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  • Dying Of Loneliness-a Real Possibility?
    As terrible and devastating as it is to suffer from loneliness, many people would not think of it as a probable cause of death. Sure we have all heard of stories about people dying from loneliness, but we are oftentimes too quick to dismiss these stories as superstition or overblown melodrama. In the vat majority of cases, death from loneliness is often attributed to physical reasons, although the actual cause is apparent.
  • When People Die Of Loneliness
    No one ever wants to be lonely, but some people do not really have a choice in the matter. People in prison, professionals assigned to secluded locations, and the very ill are all prone to the effects of loneliness. However, few people risk dying from loneliness as much as the elderly.
  • Isolation And Loneliness With The Loss Of A Loved One
    One of the most wonderful feelings a human being can ever experience is love, whether it is of the romantic, familial, or platonic variety. Inspiring fervent emotions and fiery passions, love is indeed one of the most powerful forces in the universe. However, the sheer power and wondrous nature of love comes with a price in terms of the crushing loneliness that can result when something disturbs its tranquil bliss. If you have ever loved someone, you already know the bitterness and pain of the isolation and loneliness that so often come with it, and the force of these emotions can oftentimes be as powerful as love itself.
  • Coming To Terms With Loneliness And Love
    If you are ready to fall in love, you may as well prepare yourself for loneliness as well. There is simply no getting around the eventuality of loneliness in love, and if you are in a relationship long enough, there is no way that you will not feel the ache of loneliness at some point or another.
  • The Curse And Blessing Of Loneliness And Love
    Although it is definitely a blessing to be in love, loneliness will often enter into the picture uninvited. In any romance-and even in platonic relationships-it is inevitable that love and loneliness will eventually find themselves enmeshed in an unexpected and uneasy union. You simply cannot feel love without feeling loneliness at some point, and love and loneliness in fact often fight for domination within the same relationship. However, only in rare instances will a person have to make the decision on whether to choose love or loneliness.
  • Loneliness Quotes For A Fresh Perspective
    Of the range of emotions that humans feel, loneliness has to be one of the most common, yet it is surprisingly difficult to rectify. Much of this difficulty lies in the fact that the root causes of loneliness are often impossible to pin down. While many people who suffer from loneliness would think that their problem could be solved by simply reading loneliness quotes, being around people, or engaging in some type of activity, it isn't always that simple.
  • The Key Characteristics Of Solitude And Loneliness
    When the subject of loneliness comes up, solitude is often associated with it. After all, people are often loneliest when they are by themselves, which makes it seem almost as if solitude and loneliness refer to the exact same things. Although it is true that being alone is often the trigger-or at least a common cause-of loneliness, there are actually a number of significant differences between the two emotional states. Solitude and loneliness can also be mutually exclusive, and in fact, are often totally unrelated emotional states.
  • Loneliness Quotes To Help In Your Trying Times
    No one wants to be lonely, although there is virtually no way to avoid feeling of loneliness once in a while. No matter how happy or fulfilled you may be, you are bound to come upon periods in your life when you want deeper and more meaningful relationships, or something more from your current relationships. It is during these times that loneliness quotes may be helpful in giving you a fresh perspective.
  • Understanding Loneliness And Its Adherence To God
    When there is a need for you to experience any spiritual conducts, you need to ensure that you must have meaningful solitude, as well as a good enough sacrifice towards the eternal being. The experience of ensuring that you can actually go for God and loneliness, without having to worry about any sort of problems is something that can certainly help you out in such circumstances. If there is any adequacy for you to have any sort of compassion towards other people, then god loneliness would never be diminishing you, but rather, it would be able to provide you with the necessary amount of relief with which you would be able to tackle any sort of problems.
  • The Understatement Of Christmas And The Feeling Of Loneliness
    Why are there are a lot of suicides during the Christmas time? It is due to the fact that most of the people feel Christmas loneliness to be the prime cause for such kind of a thing. There have been a lot of factors with which people would definitely be able to clamp themselves in order to bring out the necessary features within them, and in order for them to tackle such kind of a thing it would actually be a good idea on your behalf to ensure that they would be able to undertake the definitive need of getting a lot of people in the Christmas time.
  • People Feeling Christmas Loneliness
    While there has been a lot of talk about the different kinds of loneliness that most of the people would actually be feeling, you would find in most cases, the amount of loneliness that is, and why people during the Christmas time. Christmas time is a very festive moment in which people have been able to gather around the Christmas tree, celebrating their friends and family.
  • Loneliness At Christmas, And All Its Bad Effects
    When there is a certainty that you find that your family is not going to be with you during the Christmas time, then the entire aspect of having celebrating the Christmas becomes moot. Even though there has been a lot of people that can support you in your endeavor to make your Christmas look extremely good, the fact remains that it is never the same without your family or your close friends.
