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Gen Wright's Articles in Network Marketing

  • Good Press - Promoting Your Blog
    There are numerous ways to get a blog noticed and mentioned online. Some are good and others are atrocious. We're all aware of "that guy" who simply joins conversations online and says, "Wow, that's interesting. Hey, have you read my blog about..." Sometimes the blog covers the topic being discussed - but usually it doesn't.
  • Leveraging The 'social' In Social Media
    Social media marketing is about the conversation, not the pitch. Having conversations with people is nice, but the goal of a brand is ultimately to get people interested in spending their time or money on the brand, after all. What does having this conversation accomplish, and just how does a brand use that conversation to get the critical conversion from conversation to customers?
  • 6 Little Used Online Marketing Tactics
    If you use the lesser used online marketing strategies it will be both cheaper and more successful than attempting to takeon the big boys with deep pockets.
    6 Little used online marketing tactics will help new, and less successful internet marketers start to make income.
  • Learn Internet Marketing That Works
    How can you learn internet marketing when statistics prove that more than 90% that try it fail?
    The simple answer is that the vast majority of the people that claim to teach it have no idea of how to teach and because of this the student failure rate is extremely high.
    There is a simple answer to this learning problem. Read more...
  • A Review Of The CPA Approval Bible
    Read an in depth review of the newly launched CPA Approval Bible. It promises to get you approved to any affiliate network of your choosing. See if it lives up to the hype.
  • Some Things You May Want To Know Regarding Video Advertising
    A look through online forums where people discuss advertising-related issues reveals a number of things that a good number of people want to know, with regard to video advertising.
  • Why More And More People Are Turning To Online Video Advertising
    Online video advertising is not a very new phenomenon. But when it first became possible for advertisers to run Internet-based video ads, there were very few takers for it. The last few years have, however, seen a dramatic shift in that trend: with more and more people turning to online video advertising. What we will be interested in finding out are the reasons for the shift towards greater preference for video advertising, on the part of advertisers and also on the part of online content publishers (on whose platforms these online video ads are run).
  • How To Make The Most Of The Christmas Season With Direct Mail
    Discover how a well planned, well targeted and creative direct mail campaign aimed at consumers can help your business have a very merry Christmas this year.
  • 48 Hour Cash Method - Is It Really Possible To Make Money In 48 Hours
    The 48 Hour Cash Club has had beta testers inside for 3 months now and the results are great. Could this be the ideal way for newbie internet marketers to really make cash within 48 hours?
  • Why The Two-way Street? - Marketing In A Social Media World
    A lot of focus has been placed on the role that social media services have on the world. It is here, it already has changed absolutely everything about how we communicate and market, and the only thing left to do is adapt to it. How did this change come to pass? What makes the web function the way it does?
  • All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Flash Video Marketing
    You may have heard or not heard about the upcoming flash video marketing that is creating waves in small online businesses, marketing and marketers among online communities.

    Well created and educative videos will give your viewers a chance to know more about the product and or service offered, and funny, catchy videos will bring out a connection between your viewers and the product on offer. If you are wondering where you can find software that makes great flash videos for marketing, go to VideoToVideoConverter.
  • How Do You 'how To?'
    "How to..." are two words that end up in search engines quite frequently. The Internet is 100 percent information transmission - someone has something to share, and others have things they want to gain. People no longer have to go out to the store to get a book on car maintenance or pot roast recipes - they just hop online and grab the information for free. But what exactly makes a good, solid how-to video? What parts need to be included in a proper series in order to encourage people to keep coming back for view after view?
  • Live Smart 360 Business Overview - Does Live Smart 360 Have Something Interesting For You?
    Have you seen LiveSmart 360 and their revolutionary 360 Mist products? If not, you need to take a quick look to see if it's right for you!
  • Brand Management Success Story
    There is really no other way to say it: Sometimes the weirdest things become branding superstars. For example, begun as a trend on assorted forums and message boards, humorously captioned pictures of felines made $2 million in 2007.
  • Improve Your Online Presence
    Want to see your Google ranking climb and get more hits for your business? The use of a company skilled in Internet marketing can have a big impact on your bottom line. A firm with experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will show you how to drive more potential customers to your web site.
  • Info Product Killer 2010 What Is So Outstanding About It?
    When you study the core idea of the system, you won't believe you haven't already tried while using secret of IPK product marketing! It really is glaringly obvious at first glance, but when you study the system in full you will see its not something anybody will make work just by listening to features it offers... you'll want to study the step of working it to become profitable.
  • Explode Your Restaurant Base With The Right Marketing Tools
    Dining out is one of the past times of people that will never go away. It is safe to say that there will always be a margin of allowance for those who want to be in the restaurant business because people find a way to afford dining at a restaurant even if they have to cut a corner somewhere else.
  • The Money Siphon System Grants You Secrets To Making Money
    Unlock the exact same secrets that are dumping Millions into the Gurus Banks completely FREE. The Money Siphon System works for me and it'll work for you too.
  • The Money Siphon System Delivers
    Unlock the exact same secrets that are dumping Millions into the Gurus Banks completely FREE. The Money Siphon System works for me and it'll work for you too.
  • Make Moves With The Money Siphon
    The Money Siphon System has helped me launch an internet marketing career. Learn learn the secrets the Gurus WON'T tell you.
  • Press Release Marketing - Steps and Secrets to Improve Your Press Release Marketing
    If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure that you would want to use press release marketing in promoting your products or your organization.

    Here's how you can get started in this endeavor along with some tips to consider to easily explode your press release marketing strategies...
  • Your Good Reputation and How to Market It
    To make your business grow in the right way, many things have to be taken into consideration. Marketing and advertising your products and services are the most important. Without developing and implementing intelligent brand marketing and promotional strategies, it will be impossible to see an increase in you customer base. Reputation marketing is one technique that can create an impact.

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