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Gen Wright's Articles in Computers

  • Iin - Get All The Useful Information You Need Using Computers
    You might probably be familiar with issuer identification numbers but with a different name - bank identifier numbers (BIN). This is what IIN were called previously. This number is helpful in identifying the issuer of a credit / debit card that is used for a transaction involving your company. Knowing the card issuer will have many benefits.
  • Payment Processing- How Can Your Business Benefit From A Bin List?
    There are too many factors to be looked at, when you have started managing your business from the internet. It is definitely easy and fast to run an online business, but it is equally tough and hard to maintain the same. This is simply because the payments made online are not safe all the time.
  • Repairing Laptop Computers - How To Repair Laptop Screen
    Laptops are types of computers that are prefabricated to love the processing object, signaling devices and the presentation all fat unitedly. This tool was intentional to gratify the impoverishment to use ones computer time he or she is away from domestic. This tool is adored by umpteen people especially job men and intellectual as it makes it getable for them to hit essential info at any residence they are.
  • Wikileaks Era Or How To Protect Your Digital Wealth
    Today, in the era of Wikileaks, almost everybody is concerned about protection of his digital wealth. Financial losses caused by malicious hacker's activities are growing every year. At the very beginning of August 2011, McAfee said it had uncovered an infiltration into more than 70 organizations and governments worldwide. This sad case can be explained, because corporations, governments and individuals prefer to act only after an incident, and only few of them take preventive measures. In some cases the situation is even worth: there is no reaction even after the incident or data loss.
  • 7 Inch Tablets - What Have They Done For Personal Computing?
    Tablet PCs, or personal computers, are all the rage these days for the new functions that they bring to the table and their connection to application stores, which can be a wealth of cheaply priced information and entertainment. But before you buy just any tablet, you need to be aware that, in the 7 inch tablets category, there are many different options to choose from. Some of the most famous options are presented here. What do they offer, and should you buy one or multiple tablets?
  • Reasons Why A Tablet Pc Is A Great Technology Investment
    The Personal Computer, or PC as it is commonly called, surely developed a lot since its inception during the 70s as a very complex machine that can take up the storage area of a whole building.
  • Choosing Between Windows Tablets And Android Tablets
    With the advent of the HP Tablet PC Series, the tablet PC has truly conquered the computer market through its sleek design, mind-racking features, and exceptional UI that consumers, young and old, truly enjoy. The Tablet makes it possible for people to enjoy an internet and media experience like never before.
  • Why Android Tablet Pcs Are Today's Best-buys
    With the numerous hardware and software products that are offered on the market, it is quite difficult for the average consumer to choose which product is best. After all, you could not expect everybody to know about all the technical specifications of such a product.
  • Why Buy The Toshiba Thrive Tablet?
    On its way from the electronics giant Toshiba is the Thrive Tablet, a new way for fans of tablet technology to enjoy the product. One of the primary advantages that Toshiba Thrive has over its primary competitor - Apple iPad - is that it is cheaper. For less than $600, the Toshiba Thrive Tablet delivers 32GB of storage space, allowing one to enjoy all the many application publishers and their productivity and entertainment products on a 1280 x 800 LED display screen.
  • Why Bother With The Windows Tablet?
    Do you go to school or own your own business? If so, then you know how important technology can be to the changing tides. Staying out in front of the changes is crucial to remaining competitive in a changing world. If you are ready to take the next technological step to tablet technology, then you should seriously consider a Windows Tablet. Why is a Windows Tablet beneficial? There are endless benefits, but they all boil down to one word: integration.
  • Ways To Make Calls From Your Pc
    The advances in telecommunication technology today have made voice calls from your own personal computer a reality.
  • Ipads, Android, And The Rest Of The World
    A light hearted and not too technical look at the current state of touch screen tablet based computing. A truly tectonic shift in how we use computers is happening right now, and I'll bet it's happening within 30 feet of where you are while you read this.
  • Advantages Of Java Reporting Software
    Having a java reporting software has several advantages over softwares based on other common languages. Most Java programs work on Java as well as dot net engine. This saves lot of time and money as the whole process of creating prompt business reports gets simplified.
  • Application Of Enterprise Reporting Software
    Collecting data is one of the prime concerns for any company. Irrespective of the size of your business, you know the significance of organizing, arranging and reporting various business activities on a regular basis. Enterprise reporting software, also known as business reporting software does the same in a more accurate and automated circumstance.
  • Differences Between Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 And Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010
    This article shows the differences between SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010. Article outlines main features.
  • How To Prevent Identity Theft By Computer Hackers
    Preventing Identity Theft is the best identity theft insurance. This also applies to computer hacking because there are clearly ways to prevent identity theft from this crime.
  • Copying Your Dvds And Cds Fast And Easy
    Whether you need 1 or 1000, there is a way to make good, fast and cheap copies of your CDs. Compact disc copying methods have been used for a while and evolved through the years.
  • Computer Cleaning Advice For Dublin Businesses
    Businesses in and around Dublin, from Malahide to Dun Laoghaire and beyond rely on computers and related equipment for their daily business operations. This article gives advice on how to best handle the cleaning of your computer and IT equipment.
  • All You Need To Know About Flash Video Downloads
    When most people upload a flash video to their websites, they do so in FLV format and when you decide to get flash video downloads they will be in the .flv video file format.

