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Gen Wright's Articles in Jewelry

  • A History Of How Diamonds Came To Dominate Engagement Rings
    We commonly and readily accept that a diamond ring symbolizes the engagement and intention to be married of two people. As such a precious, strong, durable and beautiful stone, it seems fitting that a diamond is typically used for a ring that represents adoration, commitment and, of course, love.
  • How To Choose And Buy Jewelry
    The holiday season is just round the corner, and you may be wondering what gift you can get for your family and friends. For ladies, perhaps the best gift you can get for them is jewelry.
  • Important Things to Know When Buying Diamonds
    There are 4 important C's to buying a diamond carat, cut, clarity and colour. The carat weight of a diamond is the standard unit of weight for diamonds.
  • The History of Diamonds
    From the earliest civilisations diamonds have been sought after, prized possessions. Diamonds are so desired because of their rarity, the effort required to find them and the skill required to release their brilliance.
  • Selecting The Ideal Ring That Flatters Your Hand And Fingers
    There are times when you will be in the store, and all of a sudden, the perfect ring nearly jumps right out of the showcase and on to your finger.
  • Practical Tips On Selecting Rings - Comfort, Durability, And Practicality
    There are many key points to consider when choosing a ring (or rings) for yourself or to give as a gift. First, we are going to look at what is important when selecting a ring for yourself.
  • Selecting Necklaces For People With Round Or Square Faces
    Jewelry, any jewelry is meant to compliment the features of the person wearing them. Even though sometimes we wear certain pieces of jewelry just because we want to.
  • When To Choose A Choker Length Necklace
    Necklaces are a great way to attract attention to your features. They enhance your face, neck and bust area and with the right type of necklaces you can change your look very subtly to get a bold new style.
  • Metals Used In Gemstone Jewelry - Value, Durability, And Care
    While choosing gemstone jewelry, most buyers tend to focus their attention on the stone along. Precious or semi-precious, single or multiple, transparent or opaque...the questions attached to a purchase of gemstone are endless.
  • Creative Uses For Costume Jewelry And Fashion Jewelry
    We all love dressing up and we all love to experiment with our looks every now and then. When we go through these experimentation phases, we end up with a lot of jewelry that we do not use afterwards and many people often throw these away.
  • Swarovski Rhinestones - How to Buy Cheap
    Swarovski rhinestones are rising in popularity these days. They are pretty little stones that can be used in a wide variety of ways.
  • Silver Jewelry - Is It Fashion Jewelry Or Fine Jewelry
    Fashion Jewelry are those that you wear with your latest dresses, go out in town wearing them, and team them with the latest designer thing in your wardrobe.
  • Silver Jewelry Can Go With Any Outfit, Be It Casual Or Dressy
    Silver jewelry are some of those rare accessories that can compliment just about any outfit. They are the most versatile accessories that you can get.
  • How To Avoid Disappointments With Jewelry That Does Not Last
    We invest a lot of emotions in to our jewelry when we buy them. Since most of us do not buy jewelry very often, the buying of jewelry is more than often a symbolic gesture.
  • Hearts on Fire - The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond
    When you love somebody, you feel that special energy everywhere and you see the light in all the things around you. Then comes the moment when you feel that you love somebody so intensely that you want to live with that special person happily ever after.
  • Gemstones And Jewelry That Have Therapeutic Uses
    People have believed that gems, stones and metals hold certain properties that give them certain powers. Millions of people around the world are now able to benefit from gemstone healing through wearing an assortment of stunning jewelry that are have been made specifically for health and emotional healing purposes. So you can allow yourself to own many beautiful pieces of jewelry.
  • Why Should I Wear Jewelry Anyway?
    There are numerous reasons why people wear jewelry today. Different types of jewelry are seen all around the world and are worn for reasons including religion and medical id. As the many deep and meaningful reasons why people wear jewelry, there are of course the basic reasons that jewelry is worn by millions on a daily basis which are fashion, beauty and accessory.
  • Evaluating Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry Under The Right Lighting
    Nowadays there are many different sources of jewelry lighting and the options seem endless. Colored gemstones are worthless without their color and it is very important that their color is judged and graded correctly before purchasing. The best way to evaluate gemstones will always be in natural daylight, this is not always possible and with all the altering environmental aspects that affect it.
  • Swarovski Rhinestones - The Many Uses
    Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular these days due to a few reasons. Firstly, their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive.
  • Prom Accessories - Jewels To Dress Up Your Style
    Find all the prom accessories that you need including jewels. It is always important to accessorize your prom dress.

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