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Gen Wright's Articles in Fitness

  • 3 Tips To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle
    Creating a new healthy lifestyle can seem like a big task. With these three tips, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with some minor changes to your current healthy regimen.
  • 6 Tips To Beginning A Healthy Lifestyle
    Starting a new healthy lifestyle can be a confusing process. These six tips can help get you on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Tips To Get In Perfect Shape For Swimwear Season
    The swimwear season is just round the corner. Are you thinking of getting into the male modeling industry?
  • 8 Running Shoes For People Who Over-pronate
    Pronation occurs when your feet roll in as you step. There is a normal pronation amount of about 15% for a healthy gait but over-pronation is the result of your feel rolling inwards more than that. Find out which shoes might help over-pronation in this article.
  • 5 Inspiring Workout Spaces
    The gym, while functional, can get boring at times. Day in and day out, people flock to gyms all over the United States to take part in their daily workouts. From time to time, many people find the gym dull which can lead to not working out and a lack of fun in fitness. A change of scenery may be just what you need! Try these 5 inspiring workout spaces.
  • 4 Reasons To Have A Glass Of Wine While Trying To Lose Weight
    Normally, I recommend staying away from alcohol while trying to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that if you can keep it under control and keep it down to one glass here and there, one glass of wine can benefit you tremendously.
  • Top 10 Weight Loss Gadgets Of 2011
    Gadgets are all the rage and for good reason! There are so many useful gadgets out there that can assist in all areas of life. Luckily, there are a ton of great weight loss gadgets out there. Check out this is the top 10 list of weight loss gadgets for 2011.
  • 5 Yoga Mats For An Eco Friendly Practice
    If you love yoga and like to be environmentally friendly, you might want to take your practice down to an ECO yoga mat. A mindful yoga practice can be enhanced with one that is friendly to the environment and to your body. These 5 yoga mats represent the best ranging from $45 to $80.
  • 5 Easy And Healthy Snacks To Take To Work
    If you're on the track to weight loss, you'll need to think about having healthy snacks around. The ability of having healthy snacks at your disposal during the work day is based on being prepared and bringing your snacks with you.
  • 4 Ways To Control Portion Sizes For Weight Loss
    Can you lose weight without counting calories? Yes, you can! There are ways to control your portion sizes so that you keep your calories in check. Find the four best ways to measure portions in this article.
  • 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Tummy Fat
    The belly area is a fat storage "pocket" area for fat. This extra layer has proven to be very stubborn when trying to get rid of it from your body. These four tips may help you banish belly fat forever!
  • 3 Ways To Mix Up Your Treadmill Workout
    Walking and running on the treadmill can be easy but if you're looking for a challenge, try these three new exercises to mix up your treadmill workout!
  • Fall Fitness Ideas - 4 Ways To Challenge Your Outdoor Fitness
    Fall into fitness! Change up your fitness regimen and get into the outdoors with cooler temps and great fall weather. Here are 4 ways to change up your workouts for Fall.
  • 5 Workouts That Blast Calories Away
    Time to switch up your workout routine. These five workouts can blast calories, condition your body and help build strength.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Everyday
    Gone are the days of taking a "rest" day from exercise. Get that body moving! Find out why exercise can benefit you each and every day.
  • 7 Easy Ways To Burn Extra Calories
    Can't get to the gym but still want to burn calories. These simple tips will show you how you can burn extra calories through out the day by making a few simple changes.
  • 5 Reasons Not To Skip Flexibility
    Don't like to stretch? Find out why stretching is so important and how you can benefit from flexibility.
  • Becoming A Fitness Model
    Becoming a male fitness model is not only about being well-built, muscular and good-looking or being self-centered and conceited. Bleep male models personify the idea of physical fitness, as perfect as the gods of Olympus hence; they serve as the embodiment of health, life, dynamism, and authentic beauty.
  • Party Time - 5 Tips To Staying On Your Diet At Social Gatherings
    Staying on a healthy regimen can be hard. It's even harder when trying to remain on your diet when attending parties and social gatherings. These tips may help you stay on track while still being able to have fun!
  • 10 Ways To Mix Up Your Workouts
    Working out is essential for a toned and strong body. Daily workouts can get boring from time to time. Try new fitness classes to revamp your routine and add some inspiration to your fitness regimen.
  • Summer Shape Up - Tips For Workouts In The Hot Summer Sun
    Working out in the outdoors can be both inspiring and challenging for the body and mind. Hot summer workouts can be tricky with increasing temperatures. Find out how to keep your workouts safe and effective in the summer sun.
