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Gen Wright's Articles in Education

  • Rondeau Seminars Is Now Offering A Level 1 Orthodontic Course Online
    Dr. Brock Rondeau of Rondeau Seminars invites dentists from all over the world to take advantage of the level 1, four-session orthodontic course for general dentists online.
  • Sharpen Up Your Research Creation Skills Through Essay Writing
    There are many sites that provide a better-quality and good superiority work for the students and for these reasons these sites have been doing a good business in the field of academic writing.
  • How To Overcome Test Anxiety Before Taking The Sat Or Act
    Test-anxiety makes it difficult for students to do well on the SAT and ACT.
    Learning how to control test-anxiety can help students succeed on these important tests.
  • Choosing A College- What Questions Do You Need To Ask?
    Choosing a College is a big decision and one that requires both time and research.
    It is more important to find a school that fits your academic, personal, and financial needs than one with a prestigious name.
  • St. Patrick's Day Projects
    St. Patrick's day projects come in many shapes, sizes, and colors - of course, usually the projects are shaped like a four-leaf clover, sized like a leprechaun, and colored green. You can come up with your fun St. Patrick's Day projects - just use a little ingenuity, and with a little luck of the Irish, you can have an awesomely fun St. Patrick's Day project. Here are a few projects that you might enjoy along with others that you can come up with on your own.
  • Why Bother With Bulletin Board Displays
    Teachers all over the world use bulletin board displays, day in and day out. If you are unaware of the benefits, now may be the time for you to change your ways. No matter the educational level that you teach, elementary students or at the high school level, there are many benefits of using bulletin boards. Even if you don't use them on a regular basis, you will find out soon enough that there are times when they will come in handy.
  • Renting Textbooks Is Better Than Buying Textbooks
    Going to college with limited resources can be a major challenge, and one needs to adopt several ways to save some money and to get the best value for every dollar that is spent for your college education. If you want to add mileage to your meager college budget, then you should consider textbook rental services that can earn you over $250 in savings per semester.
  • Google Plus For Your Corporate Website
    Unless you've been hiding under a rock in a location with no access to modern technology, you've likely at least heard of Google Plus. But what is it and is there anything that Google Plus for your corporate website can offer that other social media cannot? We're just being introduced to Google Plus, but already the social networking site has more than 40 million users. Clearly, regardless of whether Google Plus is a hit or a miss, it is garnering a lot of international attention; and any betting person will probably tell you it's here to stay, so it might be just about time to jump on the bandwagon.
  • Campus Book Rentals - Great Ways To Learn And Save
    Campus book rentals offer a great way for you to get extra mileage from your college budget. Even during these times when the economy is in recession, prices of textbooks increase by an average of 25 percent each year. Thus, most of us may have to consider other alternatives to save a few dollars without sacrificing our access to the textbooks and references we need while pursuing our college degree.
  • Early Decision Isn't For Everyone, Even Those Who Sometimes Think It Is
    Early decision appeals to students because it can end the stress of waiting for a college decision. However, there are pros and cons to early decision that every student needs to consider.
  • Choosing A College - Important College Search Questions You Need To Ask
    Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions a high school student will make. Asking and answering the right questions will help students find schools that are both affordable and a good fit.
  • How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches
    So you have noticed these little critters around your home and you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches are incredibly resilient insects that breed very quickly and can be especially difficult to eradicate. Not only do you need to know where the cockroaches are coming from before you attempt to kill them, but you have to be flexible and thorough in your approach. Because cockroaches can be so difficult to get rid of, most homeowners will use a professional pest control service to get the job done right.
  • Should I Take The Sat Or Act Test? Read This Before You Decide!
    How does a student decide whether to take the SAT or ACT? There are some specific things about each test that may make one better than the other for you. Here are 5 things you might want to consider.
  • Teacher Recommendations And College Admissions
    Teacher recommendations are important for college admissions. Students need to help teachers write what colleges want to hear. Here are some suggestions to make your recommendations stand out.
  • Paying For College - 12 Tips To Make It More Affordable
    What parent with a high school student is not concerned about paying for college? With the economic situation as it is, more debt is not something that anyone wants or needs. How can you make college more affordable?
  • 3 English Language Writing Tips to Improve Your Writing
    Writing in the English language is pretty straightforward but very difficult to be good at. In order to improve your English writing, you have to put in lot of time to practice writing. Here are some useful tips that will help you improve your English writing.
