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Gen Wright's Articles in Hobbies

  • The Truth About Scratch Cards
    A scratch card is actually more commonly known as a scratch game which is usually made of cardboard with which one or more areas contain concealed information.
  • Introduction To Lens Converters
    If you have just ventured into photography, you will realise that most of the equipment i.e. mainly lenses, can be rather costly. So, if you prefer not to spend too much on your new hobby yet, a lens converter is a relatively inexpensive way begin.
  • How To Play The Slot Machine
    Perhaps one of the reasons behind the phenomenal success of slot machines is its universal appeal. Unlike other casino games, anybody can play the slot machine at his own pace.
  • How To Win In Casino Slots
    Although, many believe that winning in casino slots is associated with luck, there are time tested techniques that have been proven with some slot machines.
  • How To Choose The Winning Slot Machines
    There are basically two types of slot machines which are the progressive and the non-progressive types. The machines that are interconnected with other machines in the casino are the progressive types.
  • Tips For Buying Used Cameras
    Technology is expensive. For anyone who is in the film or television industry, they already know how costly it can be to purchase cameras and accessories. Fortunately, for most of them, the networks and production studios foot the bill, but for the young, independent startup filmmaker, the cost of cameras can be prohibitive to making the quality program that the script deserves.

    While there are many great deals out there for used cameras, there are some things that you need to keep in mind before dropping the bills on the counter for it.
  • The Truth About Fruit Machines
    These machines have become very popular nowadays. In fact, fruit machine has begun to hit online casinos as well.
  • How To Grow Plumeria Frangipani Anytime Anywhere - Step By Step Guide On How To Grow Plumerias Successfully Anywhere Around The World
    'How To Grow Plumeria, Frangipani, Anytime Anywhere' is a user friendly step by step easy to understand guide on how to grow plumerias, frangipani, anywhere in the world in any climate zone. Bob Walsh, the author, gives detailed information to plumeria lovers everywhere to fulfill their dream of growing a tropical garden of plumerias right where they live.
  • Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Standard Vos Electric Guitar
    A review of the Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Standard VOS electric guitar.
  • How To Get Your Ex Back - It's Super Easy When You Do This
    If you're desperately wanting to learn how to get your ex back you've come to the right place - it's super easy when you follow this advice.
  • Must
    Digital cameras come in many dimensions, colors, brand names, zooms, resolutions, playbacks, etc. There are so many features and qualities that are being located in the photographic devices that consumers particularly beginners become overwhelmed and dizzy with these exceptional arrays of gadgets. This is even without including the innumerable advertisements and distinctive ratings that are used to advertise these products.

    So what are the things to search for if you want to obtain a digital camera or when you're looking at digital camera ratings?
  • Tetris Game And How To Play The Game
    Tetris has invaded the world by storm as it has become very popular since its inception in 1984. In fact, this game is practically in every video game console and computer operating system.
  • Growing Hawaiian Hibiscus Plants And Flowers
    Most of us are familiar with hibiscus flowers that range in colors from red, yellow, pink, blue, and everything in between. Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands think that all the beautiful hibiscus flowers which they observe on the Islands are native to Hawaii. But this is not the case. Which hibiscus is native to Hawaii? How to grow hibiscus for the best results?
  • Finding The Right Hobby For You
    Looking for fun ways to spend your free time? Look no further we have a few gems for inspiration. Standing back from the daily rat race can be tricky, but taking time out to do something for yourself is important for your wellbeing.
  • Online Dog Games From The Hobby Perspective
    Free flash dog games online involve all adorable puppies and magnificent dogs, as their main focus and you can certainly play with those virtual dogs, till you get exhausted. Every dog lover in this planet will love to play dog games online.
  • Can A Turbo Be Fitted To A Superbike
    Around half of the world's entire population, including both male and female and even the ones in between, are already hooked up on bikes. Mind you these bikes are not the ones most people used to know way back in kindergarten or grade school.
  • Pup World Virtual Puppy Game
    Pup World Virtual Puppy Game is a free online pet game in which the player is required to guide a virtual puppy through the completion of a number of tasks in order to win the game.
  • How To Choose A Beginner Remote Helicopter
    Helpful guidance on picking the right electric helicopter for a beginner. Today there's so many choices for a Remote Helicopter that choosing the right one is confusing for the beginner just getting started.
  • Honey Bees Beekeeping How To Handle Honey Bees
    Honey bees and their handling is what this article is about. Opening the hive and examining the honey bees regularly is important for disease control.
  • Keeping Honey Bees As A Hobby Or As A Business
    Some of the things you need to know before you keep honey bees as a hobby or business
  • Beekeeping And Honey Bees - Harvesting The Honey
    Harvesting the honey wherever you are you need to know the basics you will get the information here.
  • Experience the Thrill of Racing - Play With Remote Control Cars
    Remote control cars, or RC cars, are very different from traditional RC cars. Traditional models are not as fun and thrilling because the cars tend to be smaller.
  • How To pick a RC Airplane Radio
    Futaba, Spektrum, JR, oh what radio should I buy? The choices appear to be confusing. How do you choose?
  • Zontik Games Presents the Renzo Romagnoli Catalog
    It is with celebratory cheer that Zontik, the world's premier supplier of luxury games, announces the availability of Renzo Romagnoli's one-of-a-kind compendium of products. Joining Zontik's roster of distinguished manufacturers, Renzo Romagnoli brings with it a legacy of stunning products made with premium materials.
  • Essential Bonsai Tools
    Bonsai craft is like any other craft and art. Specific tools will help further develop and practise the art. Different tools and options are available for the bonsai enthusiasts. From beginner to advance user, learn the essential tools for practising bonsai.

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