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Gen Wright's Articles in E-Commerce

  • Build A Ecommerce Shopping Site For Free
    To start an ecommerceweb store requires considerable resources. If you are not careful, you may end up spending most of your money on the stores without making very much profit
  • Great 3 Tips To Deal With Credit Card Fraud
    Of all the fraudulent activities that are taking place in the trade and commerce space, credit card fraud is the worst kind and it is known to have a huge impact not only on an individual and regional level but at an international level as well. It is high time people get aware about some of the most reliable credit card fraud protection system so that they are not cheated out of their money and privacy at any point of time.
  • Secure Your Online Transactions With Bindatabase
    With the kind of advanced change taking place in almost every department, even the purchasing are done from the internet, more frequently these days. Be it a matter of paying bills or buying any particular product, the online medium is highly preferred. However, do you know that your transaction is secured or not? Even if you are a seller, do you have any idea about the genuineness of the card holder? This is where bindatabase comes into the play. It will certainly reveal all the answers for your online transactions. Basically, bindatabase allows you to know the valid information about the card and its holder. It gives you entire details about the issuer of the card as well.
  • Controlling The Flow Of Fraud By Utilizing A Bin Visa
    Any time that a business uses a credit card option to perform online transactions, they put themselves at risk of becoming another statistical victim of fraud. The direct method of reducing this, especially when dealing with a specific brand of credit card such as Visa is to use a bin Visa checker.
  • Security Factors Concerning Businesses That Do Not Use A Binlist
    The most common option to look into for a safer business is to increase security. Security is a main issue because it involves not only the business, but the customers as well. Even partners in business are able to have issues when having to explain to their consumers that their partners were unable to keep tight security and lost money due to it. The use of a binlist as a form of verification is simply one of the easier options to partake in whenever it comes to controlling the number of fraud cases that occurs each year. There are no real limits to the benefits that a binlist can provide as it is always expanding.
  • Ensuring The Safety Of Your Consumers
    Managing an e-commerce website can be a very hard task for any Webmaster. On top of that, if you happen to get a lot of refunds and chargeback due to fraudulent credit card transactions, then the task can be equally frustrating as well as time-consuming for you, which would be compounded by you having to lose a lot of money in this process. In order for you to actually get away from such fraudulent credit card transactions to occur in a website, you must employ the facility of binlist. Using a bin list, you would be able to get a lot of credit card numbers, which would be in the form of bank identification numbers. These are codes, which are used by the credit card companies in order to check from which financial institution that credit card has been issued.
  • 5 Easy Ways To Prevent E Commerce Credit Card Fraud
    Nowadays, the number of credit card holders has increased rapidly and so the number of e commerce credit card fraud cases. People are now obtaining credit cards easily and using them quite often, but there are many who even don't know that their credit card is also being used by someone else. Since last year, the researchers reported thousands of internet credit card fraud and other types of fraud complaints to several banks all across the world. Credit cards were use to be the highly secured mode of payment, but these days some of credit card fraud merchants are misusing them very easily. In order to prevent such credit card fraud on the internet and by other modes the banking regulations has issued the bank identification numbers to prohibit such awful acts. Based on such regulations here are some easy ways by which you can avoid being victim of such frauds:
  • The Value Of A Bin Look Up By Visa
    It is a plastic world. Money transactions today are becoming less and less popular, as more transactions are now taking on a more convenient plastic card approach. Credit and debit cards are getting more popular by the day, and with it, causing an increased risk factor. The emergence of plastic card payments has resulted in a significantly large-scale improvement in money exchange and convenience in online payments. This is a plus, by any stretch, but its efficacy has been significantly affected by the high fraud rate in the online sphere.
  • How Bin List Credit Card Numbers Can Protect Your Business
    Bin list credit card numbers are credit card numbers that help you to trace a card and its origins using either bin list, bin list excel or bin list online to generate relevant information related to a card. Carrying out bin list search is fundamental as a merchant transacting with bin list card to know a card's history and if the card is legitimate and also of its issuing bank has the tendency of not making payments.
  • Using Issuer Identification Number List To Stop Fraud
    If you are running an online business, you have to place the necessary measures into place to ensure that your business is safeguarded. This is because though this technological era has made it possible to carry out business in an easy and convenient manner, it has also increased cases of scams and frauds. If you are contemplating increasing security, you should consider using issuer identification number.
  • The Benefits Of The Issuer Identification Number Database
    These days with advancement of technology it is not very easy to loss money or important information through scams that are rampant in the internet. Many people have been experiencing problems when using their credit and debit cards when making their transactions. It is a necessity to use these items as the offer a lot of benefits and features that you should be more than willing to enjoy. Majority of people who use these cards fall victims of transaction frauds or baseless chargebacks that are not very easy to understand, recognize or to track. However, issuer identification number database has made it easy for one to get rid of these frauds.
  • Learn More About Issuer Identification Number
    Issuer identification number is very important in validating the authenticity of any online transaction. Any entrepreneur who is running an Internet business or wish to take their business there, then issuer identification number search is very important for them. This is because without the use of issuer identification number search tool, you will always be haunted by possibility of an Internet fraud in your business. Today, this threat is live and real. As such, ensuring that you have fraud detection and prevention measures in place is very important.
  • Different Types Of Credit Card Bin Verifier Programs
    Credit card bin validation and credit card bin number verification is the major concern of all merchants irrespective of the type of business operated by them. The reason behind checking the bin of the card, i.e. the first six digits of the card is to identify whether the card is fake or original, which can prevent the fake transactions and detect the usage of fake cards to grab the services or products. Merchants are offered with different types of credit card bin verifier programs to choose from. Here are the different types of credit card bin format, verification and validation programs to prevent the credit card fraud.
  • What Is A Credit Card Bin Number?
    Plastic money is ruling the world as it has replaced the cash transactions along with the cash payments to the possible extend. No customer would like to pay cash for buying anything. Carrying the credit card was considered a status symbol before a few years. However, it has become an essential part of life like food and clothes. While the facts about credit card usage like how to get credit card, credit limit, types of credit cards, etc are known to all from primary school children, the unknown fact is the credit card number.
  • Prevent Fraudulent Transactions With Bank Identification Numbers Credit Card Checker
    Plastic money is ruling the world today. Before a decade, issuance of credit cards was restricted to very few people and it was offered only to the individuals with good financial status. However, the development of banking industry and extensive growth of financial institutions has facilitated the issuance of credit cards to almost everyone with no restriction.
  • Bank Identification Numbers Lookup Services For Online Merchants
    The entire world is almost ruled by the internet businesses are not exemption to it. The advent of internet along with impeccable technical advancements, improvement in technology and constant innovations has a great impact on the lifestyle of the people. Eventually, the outlook of businesses has been transformed from traditional set up to cope up with the modern trend. Majority of the businesses have emerged online.
  • Bank Identification Number - A Successful Verification Technique
    Have you ever wondered about the software programs that you use for checking various card numbers that are used for transactions? How they work and what is the science behind these packages? Whatever way these packages work, one thing is for sure, that these packages are an effective verification tool.
  • A Guide To Ecommerce And How to Add a Shopping Cart To A Website
    The success of an internet web site will largely hinge on how well the shopping cart software is able to support and handle main transactions of prospective buyers of products or services that are on sale in your virtual retail store. The shopping cart software, which is also referred to as internet SC software, allows interested buyers and prospective clients to pick out the items or products that they want to purchase.

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