  • Top 10 Fitness Gadgets
    Fitness gadgets can provide some great information about workouts, performance and strength statistics. In addition, some gadgets can provide music, innovative workouts and inspiration for workouts. Here are the top 10 fitness gadgets that you must have.
  • Workouts On The Go- 10 Tips For Fitness Survival While On The Road
    Workouts on the go can be difficult due to time constraints, insufficient workout space and new surroundings. Find out how to prepare for workouts on the road and the best ways to stay fit while traveling.
  • Get Out Of The Gym And Into The Outdoors
    Get out of the gym and take your workouts outside. Working out in the elements can be beneficial for a number of reasons including balance, core strength, coordination, motivation and more.
  • The Importance Of Conditioning Your Body For Golf
    Golf is a highly addictive game and for those who play golf, the game can offer hours and hours of enjoyment. However, many golfers spend a lot of time out in the field, but they don't spend enough time conditioning their body for golf.
  • Grading In Judo
    A beginner's guide to Judo grading within the British Judo Association (BJA).
  • Sanibel Island, Florida - Tips For Exploring By Bike
    Sanibel Island is situated along the southwest coast of Florida, just west of Fort Myers. Famous for its fine beaches and abundant seashells, Sanibel is also a popular destination for bicycling enthusiasts. Long and narrow, Sanibel boasts over 22 miles of well-maintained bike trails, making bikes an enjoyable means of exploring the island.
  • Charlie Swan Horse Trainer
    Charles Swan is the greatest Irish-based jump jockey ever to be denied a victory in the Grand National. He was Ireland's champion jump jockey nine times and was the first in Ireland to ride 150 winners in a season, and the first to reach 1,000 winners. Yet eight attempts at the National, and his best placing was fifth place on Lastofthebrownies in 1990, which was his debut in the race.
  • Thoughts About Becoming A Referee Or Umpire
    For as long as athletes have competed in sports, there have been referees and umpires. There is just no getting around it. The job of a sports official is one with many highs and lows. If you enjoy being a part of sports and competitions, most games will be a pleasure to work. But let's face it, others will be dull and some will be a disaster. It's just the nature of the game and the role the referee plays in it. Overall, however, the job of a referee or umpire has a lot to offer, with far more plusses than minuses. Here are a few things to consider if you want to become a sports referee.
  • Corbiere The 1983 Grand National Champion
    Corbiere was the horse that won the 1983 Grand National race at Aintree.
  • Tips To Finding A Great Air Hockey Table
    For buying an individual air hockey table, a person has to know and be sure about the size of the room, his or her budget and also playing conditions. Tables can be bought locally or on the internet.
  • British Grand National
    The British Grand National is certainly one of the greatest races in the United Kingdom, last years champion was one of the greatest in living memory, find out more concerning his amazing storyline.
  • Pat Taaffe Grand National Jockey
    One of the most famous of all Cheltenham & Grand National jockeys is Pat Taaffe, who will always and forever be associated with the great Arkle, having ridden him for 24 of his 27 victories including his hat-trick of Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup victories 1964 - 1966.
  • West Tip Grand National Winner
    West Tip has been one of the most easily recognised horses of Grand National success, due to a prolific scar in his hindquarters after a near-fatal collision with a lorry in 1982.
  • Hero Of Cheltenham And Aintree
    Rubstic has the steeplechase who won a Grand National on his first attempt and also won at Cheltenham Races in the same year.
  • Introduction To Judo
    The sport of Judo has been in existence since 1882 and is one of the world's most practiced sports. However, not many people are aware of what Judo entails, so we though we'd put together some info to help people out.
  • Stop Father Time Getting His Hooks Into You Too Soon
    When we are young - up until around age 25 when our body is still growing and developing it does not need specific exercise as it stays strong without it...
  • The Opposite Of Dieting - Where The Real Results Are
    We think of our common and collective weight gain problem as simply being a matter of eating too much food. The first thought that comes to mind when we think of a solution is a diet of some kind...
  • Zumba Clothing, Having Fun With Zumba Clothes
    Being a teacher and a well versed student I always get asked "what Zumba clothing should I wear?" I remember how intimidating it can be for beginners starting Zumba and knowing what Zumba clothing to wear.
  • Burn Fat - Abs-101 - The Truth About Belly Flab And Six Pack Abs
    You may have noticed that many people will never fail to include abs muscle exercises in their workout routines and yet somehow or other, they can never own those ever elusive six pack abs?
