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Gen Wright's Articles in Dating

  • How To Get Your Ex Back And Stop A Breakup With Magic Of Making Up And Other Valuable Resources !
    How do you get your Ex back or keep a relationship from going down the tubes ?? Well, with some work and patience you can do it with much success !
  • Is The Feeling And Being In Love The Effective Way To Curb Loneliness?
    One may have gotten into love with a person that may be out of his dreams. Even though they may be enjoying an extremely good social life, as well as having a very active physical life, the loneliness and love would always go hand in hand in case there is something amiss. Loneliness in love is not something that is a very alien concept, as most of the people feel that compatibility issues are one of the prime concerns for such kind of a thing happening.
  • Sadness In Singles- The Problem Of Loneliness In The Dating World
    At some point in a person's life - whether man or woman - there will be a feeling of sadness and a feeling of loneliness. It is unavoidable. Just the way that life springs eternal. Not every relationship will be the right fit, and when one falls through, either the man or the woman, who feels like the "loser" in the relationship, will find it difficult bouncing back.
  • The Scary Thing About Loneliness In Women
    Loneliness in women is a growing problem all across the world. Even in nations where women's rights are respected, validated, and even celebrated, women can find themselves longing for something that is missing. There are many causes and contributions to the feeling of loneliness that are true of both women and men. Both genders tend to place a lot of emphasis on their relationships, and when one goes south, they can find themselves wondering what went wrong and fearful of future commitment.
  • Common Mistakes Sugar Babies Make
    Sugar babies are women, who connect with older or more prosperous men in order to have both their physical and emotional needs met. While not all sugar babies are gold diggers, the few that are make life very difficult for those seeking meaningful relationships. If you want to avoid becoming part of the problem, then you need to avoid the mistakes that often lead to this false conception about what sugar babies are.
  • What A Sugar Baby Can Give To Your Life
    If you have spent your life trying to get ahead professionally, then you know how difficult it can be to make time for romance. Often times your work can command so much out of you that whatever you have left to give is far from the best of you. This is unfortunate because love takes time to grow, and it takes a special kind of woman to work with you through your hectic life. Some of the most valuable women to the busy workaholic types out there are sugar babies.
  • Find Me A Sugar Daddy
    The world out there is a rough and tumble one, no matter how you slice it. Whether you are looking for a job or simply trying to find love, it always helps to have someone on your side and in your corner. Most women, who are considered sugar babies, want a companion for life. They want a man they can depend on to take care of them emotionally and physically as they face each new chapter of life. There is nothing altogether bad about the role, no matter what "society" may say.
  • Honeyteering - Volunteering For Newly Married Couples
    Honeyteering is where newlyweds spend their honeymoon volunteering for a worthy cause - a growing trend amongst 21st century honeymooners. Read more about charitable honeymoons on the Latin Lounge.
  • Play Up The Positive By Showing Off Your Best Body Part
    The body is uniquely different from person to person. Although more women are conscious about how they look, men are starting to be equally conscious as well.
  • Negotiating With Wedding Vendors Is Not Difficult
    Learning to negotiate with wedding vendors can save hundreds of dollars on the bookings that are being made for the wedding, whether the customer chooses to negotiate with vendors for a percentage off of the booking price or even the increase the amount of food that is included in the venue or negotiate with the vendor to have table linens or dishes included in the price that is being charged to rent the venue.
  • Date With Your Heart Not Your Wallet
    My papa always use to tell me, "Son date with your heart, not your wallet" Boy as I got older that tad of advice changed my life. Here's an old saying my papa used to tell me.
  • The Best Prostate Supplements Can Promote Male Health
    Prostate health is something that most males should be taking into consideration as a part of their daily routine. Because a number of men find that prostate cancer may run in their family or they fall into a category of men that are at a higher risk of developing the disease, prostate supplements have been a popular choice. Today, there are a wide variety of supplements available that are said to boost prostate health.
