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Gen Wright's Articles in Clothing

  • Faux Pashminas
    Pashmina....ahhhh. Doesn't that Persian name for a luxury garment speak of royalty? Every woman longs to be wrapped in luxury, ensconsed in velvet.
  • The Black Pashmina
    The Pashmina cashmere born in the mountains of the Himalayas, the wool is collected from the Pashmina goats. The material is the finest wool in the world a beautiful fabric naturally designed for cold weather yet beautifully elegant. The special accents in the fabrics are exquisite. The purity of the material is so special, there is no wonder it is one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. The Pashmina cashmere shawl is protective, seductive, mysterious, and elegant. These qualities are also cognizant of the beautiful women who wear Pashmina shawls. You can find the Pashmina cashmere shawl at stores around the world. The shawls are solid colored or a weaving design of the fabric.
  • 4 Key Factors In Buying Men's Underwear Online
    A man is often said to be willing to wear a pair of underwear until it literally disintegrates. While this may be true for some, the reality is that more and more men out there care about what they wear under their clothes as they do about their actual wardrobe. Men's underwear is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the 18-45 crowd, who are in tune with their sexuality and eager to look their best.
  • Sharp Men's Shirts And T-shirts That Get You Noticed
    There's nothing like hitting the streets in a sharp, sexy shirt or t-shirt on your way to work, to play, or to swing at a swank nightclub. Besides, a designer shirt is one of the top items on the modern man's shopping list because it's one of the first things seen by our posse of peeps or the passing crowds.
  • Precautions You Need To Take In Diy Wedding Dress Cleaning
    It is commonly said that the best way to go about wedding dress cleaning is simply by giving the job to the professionals. That piece of advice notwithstanding, there are situations where you are forced to undertake the wedding dress cleaning yourself. This could be where you simply can't conveniently locate a professional cleaning service where you can get the wedding clothing properly cleaned. It could also be where you are extremely budget constrained, so that you simply can't afford professional wedding dress cleaning. In situations like those, you would have to undertake the cleaning of the wedding clothing by yourself.
  • The Risks Of Diy Wedding Dress Cleaning Explored
    Going through the Internet searching for advice on wedding dress cleaning, one piece of advice you are likely to come across severally is the one to the effect that 'wedding dress cleaning is best left to the professionals.' Coming across this piece of advice for the first time, you could be tempted to dismiss it as just another marketing gimmick for the people who are in the so-called 'professional cleaning' business. Your mind will tend to see the advice given to the effect that you should take wedding clothing for professional cleaning as a ploy by the professional cleaners to bring in more business for themselves. And there is no doubt that is indeed the situation, to some extent.
  • As Wedding Bells Chime, The Popularity Of Bridal Lingerie Gains Momentum
    When wedding bells will be ringing in your near future, that means you have a lot of planning to do and important decisions to make.
  • Sexy Leather Pants Become A Timeless Trend
    Leather Pants are a trend that never seems to go out of style. There are a lot of misconceptions associated with Leather Pants, but they can be drop dead sexy and get just as much attention as Sexy Lingerie can.
  • There Is Nothing Hotter Than A Bustier, Hands Down
    A man cannot deny his attraction to women clad in lace, leather, satin, or silk. Whether you want to call it a fetish, or simply one's desire for a wicked night, a woman in Sexy Lingerie will drive any man wild. Humans, in general, are very sensual beings that use their senses to the greatest possible extent.
  • Hot Swimsuits Turn Heads This Summer
    If you want all eyes on you this Summer, you might want to consider investing in a new Swimsuit. Drab, dull styles are beyond outdated and will gain you no recognition whatsoever.
  • Learn How To Select Affordable Prom Dresses
    Find out what you need to know about Affordable Prom Dresses and see if they are right for you at this time. Learn the truth about Affordable Prom Dresses so you can make your final decision.
  • Selecting Designer Cocktail Dresses That Fit Your Persona
    Find out what you need to know about Designer Cocktail Dresses and see if they are right for you at this time. Learn the truth about Designer Cocktail Dresses so you can make your final decision.
  • Get Noticed On The Beach In Sexy Swimwear!
