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Gen Wright's Articles in Furniture

  • Tips For Keeping Your All Weather Furniture Healthy
    Don't just assume that because something has the phrase "all weather" in the title that it is impervious to damage. With all the different things that can go wrong - all the natural disasters that you just can't plan for - there are some things you need to do to maximize the life of your all weather furniture and protect it against the unexpected. Luckily, the good news is that the things you must do are easy and require the smallest amount of effort on your part.
  • What Can Cause All Weather Furniture To Fail?
    Under normal conditions, all weather furniture can make a big difference in your outdoor living comfort, and it can last for a number of years with minimal upkeep. But sometimes the unthinkable happens and the most extreme weather conditions can cause your furniture to pass away before its time. Luckily, there are ways that you can protect your investment, which is really what your purchase of all weather furniture should be (an investment).
  • Rattan Plastic Furniture Vs. All Weather Furniture
    No one can argue against the quality of all weather furniture. Considering that these products use the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer in their construction, it is easy to see why people flock to them. But they can be quite expensive, and one must at some point ask whether or not the expense is worth it when there are other more affordable options available. Enter rattan plastic furniture.
  • The World Of Garden Plastic Furniture
    Garden plastic furniture is some of the most hotly debated product on the outdoor living furniture market. While some will defend it, others may look down on it. But what are the reasons for the arguments, and where should one ultimately stand in the debate? To answer these questions, it is important to know about the world of garden plastic furniture and how it can benefit the consumer.
  • 4 Reasons Why To Buy Rattan Furniture
    Buying furniture can be a fun and exciting experience if you go into it with the right attitude. But just what is the right attitude? Is it spending as little money as possible, or is it finding a high end piece of merchandise that will serve your family and your home for years to come? If you prefer the latter, then there is one particular style of furniture that you will want to put at the top of your list: rattan. To buy rattan furniture is to buy luxury and functionality above all else.
  • Things That Go In To Great Garden Rattan Furniture
    Garden rattan furniture may seem like it is a "dime a dozen" to you, especially since there seems to be so many different places selling it online, but don't automatically assume that it is all built in equal fashion. There are certain ingredients that you should watch out for, which go in to developing high quality garden rattan furniture. If you are uncertain of what these ingredients are, don't worry, you will know what they are in a few moments.
  • Primary Goals Of A Rattan Furniture Manufacturer
    To enter the rattan furniture manufacturing industry, one must understand what the customer is looking for, as well as what all the supply chain is like between the point of production and the end user. The rattan furniture manufacturer is tasked with pleasing a whole lot of entities and doing it on a consistent and continual basis.
  • What To Look Out For In A Bad Rattan Furniture Supplier
    Rattan furniture suppliers are plentiful. Virtually everywhere you turn, you can find someone, who claims to do it well. But when it comes to finding a quality provider, it is a little harder to tell them apart. The bad suppliers have created so much noise for you, the consumer, that the good ones really have to stand out through quality customer service, superior product, fast delivery, and a sterling reputation.
  • Benefits Of Adding Indonesian Rattan To Your Exporter Business
    Rattan furniture is highly valued among the experts in the furniture industry, whether that furniture be located indoors or outdoors. And within the rattan furniture sect, there is a higher quality of material that is considered the prize jewel among enthusiasts for this type of furniture.
  • Major Goals Of Rattan Furniture Exporter
    Are you looking for a profitable business solution, in which you can satisfy thousands upon thousands of eager customers with an incredible product? Do you want to call the shots and work your own hours at your own pace of time? Are you on the hunt for a product that will give you high profit margins and create plenty of demand? If so, then you want to consider entering the rattan furniture exporter market.
  • Indonesian Rattan Vs. Synthetic Rattan
    If you are a major outdoor furniture lover, then you've probably already considered some form of rattan furniture for your home or outdoor living area. If not, then you by all means should. Most experts agree that rattan furniture is some of the highest quality stuff that you will find on the market today.
  • Top Priorities Of A Rattan Furniture Manufacturer
    When you are dealing with a rattan furniture manufacturer, you are dealing with a company that is in the business of making high quality, long lasting product for people, who appreciate longevity and quality inside and outside of their homes. As such, a rattan furniture manufacturer needs to have its priorities straight.
  • Wicker Rattan Furniture Is Preferred By All
    If you have ever taken a chance on a too good to be true piece of lawn furniture, you probably know the feeling of disappointment that comes when you realize that it is, in fact, too good to be true. Big box retailers love to slap an ultra low price on an inferior product and hope you fail to notice that you are still getting ripped off.
  • Benefits Of The Rattan Furniture Exporter Lifestyle
    Running your own business is a worthwhile and noble dream to have, and millions of people from various countries share this dream each day. Not all of these people, however, are fortunate enough to live the dream. If you are one of those looking for a way to work for yourself and enjoy a profitable lifestyle, then you may want to consider life as a rattan furniture exporter. This line of work can be done without you ever having to handle product.