  • Students Renting Textbooks In 2011
    The textbook market is changing drastically and the ones, who stand to benefit the most from the changes to come, are students. If you are tired of paying a fortune for books that you will only use once over an 18-week period, then you have picked a great time to go to college. While college textbooks are still overpriced, you now live in an age where you can explore more affordable options.
  • Why Renting Books Is Important For Students
    Renting books is quickly becoming a more popular alternative than buying books for the busy student. Why is renting books so important for students? There are a number of factors, which may influence a student's decision to rent, from the financial to the practical. If you pursued a college education in the days before the Internet, then you probably understand the importance, but if not, then consider the following realities.
  • How To Start Your College Search
    Colleges aren't one-size-fits-all. In your college search you are looking for schools that are right for you.
    What criteria is important to consider as you start your college search?
  • 5 Summer Activities That Will Improve Your College Admissions Opportunities
    Summer is a great time for students to pursue activities that they may not have time for during the school year.
    Some of these activities can also improve your college admissions opportunities.
  • Why Are We Pushing Our Kids Into College?
    As a private college counselor, I assist students with the college admissions process from their college search through the submission of their college applications. However, I do not feel college is for everyone and wonder why we keep setting college as the ultimate goal.
  • What To Look For In An Online Course
    Over the past few years, online teaching programs and online courses have acquired lot of importance. Although, you might not come across people talking about online courses, there are many who pursue them without letting the world know about their plan of action. One of the many benefits of studying an online course is that you can do it quietly at the comfort of your home. Believe it or not, as of today over 4.5 million people have enrolled for different online course. There are endless choices when it comes to online training. You can join regular courses that give you a degree or diploma as well as advanced professional courses that train you to get a desirable placement.
  • Finding Reliable Online Course Guides
    A guide can be anything or anyone that gives you a useful tip on something you are about to pursue. Finding an honest guide is not always possible. It depends on the purpose and the way you interpret the guidance received.
  • College Search - 5 Questions You Thought Were Too Dumb To Ask
    Beginning the college search can be an intimidating experience. Sometimes parents feel completely unprepared for the job. No question is too dumb to ask. Sometimes finding the right person to ask can be a problem.
  • Using Custom Leather To Cover Your Own Books
    Custom leather is not really new as a book cover material. In fact, most of the books that you find in the libraries are actually covered with leather materials.
  • College Search - 5 Tips For Choosing A College That's The Right Fit For You
    Choosing a college that's the right fit for you is not easy. It requires time, research, and self-reflection. Here are 5 tips that will help you get started:
  • Online Degree Programs - Gaining Popularity
    Online degree programs have been in trend since quite some years, thanks to the internet and the computer. With the click of the mouse button, we can now be in touch with global educational news, events and programs.
  • Online Degree Programs - Indeed A Boon
    There are a plethora of online course available nowadays, thanks to online universities and colleges who are imparting education. It is now easy to identify online schools nowadays, as there are lot of websites which provide information about these programs. There are a number of online course which provide education similar to the conventional degree programs extended at brick and mortar colleges or educational institutions. It is of essence to exercise caution when selecting online degree programs, as many of them may be fake and not genuine.
  • Your Options When Looking For Money To Pursue A Business Degree
    There are very many people who have come to appreciate that having a business degree would open for them doors that would have otherwise remained completely closed to them. They are, however, unable to pursue one such degree on account of their ‘not having adequate money for the undertaking.' That shouldn't happen to you, especially where what you are considering pursuing a well accredited online degree. In that case, there would be several options open to you, in terms of ways you can raise money for the course:
  • Why A Business Degree Is A Good Investment
    Nowadays, education (and especially college education) does not come cheap. Tuition fees for most degrees run into tens of thousands of dollars. Those, for most of us, are the sums of money we could invest through other vehicles, to bring us good returns over a lifetime. And inasmuch as a college degree in professional fields such as online costs such sums of money, with a promise to bring much more over a lifetime, it also qualifies to be considered an investment - and be evaluated as such. It would have to be compared to other investments, the objective being to see whether it is a good investment (or whether the money put in the pursuit of such a business degree would be better spent in other investments).
