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  • College Essays How to Write Them Better?
    It is not a secret that nowadays it is possible to buy essay at any writing service, that's why a lot of people even don't care how to do it, because professionals are always ready to help with this task. But what if you are a college entrant and you need to write a good essay to enter the college? Here we give you some tips how to do it better.
  • Why Many Students Aren't Eager to Write Essays Themselves?
    Somebody once said: "Express yourself and always show your thoughts and opinions to other people through the words and sentences. Show people who you are and what you dream about."
  • How to Teach Creative Essay Writing - Instructions
    Though nowadays it is possible to find any custom essays or services of custom writings, there are still a lot of people who are eager to learn the art of writing essays. Is it possible to teach somebody to write a creative essay? May be it is. Here we are going to tell you how!
  • Prewriting Essays
    If you are still eager to learn the art of essay writing, and you simply don't want to consult custom writing service, because you have enough time and desire to do it yourself, then read this article here is one more trick, how to write an essay.

    While writing any essay, there are many rules and things you should know. And here you'll learn about a prewriting stage. So what is it?
  • Types of Personal Narrative Essays
    We know that essay writing is not the easiest task, that's why so many custom writing services exist and offer custom essays and other writings. As for this kind of essay - generally it is a short nonfiction narrative. To tell the truth it is not easy to write, but not more difficult that any other type of narrative. The point is that while writing you use not some other facts, but your own experience. But it is not everything. Of course, you choose the main issue, but it can be also generalized to any abstract idea. For instance you started writing about your divorce and then you broadened the topic to the problem of a great number of divorces in the USA.
  • A 600 Word Essay Write it Correctly
    If you are here, it means that you don't want to buy an essay, and you aren't interested in help of writing services. Can you do it yourself? Let's try. Here we'll tell you how to write a 600 word essay. These tips can help you to get 600 words and quite a readable essay.
  • How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?
    Though we can differentiate between a plenty of essay types, a classical essay has its strict rules and structure. A 5 paragraph essay is a classical variant, and here we are going to talk about its outline and give you some tips. At first you should know how to start. One of the most important parts of a classical essay is introduction. Then follow a body and a conclusion part.
  • When Questions Turn to Periods
    Tired of submitting essays that keep on coming back with comments like "What are you driving at? You seem to have lost me in page one" or "Your references do not exist." Scary words indeed. You're starting to give up and began having nightmares and hallucinations that you are not going to graduate in time or graduate at all.
  • Why You Should Not Buy an Essay?
    As much as people justify not being able to do their responsibilities due to time constraints or other activities, it is still not an enough excuse to do away with your duties and obligations.

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