back to the basics of healthy eating. Not that long ago, the food we ate was prepared from fresh ingredients. These included whole foods, nutritious fruits and vegetables, including many foods from the garden. We had fresh produce, fresh naturally grown meats and dairy without all the sprays, hormones, salt, sugar, preservatives and chemicals that is in our food today. We need to make better choices about the foods we eat and learn to cook healthy food for ourselves and family especially for our children.
  • Maintain Proper Nutrition For A Happy Smile And Body
    Just as a proper diet leads to a healthier body, it also leads to a healthy, happy smile. Continue reading to learn more about how proper nutrition can help your smile shine bright.
  • Get On The Smart Snack Track- Maintain Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Smile
    Have you kept your New Year's resolution to eat healthier? If not, continue reading to learn more about how you can make it through your next snack attack to help benefit your overall health, and your dental health too!
  • Maintain Proper Nutrition To Protect Your Smile
    Adequate nutrition is essential in prevention of various diseases. Each of your teeth provides another reason why you should watch what you eat. Antioxidants and other nutrients that are found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts may strengthen immunity and improve the body's ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, which help protect your teeth and gums. Continue reading to learn more about how your diet plays a key role in the health of your mouth.
  • How To Get The Best Results From Acai Berry
    There are many factors that could make you decide to start using the acai berry, and its byproducts. You could be using the products in search of the skin rejuvenation effect they are associated with.
  • Can Energy Drinks Cause Dehydration?
    One of the safety related issues that have been raised with regard to energy drink is the one to the effect that use of the drinks can lead to dehydration. Critics of the drinks have been eager to tell this to everybody who can listen: that use of an energy-drink will more often than not lead to dehydration. This is a something that has led a considerable number of people to steer clear of the energy supplement, because the effect of dehydration on physical and mental performance (and on health generally) is not something that can be taken very lightly.
  • You Will Need To Ditch Processed Foods For Weight Loss To Happen
    It is hard to believe that each of us on average consumes several pounds of sugar each week. Way back at the start of this century we used to consume only 5 pounds of sugar each per year. Now that totals...
  • Protein Shakes As A Diet Supplement
    Are you a fitness enthusiast who is looking to improve your health or lose weight? If you have been browsing health forums, you must have heard of a high protein diet. Just make friends with these health enthusiasts and observe them consuming lots of protein.
  • Soy Milk Protein - An Alternative Protein Source
    Walking past the local health store and you will immediately spot a whole row of whey protein products. Whey protein is high quality protein that is extracted from milk. It is the best known protein source among professional athletes and bodybuilders. But what if whey protein just isn't suitable for you? Do you have other alternatives?
  • Benefits Of Fish Oil For Cardiovascular Health
    Some of the benefit of fish oil for cardiovascular health comes from the essential fatty acids it contains. These fatty acids are necessary for good health, but since out bodies cannot produce them, we must supplement our diets in order to obtain them and aid in the body functioning more efficiently.
  • Four Essentials To Look For In Your Vegetarian And Vegan Supplements
    The New Year is one of the most common times to commit to Old Resolutions. One popular resolution you'll probably hear a lot about - maybe even be guilty of making yourself - is getting in shape. There are a variety of different ways to pull this off, but one of the best is through a good old-fashioned vegetarian diet.
  • Organic Products - What Does It Mean To Be Organic
    Organic food is that which is farmed using organic farming methods. This means excluding food additives and genetically modified ingredients and avoiding the use of inorganic farming techniques such as chemical pesticides or crop irradiation.
  • Heart Healthy Diet- Fish Oil For Cardiovascular Health
    A healthy balanced diet that includes fish oil for cardiovascular health can massively reduce your chance of heart disease and even if you have already been diagnosed, a healthy diet can protect your heart against further problems.
  • Take Fish Oil For Cardiovascular Health And To Lower High Blood Pressure
    Having high blood pressure can be a worrying time, if you have been diagnosed with it then you are likely to have been told the averse affects it can have on your health, most worryingly high blood pressure can lead to strokes, kidney failure, heart attacks and heart failure.