  • The Five Major Reasons As To Why Students Have To Pay More For Online Accredited Degrees
    The tuition fees and other associated disbursements that students pursuing online accredited degrees have to pay tend to be higher, significantly higher in fact, than those paid by their counterparts pursuing unaccredited online degrees. We venture to explore the five major reasons as to why students pursuing online accredited degrees have to pay more. The five reasons would include the facts that:
  • The Differences Between Online Accredited Degrees And Online Unaccredited Degrees
    There are several differences between online accredited degrees and online unaccredited degrees. We venture to explore some of those. That is where we end up in a situation where the online accredited degrees and online unaccredited degrees differ in terms of:
  • College Admissions - What Is 'Demonstrated Interest' Anyway?
    It seems that "demonstrated interest" is edging right up there as a factor for college admissions. What does a student do to show "demonstrated interest" in a college or university?
  • How To Finance Your Online Phd Degree Fees
    This discussion starts at the point where you have finally decided to enroll for an online PhD program. You very well know that the degree is likely to call for a considerable monetary investment. And having obtained the 'fee structure' for it, you are trying to explore the ways in which you are going to get the money to pay for it. We venture to explore with you the ways in which you can finance your online PhD program fees.
  • Five Questions You Need To Seek Answers To Before Registering For Any Online Phd Program
    We have seen, in the recent years, more and more people opting to pursue online PhD programs. This is a trend towards which they motivated by, among other things, the convenience and lower cost associated with online PhD programs. Enrolling for an online PhD program also means that you don't have to disrupt your family or career life - which are important considerations, seeing that by the time most people are considering registering for PhD studies, they tend to have already gotten started in careers and families.
  • Homeschool Transcripts For High School Students
    IS your child undergoing independent homeschooling? If so, you are probably worried about the transcript. The transcript is a tool that may help win scholarships and relief the financial burden. Use the transcript as a tool to help your child get what he or she deserves - a place in the desired college program.
  • Homeschool Transcripts - Is Accreditation Important?
    Are you the parent of a child who is currently going through independent homeschooling? If so, you must be thinking about how to create a winning transcript for your child. The transcript is a tool that may help win scholarships and relief the financial burden. Use the transcript as a tool to help your child get what he or she deserves - a place in the desired college program.
  • Everyone Should Learn To Speak Some Spanish In The Us !
    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the World. This article explains why you need to learn this beautiful language !
  • Astonishing Values In Online Education
    Whether you choose to pursue a degree online or simply want to broaden your knowledge, many courses are either free for the taking or offered at prices so low, they would make a traditional college or university gasp for air.
  • Online Six Sigma - Where The Key To Success At Your Fingertips
    Six Sigma is a training methodology that is focused on creating tremendous improvements to a company by strengthening individual output. This is done by managing the variables of strengths and weaknesses of the people who make up the company. This process effectively reduces the wrong decisions made by these individuals which in turn, contribute to the collective image of the enterprise.
  • College Admissions - What Do Colleges Look For?
    What do colleges look for in college admissions? Here are some important steps for you to take.
  • Dreams Reinvented- How Distance Learning Is Changing The Way Americans Look At Higher Education
    A variety of non-college certifications will become just as coveted as college degrees. This is already happening today, as more students are training for needed professions and jobs instead of getting college degrees and then thinking about employment later on. In the future, students and their families will take more pride in pursuing training that is practical and useful
  • College Applications - 5 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Chances For College Admissions
    Too many students rush through their college applications in an effort to get them done quickly. Submitting the best applications you can will maximize your chances for college admissions. Here are some tips on mistakes to avoid.
  • College Admissions - College Assistance Helps Students Get Into College
    Few students are successful in handling the college admissions process on their own. Most will benefit from college assistance to help them get into college.
  • How To Prepare For The Sat Exam
    If you are considering enrolling for college in the United States, then chances are that you will have to take the SAT exam. This is a standardized exam, administered to all people considering joining college in a given year. Their respective scores in the exam are deemed to be indicative of their respective capabilities to cope with college work, and to benefit from college education. But many times, SAT scores have relevance beyond college entry: as an interview question, for instance, some employers have been known to ask prospective employees about their SAT scores. But even assuming that the relevance of SAT scores ends at college entry, we all know how much of a difference, in terms of life opportunities, the college one attends makes. It therefore makes sense to do everything in one's power to gain entry into a good college. And one such thing, perhaps the only tangible thing you can do to increase your odds for acceptance into the top colleges, is prepare properly for the SAT exam.
  • Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For The Sat Exam
    Our assumption, at the start of this discussion, is that you are preparing for the SAT exam. In all likelihood, you are considering enrolling for college, and you have been informed that your SAT score is one of the (main) things that will be looked at, in determining whether or not to admit you to college. So, in a bid to improve your SAT scores, and thence increase your chances of gaining admission into the best colleges, you are now proactively preparing for the exam.
  • The Big Squeeze - The Coming Crisis In American Higher Education
    Tuition costs are surging, putting a college education out of reach for many Americans. College grads are defaulting on college loans. They cannot find jobs in the fields they trained for.
  • The Truth About Cpd Courses For Solicitors
    Learning never stops. This is practically true since people continue to learn every day. Regardless if you are a degree holder, a university student, or a high school drop-out, the process of learning is unconsciously incorporated in your way of life.
  • Straighterline And Nazarene Bible College Partner To Make College Affordable And Access
    Nazarene Bible College is the first religiously affiliated institution to partner with StraighterLine.
  • How To Find A Learning Institution In Pursuing Your Online Phd Degree
    You can further your opportunities by getting an online doctoral degree from an accredited university. Taking a PhD course in the internet can be lucrative because of the advantages that it can provide.
  • Straighterline And Western Governors University Partner To Provide Greater Flexibility For Students Looking To Achieve Their Educational Goals
    Partnership focuses on competency of college material rather than seat time as a measure of student success.
  • Getting The Best Teacher Recommendations For College Admissions
    Teacher recommendations are an important, but sometimes overlooked part of the college admissions process. Here are some ways that you can get the best teacher recommendations to distinguish you from other college applicants.
  • Tips For A Well-managed Classroom
    Students with behavior issues do not only impede their own learning, but also usually distract the entire class. It's important for the teacher to be able to sense where misbehavior is stemming from and how to control it. It could be brought on by factors that are beyond your influence, in which case it would still need to be addressed. Often times, students are lured into misbehavior because of boredom. If they are not challenged enough, they tend to get uneasy and look for ways to occupy their time, usually in manners that teachers very rarely appreciate.
  • Drawback Of Learning Spanish Through Classes
    Far too many people make the mistake of taking classes when trying to be taught Spanish now. There are local colleges and universities all over that offer a foreign language course with the ability to enroll and take a range of classes. What you need to be aware of is that there are a number of drawbacks to this way of learning Spanish.
  • Leading Praxis II Test Coach Reveals How to Pass the Praxis II Test in Just 7 Days
    Former Praxis II test taker and test coach recently launched a complete Praxis II study guide to help aspiring teachers pass the Praxis II test in just 7 days.
  • SIA License Training Courses London Birmingham Manchester
    If you want to make a career in security industry, you need to have a proper license and certification to be able to find employment. In today's age of uncertainty and terror, security personnel are on an increased demand.
  • Physical Education and Camp Toys Using Educational Building Toys
    Stretch your muscles and your mind at the same time with Toobeez. Learning toys that get kids moving are essential for a successful physical education or summer recreation and camp program. Educators recognize the connection between a healthy body and a mind open to learning.

    With a kit of quality and durable tubes and spheres, like giant tinker toys, you will transform exercises and activities into a growth experience for students and children.
  • Special Needs and Occupational Therapy Using Educational Learning Toys
    Toobeez are the perfect developmental toy for teaching special needs students perseverance, respect for others, communication, teamwork and cooperation, citizenship, responsibility, individuality, caring and trust.

    For children in need of physical therapy, the Toobeez activities that focus on gross and fine motor skills will improve muscle tone and coordination.
  • Educational Toys Make Learning Fun and Easy
    Children love hands-on education and the Toobeez educational toys for kids are just the tool to get them learning through play and physical activity. Students will understand the relevance of mathematics as they build and test their structures. Young children learn best through play. Give kids a good start by choosing the right educational learning toys for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • My Experience with ASHRAE CCNY Student Club
    I knew that I wanted to be a mechanical engineer before I started going to City College; however, I did not know which branch I would be interested in since this field was so broad. One day, during my freshmen year, I started looking around the hall on the second floor of Steinman Hall as I walked to class.

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