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Gen Wright's Articles in Credit & Credit Cards

  • Credit Cards - The Luxurious Lifestyle
    Americans love their credit cards, and the lifestyle it can bring, all the way up to the point that the bills start stacking up.
  • Defending Oneself Through Credit Card Bin Numbers
    Have you ever wonder how credit cards get their numbers? Would it be an arbitrary selection made through the system? Understanding where and who granted the credit cards is much like figuring out the household background and completing the household tree. To find every detail, you use something referred to as credit card bin numbers. The credit card bin numbers contains a large number of bins. Any companies that accept any kind of cards should protect themselves. Make use of this credit card bin numbers to look the country of issuing bank, credit card issuing bank name, check funding type and obtain additional bin info like bank's telephone number. Frauds have become more frequent and complicated. Businesses should treat credit cards similar to their new staff! All a credit card has a newbie along with a string of steps that comprise the life span from the card.
  • Always Keep Cc Bin Up-to-date
    In the event you often consider credit and debit cards as part of your dealings, you may be already conscious of the potential risk of fake trades and unwarranted charge-backs. It can be hard to identify the main difference from a legitimate debit or credit card from the trusted bank along with a similar looking card from an institution that deserves much less trust. Luckily, the very first 6 digits on every debit or credit card issued have a bank identification number, or BIN, that will help you realize precisely what you're coping with before you decide to pay a suspicious transaction. A web-based cc BIN checker database can warn you of problematical cards prior to lose cash.
  • 8 Best Credit Card Fraud Solutions
    Credit card a fraud is a growing issue that embarrasses online business holders a lot. It happens often that buyers make purchase via credit cards which don't belong to them. The purpose of this odd job is to purchase goods without paying money from personal account. There are a few fraudsters who involve in credit card fraud process to obtain unlawful funds from others account. Credit fraud is also associated to identity theft. This incident often left negative impact on both the merchant and the buyers and sometime may ruin a business. However, if you are aware of a suitable credit card fraud solution, you can easily prevent this issue and be in the safe side. Here are eight best ways to prevent credit card fraud solutions.
  • 10 Tips To Prevent E Commerce Credit Card Fraud
    Possessing a credit card is a must to run e-commerce business successfully as it increases the chances to earn money. In order to make any purchase smooth we often hire merchant account provider, which proves to be an effortless process. However, as a huge number of online buyers are using credit cards the risk of e-commerce credit card fraud is also increasing a lot. It is important to be sure that your credit card dispensation don't fall fatality to credit card fraud, an issue that is hugely related to e-commerce. Here are few tips which will help you to prevent internet credit card fraud. These ten tips will also work to reduce the chances of online credit card fraud as well.
  • 5 Best Possible Ways To Avoid Credit Card Fraud
    Most people seem to be confused at the question of what is credit card fraud. Though the exact credit card fraud definition is still unknown, yet it is possible to define credit card fraud as an identity theft that has become an ordinary occurrence in our modern life. Most people are inclined in stealing information meant for others use. There exists several ways by which a criminal can steal essential information. Statistics on credit card fraud reveals that a few of the schemes that can result in credit card fraud includes hacking, Skimming, Phishing and identity larceny. There exist varieties of ways by which credit card schemes aim to deceive cardholders. The common strategies are highlighted below:
  • Best 5 Ways To Prevent Credit Card Frauds
    Credit cards have becomes an essential part of our lives and amid billions of transactions taking place all over the world through credit cards, credit card frauds and scams have also become an inseparable part of it. The credit card fraud definition can be deduced as, ‘using the credit card or the credit card details of another person and making unauthorized buying of goods or withdrawing money from the account of that person.
  • Bin Range Database For Various Types Of Cards
    Using the bin database numbers in form of bin database table or bin database file has become the indispensible part of every business as it helps in prohibiting the transactions made using the fake cards. The bin database is a wide context and it includes the millions of numbers as millions of cards are being used throughout the world. The concept of using the bin database checker remains the same for all businesses. Yet, the bin ranges vary with each bin range database, which is due to the different types of cards used worldwide. Here is the brief guide on bin range database for various types of cards.
  • The Credit Card Bin Number And Your Business Health
    One might wonder what is credit card bin number is. The same can be defined as a 15-digit number, which is used to identify the credit card in use. The digit set is normally referred to as the Issuer identification Number abbreviated as IIN. For easy identification, the digits identify the card and its intended use by first identifying the industry the service that the card belongs in. As for credit cards, which belong in the financial and banking industry, they will start with digit 4.
  • Credit Card Bin Check
    Without a shadow of doubt, issues of credit card theft have caused untold suffering to millions of citizens. The adverse effects of this crime are monumental- individuals entire life savings being wiped out, the insurance industry bleeding silly, and many businesses going under on account of the penalties that are levied on them for what is tagged as sleeping on the job.
  • Credit Card Bin Amex-solution To Fraudulent Activities
    These days with the rapidly developing and growing global market, there are different varieties of credit cards that you will find in the market. You can use these cards for personal or business purposes as they offer incomparable benefits. There are many credit card brands that you can go for in the market, but you should choose one that will satisfy your needs and requirements.
  • The Truth Behind Credit Card Fraud - How Bin Check Can Help Protect Your Business
    Credit card frauds are widely happening all over the world. Law enforcement and government agencies can do very little about it. They can investigate and trace the perpetrator but they can only do so much, especially because in almost all cases, credit card fraud happens overseas. It is your responsibility to detect these fraudulent transactions as a merchant; because, they all start right under your nose. This is the reason why online storeowners are required to check bin in order to get all necessary information to confirm the user's identity.
  • Gathering Data For The Credit Card Bin Search Site
    The credit card bin sites are used by thousands of webmasters owning an online business, but also by the managers of huge corporations and international retail chains. It is known as the best method to check the validity of a card transaction, a method that identifies details about the issuer of a transaction using the first six digits of the card identification number. This system is called BIN (bank identification number) checker, and it is because every card is uniquely identified with this number.
  • Issuer Identification Number On Credit Card Can Be Found
    There are ways that you will be able to prevent scams and frauds from happening to you, this can be done by anyone and you should be doing this to decrease the amount of hassle and headache, which you will face in the future. Check the issuer identification number on the card, which is being used to purchase anything in your website. You will be able to obtain a large amount of information from this simple check. The person that is using the card should be willing to assist you, in these checks as well since you want to make things, safer for everyone.
  • Help Wanted - Only Applicants With Great Credit Need Apply
    Where are American company's going with this? Requiring credit checks as a job applicant should be illegal.
  • New Credit Card Laws Fall Short
    New credit card regulations were recently unveiled by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. While Flaherty did manage to add some positive new restrictions that will be imposed on credit card companies, many believe that these new laws fall short of earlier expectations which leaves many Canadians still struggling with massive credit card debt. Could private lenders be a way out?
  • Study Finds Largest Credit Card Issuers Guilty of Unethical Practices
    A new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts details the extent of some of the unethical and deceptive practices by major credit card companies.

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