  • What Many Prefer About Vintage Rattan Furniture
    Vintage rattan furniture is something that goes beyond the basic everyday rattan distinction. When a product has lived to the mark of being considered "vintage," that means it is of a particular crop that denotes quality. Many furniture lovers prefer vintage to the modern products rolling off the assembly line. They prefer it because they know it will last for a long time, and they know that it will last for a long time because it has lasted for a long time.
  • Advantages Of Wicker Plastic Over All Weather Furniture
    All weather furniture is enormously popular among outdoor enthusiasts and garden lovers. It is of a high quality, and it can withstand most everything that Mother Nature throws its way. But it is not always the most practical choice. There are many reasons why you may wish to instead consider wicker plastic furniture.
  • Look Natural With Rattan Or Seagrass Furniture
    Are you getting bored with the furniture in your home? It's easy to get tired of looking at the same old squarish furniture day in and out. So perhaps you may wish to consider getting a few pieces of rattan or seagrass furniture.
  • New Dabota Chairs And Skidmore Chairs From Rattanland
    RattanLand, a Company specializing in the import and export of home furniture, has new products to offer to its customers worldwide - Dabota Chairs and Skidmore Chairs.
  • Amazing Facts About Leather Furniture
    In buying furniture, it is very important to establish a set of criteria which will guide you in selecting the perfect furniture pieces. With the wide variety of options, choosing the perfect furniture is a very taxing task.
  • What To Look For In Buying Leather Furniture
    Why do people buy furniture? Moreover, how do people choose the type of furniture that they would like to purchase?
  • Who Should Buy Wicker Furniture
    Do you want to come home to a comfortable sofa after a hard day's work? Moreover, have you experienced coming home from work and being greeted by the natural feeling that wicker furniture offers? If you haven't, now is probably the time that you get a taste of class, comfort, and elegance offered by wicker furniture pieces.
  • How To Choose The Perfect Leather Furniture
    In buying furniture, one of the utmost considerations is durability. Definitely, nobody wants to buy furniture that would not last long.
  • 6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Quality Rattan Furniture
    Quality rattan furniture are some of the nicest things that you could ever put in your home. Without quality furniture to sit on, you will feel embarrassed entertaining guests, and home just won't feel like home to you. If you are on the fence about getting rattan furniture, or if you already own it, here are some great ways to put it to use for you.
  • Tips On Buying Furniture Pieces For Beautifying The House
    One way of beautifying the house or any space is by furnishing it with furniture pieces that would perfectly complement the space itself. While there are many furniture pieces to choose from, picking the best and the most appropriate can be a little taxing to do.
  • Filling Your Home With Leather Furniture
    If you are interested in purchasing new leather furniture for your home, then you will want to consider all the choices you have. To get the cheapest leather pieces possible, you might want to look into where you can get whole furniture. This way you can get exactly what you want at a price you will be able to afford. Many times you can find wholesale leather furniture online.
  • Conservatory Cane Furniture - High Quality, Durable, And Affordable
    Picking out the right type of conservatory furniture is something you will want to take your time with. While you are relaxing and taking in the natural sunlight coming through the glass roof, you will want to be as comfortable as possible. You will also want furniture that looks nice in this particular room. Indonesian cane furniture can be an especially nice touch that allows you to have the most relaxing experience possible while you are spending time in this area.
  • Guide To Buying A Leather Sofa
    Leather sofas can last a lifetime, and can be an addition to any type of decor and interior. This buying guide is full of useful information, hints and tips for choosing a leather sofa for your home and how to care for it.
  • Interior Design With Wood And Rattan Furniture
    For some homeowners, interior design doesn't come easy. They find it difficult to come up with ideas. Even with good ideas, they are not sure whether those ideas can be executed. So they hire interior designers to do the job for them.
  • How To Find Cheap Computer Desks That Last For Years
    Find out what you need to know about Cheap Computer Desks and see if they are right for you at this time. Learn the truth about Cheap Computer Desks so you can make your final decision.
  • The Worst That Could Happen With Natural Furniture
    Are you getting ready to buy more furniture? Have you had trouble determining what would look best for the rooms that you choose to pamper, or are you looking for something a little more rugged that might be more at home on the outside?
  • Steel - The Epitome Of Versatility In Your Home Furniture
    Metal furniture is now a common occurrence in the modern home. This is because metals, despite being easily available and simple to maintain, can come in a very large variety of shades, textures and designs.
  • Wicker Furniture - Perk Up Your Outdoors With All Weather Furniture
    So you are planning to organize an outdoor party but only furniture you have for the invitees to sit on is some chairs of rusting iron and overused plastic. So what are you going to do about it?