  • The Definite Movies On Loneliness
    With a variety of Hollywood movies made each and every year, most of them would actually be featured on the different human emotions as well as the different relations that are pervading the natural society. Under such cases, you would find that there are also a lot of movies that have been made and loneliness.
  • The One Thing That Can Help You To Tackle Loneliness- Movies
    With a lot of therapy and a variety of psychoanalysis sessions that can bring about the necessary result in your loneliness schedule, it would be always good for you to undertake the watching of movies, so as to get your mind free from any sort of burden. People get into any form of loneliness because of the fact that they are not at all in the company of friends, or they find themselves always crying in front of the mirror, due to a heart break.
  • The Need For Loneliness Books
    If you are suffering from loneliness, then it would be a good idea on your behalf to ensure that you would actually be able to procure a lot of self-help loneliness books. There have been a lot of such products out in the market, and you need to ensure that you go for the best possible book that would be helping you out to get rid of depression as well as all the other features that would be accompanying the loneliness.
  • Making Sure To Overcome Loneliness With The Help Of Your Books
    With a lot of emphasis placed upon your life, you need to ensure that people would generally be suffering a lot, and there may be people that are extremely close to you, that can find them feeling extremely lonely. You should do your bit to ensure that people would generally be able to look upon you as a person that is not only philanthropic, but also someone that is ready to help anyone in need. With such circumstances, it may also be your misfortune to fall very lonely.
  • Getting To See A Variety Of Loneliness Books
    Loneliness is something that can definitely give you a very bad time. It is essential that you do not go for any sort of loneliness or any other factors that can lead to you getting very lonely. Under the different facts and circumstances that you would definitely be able to prescribe for yourself, it can actually be a good idea for you to undertake the reading of a variety of loneliness books, which can help you out in such circumstances.
  • Getting To Deal With Loneliness With The Help Of Good Books
    When there are a lot of situations in which people have actually been able to feel lonely, it can come into effect that most of them have been undertaking the use of reading books. While this can certainly be of a grand nature, and you would find a lot of people sneering at the mere mention of books, the fact remains that loneliness books can certainly help you to live your life in a manner which you find fit.
  • The Depressive Nature And How To Overcome It
    If you lose a job, it is extremely common for people to feel depression and loneliness creeping into the system. There has been a lot of talk about the different kinds of features that people would generally be able to do in order to ensure that you would be able to get rid of depression from loneliness, but the fact remains that you would generally be able to find the best possible features if you manage to tackle your own life.
  • If You Lose A Job
    The need for people to remain in a stable relationship is paramount. We are social animals, and hence, we always like to live in a society. Once we find ourselves in a situation in which people have actually been able to exploit us, then you would find that loneliness depression would certainly be a commonplace decision in our lives.
  • Understanding The Need For Removing Sadness From Your Life
    The life that we live in is very short. At one point of the life, there always comes a time in which people would generally be able to feel sad loneliness in their heart. It may be from a variety of causes. It will start from some heart related causes, or ensure that you actually have physical pain. It would also be more of a mental thing in which you may have been able to suffer a very bad divorce or break up from your partner.
  • Loneliness In Islam
    Followers of Islam are subject to the same issues and personality crises as any other human being. Islamic thought encourages introspection and a resistance to negative thoughts. In the case of loneliness, Muslims are instructed to resist the despair through positive affirmations and activities. Like most religions, prayers, reflection and fellowship are suggested remedies for overcoming loneliness.
  • Buddhism And Loneliness
    In Buddhist thinking and commentary, loneliness is often thought of as a means of achieving nirvana. In fact it was the Buddha's loneliness that pushed him into deep meditation that eventual resulted in his enlightenment. Of course we are none of use Buddha, but yearn for Buddha-like enlightenment. In so far as loneliness is concerned, Buddhist thought as a unique way of describing different types of loneliness. Here is a brief overview of each. complete discipline, not wandering in the world of desire, and not seeking security from one's discursive thoughts.
  • Loneliness And Bible
    The bible, both Old and New Testament, are filled with stories about loneliness. Many people rely on the bible to guide them and give them comfort during times when they are alone and combatting loneliness.
  • Prayers For Loneliness
    For the religious among us attempting to overcome the negative feelings associated with loneliness, prayer is often the answer. But one does not have to be faithful or member of a church or religion to pray. Prayer is simply, "A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship."
  • Seven Ways To Cope With Living Life Without Friends
    At some point in life, we may find ourselves friendless. This is generally a temporary situation, but can seem hopeless when faced with the prospect of being alone. However this time alone can be restorative and lead to self-improvement and renewed vigor.
  • Happiness And Loneliness- A Delicate Mix
    There are many theories about happiness and its relationship to human connection. The ultimate question, can a lonely person be truly happy has been and will continue to be studied. Of course there is no one right answer, as each human being is different in mental make-up and each of us has different components that make us happy.