  • What Exactly Is Fitness And Do We Need It?
    We may wonder exactly what that word ‘fitness' means. What do we get out of taking time out of our week to fit in a couple of sessions at the gym and will anyone really know if we don't?
  • Who Said Proper Exercise Should Be Fun?
    It is common to hear so called fitness ‘experts' rant and rave that ‘exercise should be fun' or ‘find something you enjoy' and that is all you need to do to make magical things happen all while having a good time. Any movement short of simple breathing is now considered exercise...
  • Your Exercise Attitude - Positive Or Negative?
    We are always trying to pack more into our day and most times proper exercise gets left out because it takes up too much time. As a result our strength levels decline along with out fitness level...
  • Three Ways To Boost And Increase Your Metabolism
    If you have been continuing to slowly but steadily put on weight and you are eating no differently it may well be because your metabolism (your body's engine) has slowed down. This can happen as we get...
  • Training Problem Horses
    A Problem Horse can cause its owner and trainer great despair and loss. Aside from harming people due to erratic and rude behaviors, horses that do not accomplish horse training (including the learning of buck rearing stops) could easily harm themselves and other horses, and may even cause other horses to misbehave as well. When horses which have bad habits are not re trained properly, their real value could dramatically decrease in a short while.
  • What To Wear For Nia
    Being a Nia teacher and a well versed dance student to boot, I always get asked "what should I wear for Nia?" I remember how intimidating it can be for beginners starting any exercise class.
  • Learning To Do Freestyle Bmx Backflips
    If you have made up your mind, and you have decided to do a backflip no matter what, follow a few simple rules that will improve your odds of success. First and foremost, you should always wear your protective gear.
  • Freestyle Bmx Bike Riding
    As some of may or may not know, the BMX bike riding trend is now almost forty years old. A lot has happened since kids first started riding their bikes off-road in the early nineteen seventies.
  • Jacksonville-baldwin Trail - A Premier Florida Bike Trail
    The Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail begins at the Imeson Road trailhead, about 5 miles west of Jacksonville and ends at the Brady Branch Road trailhead, about 3 miles past the town of Baldwin. Built on an old CSX rail corridor, the trail is fully paved in 12 foot wide asphalt for its 14.5 miles.
  • Play It Safe- How Athletes Can Prevent Common Sports Injuries
    Whether you play team sports like basketball and football or you stick to individual sports, like running and tennis, repeated high stress, poor training or overuse from these high-impact sports can lead to a painful foot and ankle injury. Many times getting back in the game will mean seeking professional help from a skilled podiatrist in Spring Hill. Keep reading to learn about common foot and ankle problems suffered by athletes- sprains, stress fractures and shin splints.
  • Weight Training The Correct Way
    Many people spend the majority of their workout time building non-functional muscles that rely on hinges and bolts to function properly. That's right - I'm talking about working out on weight machines.
  • Five Reasons Why We Should Look After Our Muscle Strength
    There is no other single factor that is more important to our health than our lean body weight - our muscle tissue. Yet how often do you hear this? Hardly ever...
  • Run Faster - Six Keys
    Lose weight: The biomechanical consequences of lifting 1, 5, or 10 extra pounds with each step can you get you huffing and puffing just a little more from climbing a flight of stairs, imagine what it does to your body over the course of a 26.2 mile marathon, or even a 3 mile fun run! Your body must lift that extra weight with each step.

    If you take 10,000 steps and weight 3 extra pounds, that's 30,000 extra foot pounds that you must hoist - a huge metabolic requirement.
  • Conquering Your Exercise Excuses
    It is easy for us humans to come up with excuses not to be active and why we should not stick to our exercise program. These excuses appear more frequently when our motivation levels begin to wane...
  • There Is Always Someone Much Busier Than You Exercising Right Now
    We can all make up excuses why we do not need to exercise. Many people view an exercise program as something to be abandoned during stressful or busy times which is a shame as...
  • Your Quality Of Life Is Dependant On Your Level Of Strength
    If only we could control the fact that we all will age and get more candles on our birthday cake but unfortunately we can not. But we can control how we age and that is really important...
  • Baby Boomer Women - Start Working On Your Strength And Never Stop
    When the ‘fitness revolution' started back in the 1970's baby boomer women were 20 something. Now 40 odd years later we know that intentional exercise in no longer just recreational, entertainment or considered ‘fun'.
  • How Are We Supposed To Stay Healthy Without Proper Exercise In Our Lives?