  • Cane Furniture - Ideal For Your Conservatory
    Sitting in your conservatory with a hot drink is a relaxing experience like no other. Just think of it - a roomy, sunny conservatory, vibrant plants all around you, a separate seating area with blinds, and a refreshing drink in your hands.
  • How Density of Wood Creates the Perfect Teak Furniture
    Picking the right furniture can be a daunting task. There are so many different selections to choose from. How do you decide?
  • Teak Patio Furniture - Decorating Your Patio
    If you are a person that likes to enjoy the outdoor settings while sipping tea or coffee while sitting in your patio after a long day of work, then you should seriously consider decorating your patio with teak patio furniture to make it more welcoming and comfortable.
  • Rising Demand for Rattan Furniture on International Scene
    In the past, wicker and rattan furniture are used mostly in tropical countries. However, in the last two decades or so, there had been increasing interest in wicker and rattan furniture even in countries like Canada and the US.
  • Seagrass Furniture - Unique and Beautiful
    At the mention of the word seagrass, many people might visualise a plant similar to that of seaweed. The difference is that seaweed is an algae while seagrass is a flowering plant that grows underwater.
  • Ideal Patio Furniture for the Outdoors
    If you are sourcing for patio furniture, you have to keep one very important issue in mind - the outdoors. When furniture is exposed to the outdoor environment, they tend to degenerate rather quickly.
  • Six Qualities of Wooden Furniture for Your Home
    Any wood furniture manufacturer will tell you that wooden furniture offers more advantages than any other type of furniture you can put in your home. Maybe that is the reason so many wood furniture manufacturers are in the business today.
  • Top Five Reasons to Choose Wicker Rattan and Cane Furniture for Home or Garden
    You have many choices when it comes to furnishing your home or garden. You are never boxed in. Your choice of comfort and craftsmanship is a coveted thing among furniture manufacturers, and the smart ones do their best to develop skills over time that result in superior product.
  • Seven Teak Chairs and Furniture Pieces for Your Home and Garden
    In the world of wooden teak furniture, chairs are key. You want to select something that coordinates well with the rest of the room. You want something with a natural look that will not be out of style in a couple of years. You want something that will deliver on comfort and cost.
  • Seven Rattan Furniture Pieces for Setting and Occasion
    Not every piece of furniture that you buy will serve the same purpose. While all items should have a comfortable fit, be affordably priced, and stand the test of time, rattan furniture offers you a few more features. After all, rattan furniture is easy to take care of, and it offers a stylish look that is never out of season.
  • Seven Benefits of Leather Furniture for Your Home or Office
    Maybe you are putting in a home office (or perhaps you are going to furnish one off-site), and you want that professional feel as you work on your bills or business. Perhaps you would like the perfect look for your living room or home theater to better enjoy the feeling of entertaining guests or kicking back and watching a movie on your own.
  • Wood and Rattan - A Great Combination
    When it comes to home furnishing, wood and rattan has always been great companions. This is because there are many similarities between the two building materials.
  • Five Cane Furniture Choices for Your Dining Room
    There are not a lot of choices out there if you want your dining room to have a sophisticated, elegant look, but also something that is lightweight and sturdy. That is, there are not a lot of choices unless you decide on cane furniture from Indonesia.
  • Patio Furniture - Materials Review
    Patio furniture can be made from many different materials, and some will be more ideal than others. For example, you can find furniture that is made from iron, wood, rattan, or plastic.
  • Home Furnishing - Sometimes, The Little Items Matter
    Home interior design is not just about the overall theme and the center pieces. Sometimes, even when you have all your essential furnishing in place, you still feel that something is missing.
  • Wicker Furniture - Some Buying Tips
    Wicker furniture, made by using the thin and flexible branches, twigs or reeds of the plants native to South Asia, is one of the ancient and most popular types of furniture that comes in many shapes, styles, designs and colors.
  • Six Reasons To Buy Teak Patio Furniture For Your Indoor, Outdoor Furnishing Needs
    When picking out patio furniture, there are many ways you could go. With quality materials such as wicker, iron, and plastic, all building strong arguments for your dollars, teak is a substance that often gets overlooked in the mix.
  • Wicker Furniture- Chairs for your Home
    Wicker furniture is really the best thing your can get for your modern home. Even your ancestral home will look great with wicker furniture because there are several different kinds of wicker furniture available and that includes modern to classic designs.
  • Creating Your Dream Living Room with Rattan Furniture
    Are you thinking of replacing furnishing in your living room? If so, just stop for a moment and think about your dream design.
  • Casual Wicker Furniture for Your Home
    We always have a large area of our homes earmarked for a relaxing area. The bedroom is usually the largest but that can easily be dwarfed if someone has a garden or even a lawn or a backyard.
  • Five Superior Patio Furniture Types for Summer Living
    When you are looking for the perfect patio furniture to enhance the quality and comfort of your outdoor summer living, you need to invest in something that will hold up over time, yet still provide a comfortable lounging experience.