  • Five Ways To Rid Yourself Of Loneliness
    The anxiety of loneliness can creep into our lives at any time. The best coping loneliness strategy is to not put oneself into a mindset or position where we let being alone or lonely feelings get to us. As any medical doctor will tell you, prevention is the best medicine. This simple advice is one to heed when dealing with loneliness. Here are some of the best prevention methods.
  • Loneliness And Suicide - A Contemporary Problem
    The amount of suicide is growing day wise round the earth and it's befalling a terror for the government and the society. If you deliver a stare on the survey reports, you will come to discern that an imperative organ of these suicides is committed because of loneliness suicidal thoughts. Masses are still unacquainted about the difference between madness and mental disorder and thereby they don't desire accepting that it's a widespread concern for human being and they should go to the doctor. If you also pose the same conception, you should go through this article extremely charily to comprehend the difference.
  • Digital Media And Medicine For Loneliness
    Getting out from loneliness after a long time becomes very hard without taking help of an expert counselor. Nonetheless, if you can unearth a kind partner, there could not be a good alternative than it. Although, it's not a joke to find out such a partner anytime, nonetheless, you can attempt in the social networking sites. The dating sites may also help you to unearth a fine companion in such complex situation. Nonetheless, we won't advocate you to involve in any physical relationship, until you're self-assured in the relation to avoid any further frustration through any fake relation. Just pass time with the spicy girls and let them cheer you and your mind. It may need some cost; however, will save many conversely that you would've to give to the psychologist.
  • Recreation As A Means Of Removing Grief And Loneliness
    Are you feeling grief being a lonely person? There are diverse scopes that may facilitate you to remove you ill feeling. Do you recognize what these notions are that can provide you the feeling of satisfaction with your life? You might adjoin a social club or an institution as per your qualification and expertise to engage your free time. This will make you engaged for your free time and your loneliness will be vanished. If your feeling of grief and loneliness is of complex nature then you must take counseling service. This will conceptualize your present condition to you and craft acquainted with the skills in tracing a companionship at your present situation.
  • Is Society The Opposite Of Reclusion?
    Man is a social animal. Socializing has been the strongest of the features or want of any mankind. Socializing with anonymity and acquaintances has their own pros and cons. But, any thought that has ever passed through your mind about the socialization with oneself our socializing in isolation. What could it yield? Or what consequences can rise from the genuine situation, if created when socialized in solitude?
  • Holiday Loneliness
    Loneliness has many kinds and anyone may occur to you to disturb your life. There are people who have problems with their relations and friends. They find it difficult to have any emotional attachment with others. This leads them to be absolutely away from all sorts of connections. Holiday loneliness has its own aftermath. It seems to be a simple kind of loneliness but for some people it becomes the one of the severest kind as they might think of committing suicide during holidays.
  • Severe Loneliness
    Loneliness has been a disturbing thing and has been psychologically differed from many other types of loneliness. This is the loneliness that has made this world a hateful and bad one. Severe loneliness comes to a person when he has no choice of going anywhere and he feels perfectly alone even when among all the relations. This type of loneliness is really devastating for the personality of a person and one feels completely lost in various sets of problems when there are many other people who may be caring or so.
  • Loneliness In Sobriety
    Loneliness is something that takes you away from others, friends, relatives, society and everything. You don't know as what to do in these circumstances. Loneliness in sobriety steps forward in this situation and you get self-recognition through it.
  • Intimate Correlation Between Love And Loneliness
    Loneliness and love oh! How gloomy that's! Even just reading of these words puts me in a bad mood. Writing about that is so hard, not to speak about living it. Nevertheless, this isn't the article, in which you'll interpret about all these sad and romantic things, which might place as into the big depression. Here I fancy telling you some first-class things about both of it.
  • Can Single Person Grow Loneliness?
    Can you recall any day from your infancy during your parents weren't in the residence and you amused the full day through all the matters that you can't execute, when they are present. Yes, most of the youth enjoys such solitude, as they want the freedom. However, being alone is something else and it can carry a silent flow of loneliness and being single feeling. There are many people you can find spread all over the earth, who stay alone on the home, no matter whatever the reason is. Sometimes, it may be some accident, that made them alone or it may be some more pathetic situation of divorce, either of their parents or of the person itself. Whatsoever the grounds is, it must've an upshot on the individual, may be positive or negative.
  • Some Negative Impacts Of Loneliness In Society
    Staying alone in home for a long time is mostly found dangerous for mental health of a person. However, some people will say, they are happy with this life. It depends upon the mental framing of the person. Most of the person can't stay alone since a prolonged span, especially, when loneliness and rejection stay together. There're several instances, where a person becomes compelled to stay alone for an accidental case and they start adjusting with the situation. Time helps them to recover from the pain and they again come to the normal society.