    We seem to be so accepting of the fact that our technology driven lifestyles have shunted vigorous physical activity out of our lives and our bodies now do not have any way of keeping themselves healthy...
  • Do You Intend To Get Stronger Or Weaker As You Age?
    Some of us wonder what is going to happen to us when we get older. We see others maybe even our own family members lose the ability to function and take care of themselves or even ending up in a nursing home...
  • New York Mets Tickets And A Day At Citi Field
    Established in 1962, the New York Mets is one of the most recognized names in baseball. Members of the National League since their formation and the National League East since 1969, blue, orange, white and black colors of the team are almost as famous as the team itself.
  • Are You Doing Enough To Ensure Your Health Span Matches Your Life Span?
    Most of us fear getting old as we have seen all around us old people who are not functioning properly and their quality of life is very low. We do not want that to happen to us...
  • Proper Exercise Can Beat The Silent Enemy - Sedentary Living
    It is estimated that six out of ten adults do not get enough proper exercise. This means that they are not getting enough muscle building and maintaining activity. The human body needs this muscular movement to keep itself healthy...
  • Metabolic Fitness - How Healthy Is Yours?
    Despite what the diet industry and so called nutritional gurus have been telling us all for the last three decades, losing weight, weight loss and weighing less is not the key to becoming slim and trim...
  • Cardio Type Activities Not The Best Way To Lose Weight
    You would like to lose some fat and get into better shape and probably think that the way to do it is with ‘cardio' type activity...
  • Are You One Of The Six Out Of Ten Adults Who Don't Exercise?
    Even if the middle part of your life is years away it is useful to ask ourselves the question: "Am I doing what I can to assure a fully functioning body in the future?"
  • Men Take Better Care Of Their Cars Than Their Own Bodies
    Did you know that simply being a man is bad for your health? Men at more at risk for big killer diseases like heart disease and cancer and are twice as likely to keel over as women. As our personal odometer ticks upwards our risks...
  • Want To Say Hello To A Body You Will Be Happy With?
    Many people view losing excess weight as a negative thing. Sort of like a punishment for overeating. It is harder to make the necessary changes in ones life when this mindset is present...
  • The Great Advantages Of Price Per Head
    Thanks to technological advancements, sports betting these days need not be as taxing as it used to be. Today, you can place your bets without having to leave the house.
  • Third Time Unlucky For Master Minded
    a third win for the horse Master Minded at Cheltenham proved a race to far for this quality National hunter chaser.
  • We Are Becoming Physically Redundant - An Epidemic Of Our Times
    As many people get older they notice a decline in their physical functioning. They usually believe it is because of the aging process. But this is not so...
  • Your Strength And Fitness Matters - A Lot
    We have been taught from an early age to manage and save our money for a rainy day and we plan financially for our future needs. We write wills, make investments and even pay professionals to make sure it is all done properly. But where does our health and wellness fit into this future planning?
  • New To The Cheltenham Festival?
    For those who are new to the Cheltenham Festival but plan on paying a visit to this year's meeting, here is some important information.
  • Cheltenham Festival Set To Be Best Ever
    This years Cheltenham Festival will be one of the best yet, conditions are perfect and the Gold Cup is set to be the high light of the meeting
  • The Man Who Swam To Scotland
    The amazing story of the man who swam from Ireland to Scotland.
  • What Is The Average Woman's Number One Fitness Problem?
    Do you know what the average woman's number one fitness problem is? The answer is not what you may expect. It is a loss of muscle tissue. Muscle you say "I don't want large muscles I want smaller muscles"...
  • Are You Using Your Muscles Enough To Keep Them?
    For years people have associated strength training exercise with athletes and bodybuilders believing that it is all about building big muscles.It is strange that many people worry about developing large muscles when on the contrary they should be concerned about losing their muscle.
  • Riding Faster On New Mountain Bike Wheels
    Riding a mountain bike can be great fun. But if you wish to have a better riding experience, or if you wish to ride faster, then you should take a closer look at your mountain bike wheels.
  • What You Need To Do To Combat That Middle Age Spread
    It is common for people to gain weight as they get older no matter how much they watch what they eat. This is because the metabolic rate (the rate we burn fuel) slows down due to a loss of muscle tissue...
  • Our Great Grandparents Did Not Need To Go To The Gym
    Our great grandparents never had to worry about their bodies being flabby or becoming overweight. They naturally applied their strength and used their muscles actively to get their daily tasks and chores done. No fancy household appliances back then...