  • Patio Furniture Buying Tips
    Your patio is where you will spend a lot of time in when the weather is good. So be sure to prepare a few pieces of good furniture for your own enjoyment.
  • Five Wicker Furniture Living Sets That Enhance the Beauty of Your Home
    When you think about wicker furniture, you probably picture it in an outdoor setting, or perhaps a covered patio or sunroom. This is only natural.
  • Teak Furniture - Stable And Strong Teak Chairs
    If you are planning to buy furniture that outlasts a lifetime then you should buy teak furniture. Stable and strong teak chairs can last more than a century. The main characteristic of teak furniture is that holds up very well against weathering and is also rot and pest resistant.
  • Five Rattan Patio Furniture Pieces To Help You Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    As the months grow warmer and white, feathery clouds float across an expanse of deep blue sky, the urge to venture out and embrace the outdoors increases.
  • History of Four Poster Beds and Colonial Four Poster Beds
    It is believed that the first four poster beds were made in Austria during the 15th century. They were made in order to guard the sleeper from pests, insects and drafts.
  • Patio Furniture - Iron Chairs
    Different people prefer furniture that is made from different materials. Some prefer wood, while others prefer iron.
  • Rattan Furniture - Racks to Spice Up Your Home
    Some homeowners pay a lot of attention to the center pieces in your home, but they neglect the small little items. Sometimes, it's the little pieces of accessories or decorative items that make the difference.
  • Synthetic Wicker Furniture - All About Chairs
    Synthetic rattan is a well received material that is used to create beautiful and functional furniture. The raw materials used is actually plastic, but the appearance looks like cane.
  • Koboo Grey Rattan Furniture
    Koboo Grey is a very unique color and not many homeowners are aware that such a color exists. It is a cross between the yellowish corn color of rattan and grey.
  • Teak Garden Furniture - Is Teak Suitable as an Outdoor Material?
    We all know, from previous experiences, that wood is not a good candidate for the outdoors. That is because wood tends to react to outdoor elements such as moisture, insects, and even plants.
  • Rattan Furniture - Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Locations
    Shopping for new home furniture can be a painstaking process. You may ask yourself over and over what will look best in each particular room, and question how each piece will integrate with your existing décor.
  • Teak Furniture - Premium Quality Wood
    When it comes to patio furniture, there are few options that surpass the quality of teak. From visual appeal to weather resistance to ease of care, teak is hands down one of the best options for outdoor applications.
  • Synthetic Wicker Furniture - Enjoying New Designs
    If you've ever shopped for patio furniture, you've probably run across a fair amount of wicker. The term wicker does not refer specifically to the material, but rather to the process by which the material is shaped into a usable piece.
  • Patio Furniture - The Ideal Set
    When the weather begins to warm, you'll probably consider redecorating your home, inside and out. Your patio is especially important in the summer months, when you'll want to enjoy pleasant summer evenings and afternoon gatherings on the porch.
  • Consider Cane Furniture for the Conservatory
    The conservatory is a big part of any property. It can increase the value of the property, depending on the type of conservatory you have built.
  • Teak Furniture - How it is Different From Other Wood Furniture
    Everyone knows that teak furniture is likely to be expensive. So some homeowners write off buying home pieces that are make from this wood even before they start looking.
  • Rattan Furniture - Low and High End Items Available
    It is rather rare for a furniture type to have low and high end items available. This is mainly due to the raw materials used to manufacture the furniture.
  • Synthetic Rattan Furniture for both Big and Small Houses
    The size and general atmosphere of your home can make a big difference in how you go about shopping for furniture or redecorating your home.
  • Teak Furniture- Suitable for Any Home
    It used to be that actually physically moving new furniture into your new home used to be that hardest part of accessorizing your home.
  • The Advantages and Benefits of Wooden Furniture
    If you are looking to give your home the perfect contemporary look then wooden furniture is often the best choice that is available to you.
  • How to Furnish Your Patio
    Finding the perfect patio furniture is a great way to improve the entire look and feel of your entire yard. With all the options available to you, there is patio furniture that is sure to suit your needs and style.
  • Choosing From a Range of Wooden Furniture - A Simple Guide
    As you probably already know, there is a wide range of wooden furniture in the marketplace that you can choose from. Hopefully, you will find this simple guide helpful.
  • The Key Advantages of Synthetic Wicker Furniture
    If you are in the market for new home furnishings, you should be taking synthetic wicker furniture into careful consideration.
  • Home Refurnishing with Teak Furniture
    For decades homeowners and designers alike have noted and taken advantage of the benefits that teak furniture can bring to the home and outdoor spaces.
  • How to Choose Patio Furniture
    Decorating an outdoor living area such as a patio or porch can be exciting and daunting all at once. What type of material should you choose?

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