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Gen Wright's Articles in Gardening

  • Dwarf Plumeria Plants Versus Compact Plumeria Plants
    With more and more gardeners worldwide, particularly in temperate growing zones, starting to grow plumeria plants, the demand for dwarf and compact varieties increases dramatically. But what can be considered a dwarf plumeria plant and what characteristics define a compact plumeria plant?
  • Plant Nutrients - Part 2 - Benefits Of Nitrogen, Blood Meal And Potassium For Plumeria Plants And Plants In General
    Part Two of the series, Plant Nutrients, continues with the benefits of nitrogen, blood meal and potassium for plumeria plants and plants in general. What are the signs of nitrogen and potassium deficiency in plants?
  • Ancient History Of Rose Plants - Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea And Polyantha Roses - Part 1
    This very surprising and extraordinary beginning of the rose plant will astonish you. Your admiration of rose plants will change forever.
  • History And Care Of Gardenia Plants And Gardenia Flowers
    Gardenia plants give gardens that fresh white tropical look. The gardenia flowers\' fragrance feeds the senses with their intoxicating scent that transports gardeners to a scenic tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific.
  • Damage Caused To Properties And Surfaces By Japanese Knotweed And What You Can Do To Stop It
    Japanese Knotweed is a dangerous form of vegetation that can grow around homes or buildings, choking out biodiversity and committing harm to wildlife while also plummeting property values. How can a weed be so damaging to property values? These resilient growths have been known, when left alone, to harm retaining walls, foundations, tarmac, and pavement. You can mow it. You can edge it. But if you don't get to the root of the cause, you are doing very little good against it.
  • The Advantages Of Using Organic Fertilizer
    Unlocking the long term benefits of using organic fertilizer in your lawn and garden. The main advantage of using organic fertilizer is that it improves the overall structure of the soil itself, which leads to healthier plants that grow larger and live longer.
  • Flower Bugs Are Able to Ruin Your Wonderful Flowerbed Rapidly
    Being aware of which bugs are helpful and the ones that aren't will produce you amazing outcomes in the livelihood of your garden.
  • The Best Compost? Cotton Burr Compost!
    Cotton Burr Compost is arguably the best compost in America. What makes it work so good? IT'S ALIVE!
  • Best Kept Gardening Secret Revealed!
    James Cameron's science fiction blockbuster Avatar features an incredible scene in which the hero is laid down on the forest floor and becomes engulfed in glowing vines and slithering trails of cobweb like filaments. It was at this scene I pointed to my wife and said, "That's Mycorrhizal Fungi!"
  • Non-Hybrid Seeds And Non-Hybrid Plants
    Growing your own food can dramatically reduce your grocery expense and provide you with extra to store. With mounting unemployment and lower wages, families are becoming more creative in ways to stretch the budget.
  • Economic Recession Revives Home Gardening
    Economic recession, high unemployment and budget conscious families have spurred a revival of interest in backyard gardening. And for good cause, groceries represent a significant expense families
  • The Tiger Lily Is A Beautiful Blossom From Native North America
    There happen to be many gorgeous lilies all over the world, however the Tiger Lilly happens to be one of the truly vibrant and unique. It's one flower which captivates everyone who looks at it.
  • Organic Gardening Beginner's Guide
    Organic Gardening Beginner's Guide for those who are ready to start! I remember when I first contracted organic fever. I was so excited and I was reading everything I could find on the subject.
  • Organic Flowers, Natural Beauty And Habitat For Pollinators
    The United States is facing a crisis and apiarists have been aware of this growing problem for years now. Our honey bee population, butterflies and even hummingbirds have been decimated.
  • Multi Stage Composting, An Overview
    Learning how to use multi stage composting is one of the easiest ways to manage your compost bin or pile. Here are the basics of multi stage composting along with a few simple tips.
  • Composting Methods- Batch Versus Continuous
    Creating and using compost in your yard and/or garden is one of the easiest ways to create free and natural fertilizer that plants love. Here are the two main ways to create this organic soil additive in your own backyard.
  • 4 Worm Composting Tips For Beginners
    These four vermicomposting tips will help get you on the right track for composting with worms.