  • Easy Methods To Seduce A Married Coworker In 3 Basic Steps
    Many would love to seduce a married co-worker. Perhaps you would too. Very much like any other thing, that's not very difficult when you know the right way to. If you can get on the correct track, break it down into easy steps
  • Atlanta Singles - Romantic Riverside Dinner
    Looking to impress your date with a spectacular romantic outing, have a great time, and do it all on a small budget? Here's a great idea.
  • Finding The Right One Online
    Arranged marriage or online matrimonial? Impact of modern technology on personal life of singles in India and Arab countries. Solution for modern youth.
  • Atlanta Dating - Open A 1960's Time Capsule
    Here is where a wierd scene can add great spark and topics of great conversation to any date that would otherwise be boring.
  • Three Reasons Why People Want Penis Enlargement
    The number of men who actively yearn for penis enlargement is probably in the millions, globally. When we talk of the men who actively yearn for penile enlargement, we are referring to those who, being desirous of such penile enlargement, actually take steps to achieve it.
  • How To Achieve Penis Enlargement Success
    A wise man once made a startling observation. The observation was to the effect that there are two types of people. The first is that of people who pursue success. And the second is that of people who actually get to enjoy the success, when they find it. He pointed out that the people in the latter category tend to be few.
  • How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You - Top 5 Ways To Get That Guy
    So you've met a guy that you're crazy about and you'd like to take it to the next stage. If you're wondering how to make a man fall in love with you, here are 5 top ways to help you get that guy.
  • Succeed At Dating - Get That Guy - The Secret To Successfully Winning That Man For Life
    If you want to get that guy, you need to know how to succeed at dating. Dating is not something you can bypass if you want to get from single to a relationship. The good news is that dating success comes easily to those women who know its secrets. It's not about playing games or manipulating men but knowing what works. Learn what works effectively to win that man for life.
  • Succeed At Dating - One Thing You Must Have If You Want To Get That Guy
    Make sure you read this if you want to succeed at dating. Here is one quality that you absolutely must possess or develop if you want to get that guy. If you don't have a healthy amount of this, you will struggle to get from dating to a relationship. Find out what this quality is and why it is so important in relationships.
  • Succeed At Dating - What Men Want In A Woman Early In A Relationship
    Many women are confused by a man's behaviour during dating and, as a consequence, find it difficult to turn dating into a relationship. If you want to succeed at dating, it helps to know what men want in relationships. Here are 5 essentials that men want and you should be in order to ensure your relationship success.
  • What Men Want In A Relationship - 6 Essentials To Ensure A Great Relationship
    Many women find it hard to know what men want in a relationship. If you want to find and keep a relationship or improve the one that you are already in, you need to know what is important to your man. To ensure a great relationship, here are 6 essentials that he wants from your relationship.
  • What Men Want In A Relationship - 5 Qualities In You That Make A Man Feel Good
    When it comes to relationships men can be the source of confusion and irritation. They can tell a woman that they don't want to be in a relationship one minute and weeks later they are walking down the aisle with someone else. Would you like to know what men want in a relationship to ensure your security and stability?
  • Developing Your Relationship - The Key To Success And Getting Your Relationship Needs Met
    Whether you are dating or have been together for a while, your relationship should be developing over time. How do you ensure a healthy relationship that is growing in a positive direction? There is one factor which is essential in any healthy relationship and is key to success and getting your needs met in dating and relationships. Read on to find out what you must know to create a loving and close connection with your man.
  • Calling Men - What To Do When He Doesn't Call
    We've all been there. You meet a great man, he takes your number and you wait for him to call. The first couple of days, you can hardly contain your excitement, waiting for the phone to ring at any moment. Then reality hits you with a thud. What if he's not going to call at all? As the days pass by, frustration sets in and you start to wonder if any man can ever be trusted. So how can you handle this disappointment and what should you do when he doesn't call?
  • Early Relationship Advice For Women - Why You Lose When You Give Too Much
    Find out why a woman will always lose when she gives too much early on in a relationship. How to tell if he's a giver or a taker and how much value he places on you!