    If your video player supports files in FLV format then flash video downloads will be no problem to you at all and you will watch your movie at ease, however if your video player cannot support the flash video downloads format, all you do is convert the video file to a video file that is recognized by your computer.

    Well, there are a number of ways in which you can go about this, and the most common among people who frequent YouTube is to use the YouTube downloader which is software that assists you in flash video downloads from YouTube and I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Domino's! But, you can get a free version of a Youtube downloader off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • How To Convert Files From Flv To Avi
    So you have downloaded that music video that you have been eyeing for who knows how long! But is in a file format that you do not know? And now you want to convert it to something you're familiar with and for some reason you have no idea how!

    If you do not have a converter installed in your computer, worry not and get one from the web, there are some that are free and others that have a price tag on them but offer a trial version. You can get a free version of a FLV to AVI converter off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • What You Need To Know About A Flash Video Player
    A flash video player is a software tool that can be able to play flash videos in the format .flv, and will most times be included as a package in most flash video converters and or video flash converters.

    As a matter of fact flash video players will be included in most websites with a tendency to use videos a lot. This is so as to have interactive inter faces or just give out a professional feel and outlook to the website.

    If you do not have a flash video player on your computer, it is quite easy to get one. I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Jack in the Box! But, you can get a free version of a flash video player off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • All About A Mobile Video Converter
    Lots and lots of people are using their mobile phones to do everyday activities and this includes watching videos and movies online and even TV. So all you need is a mobile phone and subscription to a mobile TV service, and that plasma screen you wanted to buy, forget about it!

    And that is why you need a good mobile video converter to enable you convert your videos so you can have them in your phone. If you are wondering where a mobile video converter can be found, I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Pizza Hut! But, you can get a free version of a mobile video converter off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • Where Should You Use A Flash Video Converter For?
    So you are not sure why you should use a flash video converter? Well, have you ever visited a website and can't view a movie file until it is fully downloaded? Bet you did not even watch the movie because most of us are impatient when online, and will quickly move on.