  • Aerating Your Compost Pile
    Learn how to keep your compost well aerated, so that it breaks down quickly.
  • Organic Gardening For The Beginner
    Typically, beginners to organic gardening are excited by the whole concept of "organic," but don't know where to start.
  • Survivalist Seeds, Prepared To Die?
    There are many American patriots that are feeling the cold finger of fear and feel preparations are in order. The question that I want to put out to those who have invested in seeds or are contemplating purchasing them is this. Do you know how to grow?
  • A Fall Foliage Beauty-Autumn Blaze Red Maple-Foliage of Fire
    The Autumn Blaze Red Maple is the most popular tree ever introduced, which explains why it is in such high demand right now.
  • Everyone Loves A Majestic Oak Tree
    Native Trees and plants is a gardners favorite.They are easy to plant,have hardly any maintence and are eco-friendly.The Oak trees are slow growers but they are the "best of the best" of the homeowner's favorites.
  • Late Summer Gardening
    Gardening is a summer hobby. However, some plants and vegetables are quick grower that will yield result even if the plant is sow or started in late summer. Furthermore, in late summer, you must already think about next growing season and change your dose of fertilizer for some plants and trees. Learn a few tips about late summer gardening.
  • How to Build a Vegetable Greenhouse
    Gardening is fun but can be sometimes essential to a family. When vegetable gardening is essential, it is mandatory that the crop yield be at its maximum year after year. Vegetable gardening in a greenhouse can improve that success rate by promoting more fruits and vegetables, but not only more, but bigger vegetables. Learn the ssentials to build a greenhouse oriented at growing vegetables.
  • Wind Protection For Vegetables
    Vegetables are plants and are sussceptible to get affected by natures elements. Water, sun and winds are the most common elements that will affect your plants and garden. Learn how to protect your garden and vegetables plants from dreadfull winds.
  • Helpful Tips to Prefer Winter Gardening
    Winter planting may not appear as an pastime to most of garden-owners who consider the fall and chilly spells as the time during which your farm needs to be shut down. The situation is almost the reverse.
  • Prepare Compost for Organic Gardening
    Eco-friendly planting as become a popular fashion recently. This fashion is mainly due to desire to raise on our own healthy food. Several person have discovered the benefits of planting eco-friendly produce by using natural elements to increase the level of production.
  • Taking Cuttings for Plant Propagation
    Gardening is fun. One part of the gardening fun is to create some new plants. This can be achieve cheaply with seeds, but sometimes it is better to take cuttings in order to reproduce your favorite plant. Taking cuttings can be difficult depending on what type of plants you are trying to reproduce. Trees are amongst the hardiest plants to reproduce. Learn the basics of taking cuttings and start having gardening fun.
  • Mulch Needed for Tree
    Trees are beautiful and majestuous plants. Like any other plants they need care and gardening tips are often required. One of the tips to care for tree is to use mulch in your garden design. With mulch at your trees feets it will prevent growing of weeds and preserve humidity to keep the tree roots healthy. Learn more about using mulch for your trees.
  • Gardening as a Hobby
    Gardening is a great hobby. Their is so much to learn and so much subject can be further develop. In the growing season so much to do, fresh air and sun to enjoy. In the winter, you can read books and further exchange with other gardening people. Many clubs will offer classes from basics to advances for all to enjoy and learn at their rythm
  • Proper Tree Care Explained
    Trees are beautiful and big plants. But like any living creature, they need proper care in order to thrive and fully develop. Learn the basics and proper techniques to rightfully care for a tree.
  • Rose Gardening Tips
    Roses are beautiful bushes with very colorfull and fragrant flowers. However, roses plants are proned to diseases and fungus. Learn the basics care techniques for these plants and successfully grow a beautiful rose garden.
  • Propagation of Plants with Seeds
    Seeds propagation is a cheap method to propagate plants and trees without almost any cost and with little space. But, propagation with seeds can be tricky if not done right. Some seeds will need pre treatment before being ready to be sow.
  • Essential and Great Gardening Products
    Gardening is a great hobby to relax and is often a lifetime commitment to learning new methods as horticulutre is a broad subject. However, to really enjoy your gardening hobby, you need some great .and essential tools and products. Learn all about them and how you can perfect your horticulure hobby

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