  • Early Relationship Advice - Why Dating May Be Failing For You And What To Do About It
    Have you been dating men without success? Perhaps you have a string of failed short term relationships behind you. Each time you meet a new man do you always think it is going somewhere only to find that it crashes and burns after a few weeks? You are not alone. Many women are experiencing dating failure because they don't know what works and what doesn't in dating. If you can't get a relationship off the ground you need to read this early relationship advice to find out where you are going wrong.
  • How To Win Him Back So He Never Wants To Leave You Again
    If you've split up with your ex, you are probably feeling hurt and confused and wondering where to turn for help. Relationships break up for all kinds of reasons but in most cases the resentment has just built up to breaking point. Either partner may walk away from the relationship out of desperation because they don't know how to get their needs met. Perhaps neither of you wants the split but things just couldn't carry on the way they were. Whatever the reason you split with your ex, if you're wondering how on earth you can return to any kind of normality, the good news is that it is possible to win him back.
  • 5 Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make If You Want To Get Your Ex Back
    Suffering a breakup with the person you love can be devastating but is reversible assuming you know the right steps to take. However, it is important to not only know which steps you should take but also which mistakes you should not make. If you are trying to get back your ex then there are 5 critical mistakes that will obliterate your chances of saving your relationship and getting back your ex.
  • Early Relationship Advice - Why Dating May Not Be Working For You
    Why are so many women failing in the early stages of a relationship? This article exposes the patterns of early dating behaviour which can doom us to continual rejection.
  • Ways to Charm Your Girl with a Floral Arrangement and Win Over Her Adoration
    If you are a guy trying to impress a girl then you can not pick wrong when you understand the genuine importance of the proper gift. The answer is quite simpler than you are thinking and it smells wonderfully awesome, as well!
  • Make Your Girlfriend Dinner
    There may be nothing more pleasant to your partner than preparing a special meal for her. The dinner event will score you valuable points. Here is one way to make it a success.
  • Your Girlfriend Says
    Many men have been in the situation where their girlfriend says "Let's just be friends." What should you think of this situation and how should you respond?
  • Mastering The Art Of Seducing Women
    It is always best to have a guide to follow when you want to learn or master the art of something. Now, we provide you this helpful article that would give you substantial information and the best techniques on how to effectively seduce a woman.
  • Date Hot Women-7 Steps To Help A Regular Guy Date Hot Women
    Find out how average men like you are able to date hot women. If you want to date hot women, this article will give you 7 tips to help you be the guy hot women want to date over and over again.
  • Top Five Signs You Are More Serious Than You Thought You Were
    Are you enjoying the single life, or have you about had it? Consider what you want out of your current relationship. How does it align with your long-term goals?
  • Six Ways To Set The Mood For Romance
    Do you find yourself getting too bogged down in the day to day to feel like being romantic when the weekends roll around? Are you just too worn out to be creative?
  • Where Does Valentine's Day Come From, And Why Celebrate?
    Valentine's Day is a long-standing tradition among lovers of all ages. Every February 14th, we give candy, roses, and teddy bears in the name of our commitment to another person.
  • Is Love Becoming Politically Incorrect?
    It seems that todays society is trying to label true old fashioned love as being a mental deficiency, dysfunctional behavior, or addiction in need of treatment.
  • Tips for First Time Kiss
    If we are to be honest about it, the first time kiss can be scary regardless of whether it happens to be the first kiss in life or the first kiss with a particular (attractive) partner. Thankfully though, there are a number of things you can do to make the first kiss less daunting, and turn into the enjoyable experience it is actually supposed to be.
  • How Do I Choose Betweeen A Popular Guy And A Not-As-Cool Good Friend For Prom?
    How do you choose the right guy for prom? Here are some considerations when choosing between the popular guy and that not so cool guy.Most importantly, be sure that your friend and the other guy both get a fair shake.

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