  • Loneliness In Teenagers
    Loneliness is something that relates to the people of all ages and genders. It may be with anyone, a singleton child, a teenager, a young person, a middle aged, or an elderly person. It is not particular to a single age group where teenagers are also its victims. It is capturing everyone who comes in its clutches.
  • Aging And Loneliness
    As world population is growing day in and day out, people are getting more and more aloof from one another. Younger people are busy in their studies; adults are busy in their career building while the married couples are nursing their kids. It is the aging people who are passing a retiree's life where they are forced to pass their lives in perfect loneliness.
  • Only Child Loneliness
    Singletons are on the rise in the whole world, especially in USA and the Western Europe. Although the only child will experience loneliness problems, but most of the educated families around the globe are now considering keeping family sizes minimal due various reasons of overpopulation, depletion of resources, and so forth. People now also believe in quality and not quantity.
  • Single Parent Loneliness
    Single parent loneliness is such that may be of great consideration as he or she has to play both parts of father and mother. In this present age of economic recession, it has become difficult for the people to make both ends meet even after hard work, while playing two roles into one. So, it really becomes hard to bring up the child in a proper way.
  • Loneliness In Women
    Men and women are part of the greater system of universe where they have been living in this world from the very time when they first stepped on earth. They were together, hand in hand, in each other's company. But now, the world is changing and it is taking the shape of a global village.
  • Loneliness In Men
    Loneliness in men comes to the limelight when they are found struggling to retain their relations with others successfully. They may be among a crowd of people but they are still feeling isolation due to a myriad of reasons.
  • Useful Tips On How To Cope With Loneliness
    Loneliness affects almost everyone at some stage of our lives. It can affect both men and women. No one is immune to loneliness.
  • Santa Claus Is Dismissed And Learns Of Inner Gift, According To Online Video
    The widely-known bearer of gifts and good tidings received sad news yesterday, according to a new video. This video can be watched online and shows Santa receiving the sad news of his services being allegedly unnecessary.
  • Can Life Coaching Help You Improve Your Life?
    Have you been wondering whether life coaching can help you improve your life? A life coach is somebody who helps you identify and achieve your personal goals. They are professionals who use a variety of tools and techniques drawn from a wide range of fields including sociology, psychology, career counselling, and mentoring to help you overcome personal challenges on the road to success. Whether you are an entrepreneur who needs help to develop a brilliant idea or a musician waiting for a creative breakthrough, life coaches are dedicated to assisting their clients in defining and achieving their goals.
  • Feeling Trapped? Deliberate Creation Is Your Key To Financial Freedom!
    Deliberate Creation may not be the obvious answer you are looking for when it comes to breaking out of your current circumstances and experiencing the joy of having financial freedom.
  • What Is Life Coach?
    In life, there are things that people cannot handle on their own. As the famous saying goes, "no man is an island." As such, there are certain times in a person's life wherein he needs the help of someone else.
    Perhaps one of the biggest decisions that one has to make in life is choosing a career path.
  • Baby Boomers Are Facing The Last Third Of Life And Are Scared
    There is a whole generation out there getting scared. They are getting scared of getting old, weak and feeble. The saw it happen to their parents and witnessed them having to go into nursing homes in their droves...
  • Stimulate Your Thoughts With Funny Pictures
    They say laughter is the best medicine. After all, there's no better feeling than laughing your heart out at something that's really funny.
  • Five Simple Happiness-Enhancing Techniques
    Psychologists are now beginning to understand which activities make people happier. This is a young field, but some simple methods have already been shown to increase happiness in studies. Here's an overview of five such techniques.
  • Cleansing The Soil
    There is this thing that is a constant in everyone's life and has been so since the beginning of time. Not even the greatest minds or teachers of the world have been able to escape this issue.
  • Self Help Tips for Personal Goal Setting
    We all need to have goals in life and most of us do have at least one major goal that we are working towards. These self help tips will get you on the right track for your personal goal setting.

    So how do we decide which of our goals need to be ac
  • What Do You Do Next in Achieving Your Goals?
    Vincent Van Gogh, famous for his art of 1880-90, but not recognized for it until well into the twentieth century believed that, "great things are done by a series of small things brought together." In other words, we have to know how to further break down our specific goals in order to achieve success in what we are doing.
  • Volunteer Abroad with a Clean Conscience
    Guidance for anyone thinking of volunteering abroad who is concerned about the negative impact of air travel and whether their work will be of any real benefit to the environment or the local community.
  • Humour and Jokes For Happy Life
    Current studies at the University of Baltimore have shown that people who get humour and jokes are less likely to have heart disease. In component, people with heart disease are 40% less likely to humour and jokes compared to the doom of these people without heart problems. If this is accurate, the very elixir which could solve a serious health condition correlated to heart is the prime condition of the act of laughing at jokes truly funny.

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