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Gen Wright's Articles in Music

  • Chris Tomlin
    Chris Tomlin is known as a Christian Contemporary Musician plus a song writer and leading worshiper in many churches. Currently, signed to the EMI six step records, some of Tomlin's top songs are: "How great is our god", "Jesus Messiah" and "Our God".
  • Geoff More
    Not many people do Christian music these days; however, people who do are not that famous in the world of the musicians. Geoff Moore indeed has made his mark in the music industry with his talent.
  • Hillsong United
    Hillsong United, a Sydney-based Australian Christian music band, started their musical career in 1998 as Youth Ministry Band from Australia's Hillsong Church. Hillsong's music is �Praise and Worship' in modern style - a mix of conventional rock and contemporary Christian.
  • How To Inhale So You Can Get Much More Breath For Singing And Other Activities
    "What‘s the best way to breathe as a singer‘?" This question is important, and must be addressed by any singer who wants to
    achieve professional quality, range and control, so, let's address it.
  • Singing Instruction - Knowing That You Are A Soprano, Or A Tenor Can Actually Be A Problem
    Too many voice teachers are quick to classify a singer as a soprano, alto, tenor or bass when there is no need to do so. This information is useful if you sing in a choir, or if you sing opera, but isn't of much value in today's world of pop music. But why should knowing what voice category you are in be a problem?
  • Singing Instruction - How To Critique Your Own Singing
    Part of my job as a singing teacher is to teach my students how to listen and critique themselves. The sorry fact is that most singers hear all of the "bad" parts, while ignoring anything they might have done well.
  • Singing Techniques - Is Your Face Getting In The Way Of Your Singing?
    Often, when a student is having problems with pushing their voices, dexterity and hitting high notes with ease, I ask them to sing with absolutely no facial expression. They are amazed at how much better they sound, with less effort. What's going on?
  • How To Make Money At Singing Without Having A Band Or Record Contract
    These days it seems as if everybody's got their eye on willing "American Idol', getting a record deal, or opening for Taylor Swift. There's money out there, partners, and it hides in strange places. Singing can make you a nice income without your becoming famous. Here are some ideas.
  • Singing Instruction - Words That Work For You, Vowel Modification
    I've written a lot about musical phrasing, and how to sing the lyrics so they make sense emotionally, the way they do when we speak them. Actors are very familiar with words which express their meaning just by their sound. Let's examine some of these.
  • Singing Instruction - Perfect Pitch- A Blessing Or A Curse?
    Perfect pitch. What is it? Does having it make us better singers? Are we born with it, or can it be learned. Perfect pitch seems to be some mysterious, unexplained mystery power granted to a few lucky humans. Here are some facts and revelations.
  • Singing Instruction - How To Inhale So You Get Much More Breath
    "What's the best way to breathe as a singer'?" This question is important, and must be addressed by any singer who wants to achieve professional quality, range and control, so, let's address it.
  • Music Pirating - Still Alive?
    Nothing makes a record executive angrier than mention of the word "piracy." Truthfully, piracy does have many disadvantages to a number of people, but is it as bad as the industry lets on? Furthermore, is it even still alive enough to make a significant impact on the future of music as a whole? Before answering these questions, there are a few things to remember about piracy:
  • Singing Tips And Tricks - Choosing The Right Microphone To Make Your Voice Sound Its Best
    Purchasing a microphone can be easy if you just need one to make you sound louder. But what if you need one that makes your voice sound as professional as possible; or what if you just want to use it for recording, or for performance and recording. Then the choice becomes much more difficult. Here's some tips and advice on choosing just the right microphone for your needs.
  • Singing Training Online - How You Talk Has A Lot To Do With How You Sing- Is Your Speaking Voice In Good Shape
    Singing and speaking use the same physical equipment (vocal cords, lungs, diaphragm, etc) so it stands to reason that when you abuse your speaking voice you abuse your singing voice.
  • Free Singing Tips, Singing Instruction- Learn The Simple Secrets Of Singing Higher And Higher
    As a singing teacher, I receive many questions concerning how to increase the high range. This seems to be on every singer's mind, and for good reason; a great number of songs are written to carry the listener through lower sections (usually the verses) into the climatic choruses, which usually contain one or two notes which tax many singers and cause them to sound strained and uncomfortable. This obviously takes a lot away from the overall power of the performance. What to do about this?
  • Training Your Singing  Voice - Do You Sing Off-pitch? You Can Fix That Problem
    So friends and neighbors tell you that you sing off-pitch. Don't throw in the towel just yet. Most pitch problems (singing notes too high or low) can be fixed with a little work and attention to the problem.
  • Training Your Singing Voice - How To Locate The Singing Teacher Who Is Just Right For You
    So, you're looking for a singing teacher. Well, chances are your town has a bunch of them, all advertising that they have multi-degrees or have sung a lead on broadway, or have an album with some label. Confusing, yes? Here are some teriffic guidelines to help you in your search.
  • Learn Guitar Beginners - 5 Money Saving Guitar Maintenance Tips
    Buying a guitar can be like buying a car. You know you want one, however, once you have one it can be very confusing knowing how to take care of one. And then one day something happens to your car or guitar that you know could have been avoided if you had taken care of your six stringed vehicle with some general maintenance. Now you're stuck with a bill that you wish you didn't have. Let's look at some general maintenance that will save you the headaches down the road of extra maintenance fees that can be avoided.
  • Connecting With Local Bands and Artists Online
    The music scene has never been more vibrant. Thanks to the evolution of technology. Social networking sites are springing up all over cyberspace and those who share the same interests can log on to the same website and share all kinds of cool stuff.
  • Big Mountain-Reggae Ringtones
    The band's accomplishment led by Bruce Caplin whom managed them from inceptions throughout the peek of their carrier, was able to establish Big Mountain worldwide from 1994-1997 as the worlds number one Reggae band
  • Midi Keyboards and Controllers - Models to Look Out For
    If you're shopping for a new MIDI keyboard controller, you probably have done your research on what to look for in a good model.
  • Midi Keyboards and Controllers - Must Haves For The Avid Musician
    From amateurs to professionals, avid musicians have become increasingly aware of the usefulness of MIDI keyboard controllers.
  • Michael Jackson's Legend Seems To Live On
    And the true king of pop is back to the throne. Those who thought that the child molestation charge, the bankruptcy fiasco that might lead to the painful, among fans, neverland sale, would dethrone him have another thing coming. The musician with nine lives is a legend who seems to live on.

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