    If you are wondering where a flash video converter can be found, I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Mc Donalds! But, you can get a free version of a flash video converter off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • VoIP Telephone Services Joins Friends
    Communicating across the world using standard phones with traditional land line connections has been proven to be a very costly technology, especially in terms of international calls and long distance calls. Think about having a member of family working or studying overseas. You might be really wanting to know how things are going for them and to give them a call, but you simply can't call them as frequently as you would have wanted just because of the huge cost levied on international calls. Even after calling them, conversation is always kept quite brief because the longer you speak the larger the expense. You are simply unable to talk as freely as you would like.
  • 10 Fast And Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Pc Today
    Many people are interested in making the most of their hardware. So here are 10 simple tips on how to make your Windows computer run faster without having to purchase additional hardware.
  • Finding The Best Buy Laptops
    Laptops are the gadgets of today. Assessed on how they look, how much they weigh, how many features they have, how easy they are to use and how much they cost, different people may have different tastes when it comes to laptops, and just about everyone wants to know what the Best Buy Laptops really are. For sure, you also want to know the Top 3 laptops to buy in 2010 or the Best Buy Netbooks.
  • Free Online Flying Games- Overlord
    Overlord is a free online flying game which requires you to play by missions. In each mission, you have to destroy all the hostile activities so that the enemy has no chance to attack your country.
  • The Early Days Of Bmx Games Online
    The early attempts of an entertaining BMX game online where rather faulty, with a number of errors that stood in the way of actually enjoying the game. The good news is that these are all burdens of the past.
  • Performing Daring Bmx Backflips Online
    The object of this online BMX game is to perform as many backflips as possible while riding the course, the more backflips you accomplish, the higher your score will be. Speed, timing and balance are important factors to keep in mind while playing this game.
  • Ease Of Use Of Dog Games Online
    Even though, not everybody in the world is dog enthusiast, but you can certainly find 80% of them love to have a dog as their pet.
  • Online Dog Games Full Of Entertainment
    In the realm of flash dog games online, ultimate entertainment is provided by the websites that host the games to all the people who visit to play the dog games. You can play the dog games seriously and score huge points or just scroll in and enjoy the game for the animation and the music at the background.
  • Online Dog Games Are Full Of Adventure
    The reasons for adults to play online flash dog games may vary, depending upon their aptitude. Typically, dog games are very simple to handle and gives you the ultimate relaxation.
  • Discovering The Right Kind Of Flash Dog Games To Play Online
    Let it be the fascinating, little and lovely puppies or the friendly and loveable dogs in flash dog games that make them so irresistible to play with. One could play for hours, wherever and whenever you wish.
  • Dog Games That Are Safe To Play Online
    Flash dog games are simple entertainment that does not require the user to install any software in their computer. However, regardless of the playing platform, these games are browser based enchanting games.
  • Bmx Games Online- Bmx Ramp
    Flash game applications featuring BMX bikes have become quite popular in recent years. A handful of titles seem to have gathered momentum and popularity over their counterparts within the genre, such as BMX Ramp game.
  • Bmx Games Online- X Rider Bmx
    X Rider BMX is a free online BMX game developed by Michael Sajban. It is one of many free BMX game titles available to play free on the web, through many arcade game websites.
  • Testing Your Bmx Riding Skills With Bmx Master Online
    BMX Master is a free online BMX game featuring seven different levels, each offering unique and interesting challenges to the player. Of course, the higher levels contain harder and more sophisticated bike ramps.
  • Free Bmx Games Online- Bmx Stunt Park
    BMX Stunt Park is an original online BMX game, which features a girl with ponytail as the main character of the game. The game features several wooden ramps as part of the challenge that will need to be faced by the player.
  • Bmx Games Online- Bmx Trax
    BMX Trax is a free online BMX game, which made its appearance in the web in 2007. In BMX Trax, there are 6 levels that you have to complete. In each level, you will find an exit that must be unlocked with a key.
  • Bmx Games Online- Six Trix Bmx
    BMX Pro Style allows you to customize the biker name, helmet, T-shirt, trunk and shoes. You can give the rider any name you want. Unlike other BMX bike games, the rider may ride the bike in slow motion.