  • First Steps In A Career As A BMX Bike Racer
    Starting a career in bmx bike racing can be a really fun way to make a living. The costs involved are rather low, with some effort and dedication you could be on your way in a few days time.
  • Want The Slim Trim Body You Dream About?
    Next time you feel you are a few pounds overweight and are tempted to diet your way out it, stop and consider your fitness-based alternatives. To lose weight for the long term the number one thing you must first do is switch your thinking - your mindset...
  • How Much Sitting Do You Do?
    The explosion of people being overweight is a modern problem. Obesity statistics did not even exist 50 years ago. Before that time most people engaged in a sufficient amount of ‘non-exercise' activity...
  • Could Your Strength Be Ebbing Away On An Outgoing Tide?
    Every movement we make, from simply standing to driving the car to sleeping involves our muscles. Our muscular system is one of the most important systems in the human body and yet it gets taken for granted...
  • Being A Couch Potato Will Not Keep You Young
    Are you looking for a little motivation to stick to your exercise program? How about if you knew it could help you look younger, would that help to keep you going?
  • Want To Keep Your Youthfulness? - Proper Exercise Will Do It
    Since ancient times, humans have been concerned with developing and preserving youthful vigor. Fortunately today, we now have enough understanding of the aging process to be able to delay it...
  • The Origins Of Excess Body Fat
    You find yourself looking in the bathroom mirror and subconsciously ask yourself "Where did this extra weight come from, how did I get so fat?"
  • Why Rubber Flooring Is Essential In Your Athletics Centre Or Commercial Gym
    When rubber flooring rolls or interlocking rubber floor tiles are employed within athletics centers it is done for many reasons. Besides being hard-wearing and long lasting, it can also cut down the strain that an athlete puts on their joints as it buffers the pressure that the action puts on the joints.
  • Too Much Food Not Enough Muscular Activity Makes Us Fat And Immobile
    Too much of the wrong type of food combined with a lack of muscle building and maintaining activity is turning the human body into a fat and immobile shell of what it should be...
  • Do You Realize How Important Your Muscle Strength Really Is?
    Times have certainly changed. Could you imagine our mothers or grandmothers going to the gym? They didn't need to as there was enough muscle building and maintaining activities in their lives...
  • Are You In Denial That You Need To Exercise?
    Often when we see old people in a poor state of health it scares us and we fear getting old. We don't want to get weak and helpless...
  • Metabolic Fitness Is Needed To Lose Weight
    If you want to take off and keep off unwanted pounds of excess body fat, a healthy metabolism (your body's engine) is your best fat-burning friend...
  • Don't Let Your Body Pass Its Prime Before You Do
    As people get older many believe it is a time to slow down and take it easy. They feel they have earned the right after spending forty or more years in the work force.
  • Are You Active Enough To Stay Healthy And Well?
    The manual or physical work that was a big part of our ancestor's life has all but been removed from our modern day lives. Hard work, from farming to simply doing household chores without appliances is no longer part of ordinary life...
  • Want Some Good Reasons To Exercise?
    More and more people around the world are becoming aware of the benefits of proper strength training exercise and are finding their way into gyms and fitness centers...
  • Try Short Workouts to Boost Your Health
    If you get into the habit of working out in short, intense bursts of activity, you will be much more likely to stick to a program over the long run, which will mean greater health benefits for you over time. The reality is that it is much easier for most of us to incorporate short, intense workouts into our daily routines than it is to try to find an extra hour each day for exercising. The inability to find the time to exercise leads many people to simply give up on exercising all together, and this leads to a number of health issues as we continue to age.
  • How Much Time Do You Spend Sitting Each Day?
    Many people in our modern sedentary world do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise activity and it is easy to see why...
  • Horse Blinkers And The Grand National
    Why do some Grand National horses wear blinkers and some don't. Have you ever watched the Grand National horse race and wondered why some of the runners wear blinkers, if you have stop wondering!
  • Painting Your Healthy Lifestyle With Exercise
    What does being strong and fit mean to you? Is it part of your life or is it on your wish list? Do you look forward to your workouts or is it a constant struggle to even get there?
  • Your Strength Ultimately Determines the Quality Of Your Life
    Ninety-nine percent of the population of the world knows that exercise is good for them. Yet only a small percentage of people take time out of their busy week...
  • If You Do The Right Exercise Program You Only Need 2 Sessions A Week
    We live in an all-or-nothing society and expect things to happen quickly or we tend to lose our focus and go on to the next ‘flavor of the month'...

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