    It is therefore important to do all you can to lower your blood pressure. There are many ways to help reduce your high blood pressure including taking Omega 3 and 6 fish oil for cardiovascular health.
  • The Hunt for High Quailty Protein Products - Understanding Protein
    Looking to boost your metabolism? If you have been lurking in health forums recently, you would have come across someone recommending a high protein diet. Surround yourself with health enthusiasts and observe them consuming high protein meals.
  • A Diet For Lowering Cholesterol Includes Fish Oil For Cardiovascular Health
    If you are going to attempt to lower your cholesterol, you need to be reducing the overall amount of fats that you eat on a daily basis. The only good fats for you at this time are the omega 3 and 6 fish oil for cardiovascula
  • Probiotics - A New Ally in the Treatment of Stomach Ulcers
    Stomach ulcers are painful and potentially life-threatening. When combined with doctor prescribed therapies, the use of probiotics may help speed recovery suggests a report published in the European Journal of Pharmacology.
  • How to Eat Right for Fitness
    Face it, working out on a cold or rainy day can be a dreadful feeling. In fact, the thought of slinging weights or engaging in intense cardio may not even be remotely appealing to you at any time.
  • Protein Shakes - A Great Meal Supplement
    Are you a fitness enthusiast who is looking to improve your health or lose weight? If you have been lurking in health forums recently, you would have come across someone recommending a high protein diet.
  • How to Lose Weight Fast - It's All In Your Diet
    Your weight loss diet helps your program to be successful. Your best bet is to have a foolproof diet plan. Otherwise, your weight loss program mail fail. You may need to put more attention into your diet planning. A common approach looks something like this.
  • Acai Berry Juice - The Best Supplement For Weight Loss
    With all the weight loss products and supplements in the market today, what makes the acai berry the best? The acai berry also has a lot of essential fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, which boosts the body's metabolism.
  • Facts About Pure Organic Acai Berry Products
    The amazon acai berry is a small fruit that is similar in appearance to a grape which is harvested in the lush rain forests of Brazil near the basin of the Amazon River. It is bore by the acai palm tree, which mainly grows in floodplains and swamps.
  • Monavie Juice With Amazon Acai Berry Ingredients
    Monavie is a nutritional supplement beverage that contains the Acai berry and 18 other high antioxidant and nutritious fruits for a delicious and nutritious product. Monavie juice offers many health benefits and it is a way to make charitable contributions to the world and where the world's most nutritious food, the Acai Berry, grows.
  • The Rain Forest Sends Humankind a Delicious Healer in Acai Berry
    How many times has your Mom or Dad told you to eat your vegetables and fruits so that you'll grow big, strong and healthy? Probably countless times, right? What they should have been telling you is to eat your Acai berries!
  • Acai Berry Research Finds Positive Benefits
    The Amazon Acai Berry is being cultivated in the jungles of Brazil since centuries. However it is only recently that scientists of America have begun Acai Berry research on how this superfood has health benefits for the body.
  • Amazon Thunder Acai Berry Pulp- The Hottest Celebrity Drink Today
    A lot of celebrities have gone acai berry crazy with the Acai Berry Pulp Puree offered by Amazon Thunder. Some of these celebrities include Deirdre Hall, Paula Abdul, Kate Flannery, Michael sheen and Tom Arnold among others.
  • Goji Berry Facts You Need to Know
    A fruit is a fruit, right? WRONG! I fruit can be a fruit which can be consumed as a food but also can be used as a health supplement if it possesses the medicinal quality and ingredients. Goji Berry is such a fruit which not only is a super food but also has wide range of medicinal use.
  • Eat Healthy Foods for Long Hair
    Some people try to grow their hair quickly at the very last minute. That is usually because they have some important functions to attend, and they need at least shoulder length hair.
  • The Zrii Juice Supplement Or Monavie Juice
    If you are into health, you have probably heard of Zrii Juice or Monavie Juice. See how Mona vie and Zrii Amalaki Juice stack up against each other and if there are better products to improve your overall health.
  • Qivana Top Health Home Based Business Opportunity
    Qivana is a work at home business opportunity that focuses on the immune system to enhance energy levels and health. Find out why Qivana might be the biggest and best home based business opportunity to come along this year!
  • Fast Weight Loss - How to Eat Right
    Your weight loss diet is a huge part of your weight loss program. Your best bet is to have a foolproof diet plan. Otherwise, your weight loss program mail fail. You may need to put more attention into your diet planning. A common approach looks something like this.
  • Kids Soccer- Glycogen and the importance of Soccer Nutrition
    Eat your way to the top. Over the years Kids Soccer has exploded onto the sporting arena. More kids play soccer than any other sport in the world. As coaches and parents a lot of emphasis is placed on training methods and fitness.
  • Nutrition For Your Cells (Part 3) - Vitamins and Minerals Are Useless Unless We Can Absorb Them!
    How do we absorb nutrition into our bodies?

    What I mean is that we have a plate of food sitting on the table in front of us and somehow we get the nutrition from that food into our bodies and delivered to our cells so that we can keep strong and healthy.

    How does all that work?
  • Nutrition For Your Cells (Part 2) - Getting Toxins Out Of Our Bodies and Nutrition In
    Modern life feeds chemicals into our bodies: petrol fumes, tobacco smoke (either self administered or from being around smokers), the growth hormones and other chemicals that are pumped into most meats we buy from the shops, preservatives and colourings in food, cleaning chemicals, etc, etc, etc. We are surrounded by chemicals in every part of our lives.
  • Nutrition For the Cells - How Can We Eat Right to Keep Healthy?
    Your Body's Health - From The Inside Out. We all remember hearing as children that "an apple a day will keep the doctor away". Apples are great for nutrition, fibre, even water, but we need more than that. Modern research has clearly shown that a truly health diet needs to contain:
    - protein,
    - carbohydrates,
    - fats,
    - vitamins,
    - minerals,
    - oils,
    - dietary fibre,
    - and sufficient clean water,
    If it is to support long term, sustainable, good health.
  • Monavie Juice As Healthy As Noni Juice?
    Monavie is a nutritional health juice drink with nineteen different kinds of fruit. Find out if Mona vie Juice and Noni Juice are as Healthy as they say the are.
  • Sports Nutrition- Why Take Additional Supplements
    Sports competition is at an all time high and people all over the world are more health conscious in seemingly every area of life.

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