  • Bmx Paperboy Bike Game
    BMX Paperboy Bike Game allows you to earn points by performing high jumps. Getting started is as easy as learning to move the bike forward by pressing the right arrow.
  • The Online Thrills Of Bmx Stunt Extreme
    BMX Stunts Extreme is an online BMX game, available free on the web through thousands of free arcade game websites. It is also one of the few BMX game titles that will allow the player to access all the levels in the game without having to pay a fee.
  • Sony Psp Going Beyond Gaming
    When people think of portable gaming, they think of a system that plays small games on a tiny screen and can do nothing more. The Sony PSP changed the way people look at portable systems and set the new standard; it's that good.
  • Free Pet Games Online- The Morning Walk
    The main character in the game is a girl with pony tail who wears a blue sweater. Her job is to walk the dogs around the block, and bring them back safely.
  • Playing Pet Games Online- Save The Goldfish
    Save the Goldfish is a free online pet game that was originally intended for younger audiences, despite the fact that it includes some disturbing graphics. However, no goldfish are harmed or killed in the process of making this game.
  • Pet Games Online- Feeding Animals
    Feeding Animals is an online free flash game application aiming to entertain children. Additionally, kids are liable to learn about the real life animals represented in the game through the process of learning through association.
  • Pet Games Online- Puppy Center
    Puppy Center is a free online pet game that requires you to take care of a number of pets in a pet store. The goal of the game is to meet the needs of all the pets within the given time limit.
  • Pet Games Online- Frog Mania
    Frog Mania is a fun pet game online kids can play free. It is a family friendly game and can be played by children of all ages.
  • Pet Games Online- Horse Show Jumping
    Horse Show Jumping is a free online pet game in which you must guide the horse to jump through the hurdles in a show jumping competition.
  • Clear Out Registry Errors And Speed Up Your Pc
    A new computer is a wonderful tool to have. When you get a computer with all of the bells and whistles on it, even if it isn't the most expensive one on the market at the time, you get the type of performance that lets you get work done at a speed that you're glad to have.
  • Pc Error Fix Can Save You Thousands
    Your personal computer is a very complex machine that operates a complex number of programs and associated software. The way that this is possible is that everything has to be in order whether it is the computer registry
  • Registry Easy
    Every computer has a registry that works like a huge record keeper to track information about the computer's configuration. One of the major ways that this configuration is changed and impacted regularly is when you install, uninstall or update software on your computer.
  • Learn About The Hottest Small Notebook Computers
    Find out what you need to know about Small Notebook Computers and see if they are right for you at this time. Learn the truth about Small Notebook Computers so you can make your final decision.
  • Colocation and Green Data Center
    Nowadays, more and more people are turning towards colocation and green data center because of the rising costs of the energy. Additionally, people now are also becoming more aware of the fact that the traditional data centers are not environment friendly.
  • Why Purchase Data Cleansing Tools? Ask Yourself This Question
    Taking the correct information cleansing tools can suggest the difference between effectively utilizing the information that your company has and wasting cash and time searching for business that does not exist.
  • Top Four Reasons to Use Webwatcher InterGuard Security Software Features for Your Business
    You have heard the expression that time is money. If you have gone into business for yourself, or you manage a larger company, then you know this to be true.
  • Medical Billing Software Features Your Next Practice Management Software Should Have
    So now that you have decided to buy medical billing software, here are the features that you need to look out for. These things are an absolute must in the medical billing software that you will buy.
  • EMR Software Features to Look Out For
    An Electronic Medical Records software or EMR is a complete suite of applications that are designed from the ground up to be compatible with the demanding situations of a real world medical facility. No matter the size of the facility, it can easily match up to the demands in both scale and speed. So every medical facility stands to gain from a good EMR software.
  • How to Send, Transfer, and Store Files Quickly and Easily
    Backing up and transfer large files have always been a cumbersome task. The most direct solution is to use a local hard drive to back up all the data.
  • The Best Registry Cleaners Reviewed
    The registry of a computer is the place where programs are tracked. Whenever you install or remove a new program, the registry is updated.

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