    The beaches are some of the most enjoyable places to relax, get a tan, play games, swim and have some great outdoor fun. Part of what makes the beach such an exciting place to go is that you can get decked out in some really sexy swimwear that gets you noticed and looks great on you.
  • How To Buy Lingerie For Your Wife Or Girlfriend
    Lingerie has been around for women for a very long time and has gone through some major changes over the years. Just as clothing styles for the business office and the construction field have gone through some adjustments for men and women
  • Couple T-shirts- Should You Own One?
    If you haven't heard of a couple t-shirt you might not be in a relationship. A couple t-shirt is not the same thing as wearing the same shirt. It is when two people are wearing complementary shirts.
  • Are T-shirts For Couples A Novel Idea?
    If you haven't spotted the latest t-shirt trend then you might not be in a relationship. Right now couples all over are wearing matching t-shirts and outfits.
  • Four Factors For Choosing Valentine's Day Underwear For The Man In Your Life
    Red. It is the color of love. Nothing is more symbolically associated with the day of love than the color red. From a red rose to a red heart, Valentine's Day celebrates love in all its many facets.
  • Don't Get Sent To The Doghouse- Inexpensive Lingerie For Valentine's Day
    Last year you didn't fair so well for Valentine's Day. You made the mistake of buying an appliance . That put you straight to the dog house.
  • Six Occasions That Call For Stockings And Fishnets
    Everybody owns pantyhose. Since pantyhose was invented it was easy to just slip on a pair and not have to worry about buying a garter belt and making sure that the stockings lined up correctly on your legs.
  • Cycling Jerseys
    Cycling for some folks is a sort of leisure except for others it's a heavy sport. Except for a great diet, good shoes and an excellent physical fitness condition, cycling jerseys are crucial for the cycling fan. These are an essential part of the clothing for biking fans because they can help them reach maximum speed while helping them ride comfortably. Before choosing your cycling shirt it's vital to know its categorical functions.
  • 5 Easy Tips on Purchasing Wholesale Clothing
    When running your own business, it is no secret that buying wholesale clothing can greatly decrease your expenses. When starting a small business, the most important thing to think about is making a profit and a great way to do that is to purchase wholesale clothing. Here are 5 tips to show you how easy it can be.
  • Five Reasons Kids Should Not Go to Church with Prom Dresses and Tuxedos
    It really is one of the most special nights in a high school student's life. It is a time to dress up in the finest clothes: dresses for girls, tuxedos for boys. But how about wearing your prom to the church?
  • It Is Lots of Fun for Kids to Wear Prom Dresses and Tuxedos to Church
    It only happens two, maybe three times in a high school kid's career. After that, there will never be another feeling like it. Dressing up to go to the prom is something most kids will do at some point in their lives. But how about to the church!
  • Kids Clothing and How to Save Big
    Big Savings for Larger Families
    Large families and parents of multiples know that clothing wears out quickly and can become a big part of your household budget. Older children want the latest trends and do not want to wear the same pieces from one season to the next. Reduce costs by purchasing wholesale kids' clothing in bulk.
    This works especially well with wholesale baby clothing such as snapsuits or one pieces ("onesies") and items like t-shirts. You can get variety-packs for a great value.
    Many preschools, kindergartens, and elementary schools require you to keep a change of spare clothing at school.
  • Top Five Reasons Sexy Leather Lingerie Makes Great Gift
    Giving adult gifts for the bedroom can be an intimidating thing if you have never been that intimate with the person you are giving them to.
  • Three Sexy Erotic Lingerie Looks for Those Steamy Occasions
    The right piece of erotic lingerie prepares you to send any man's temperature skyrocketing into the stratosphere of passion. And the creativity and comfort offered in the many choices are enough to make them worth your time and dollars, whether your bedroom is private or shared with that special someone.
  • A Guide To Sexy Men's Swimwear
    Many men around the globe are fast tiring of the boring old swimming trunks that they have been using all this while. They are instead turning to newer, more designer swimwear that really compliments their physique and looks.
  • A Guide To Buying Sexy Men's Underwear
    For a long time, men's underwear has been a neglected area in fashion. But not any more, with new designers coming into play, the area is finally getting the attention it deserves. And hence, we are bearing witness to a revolution in the way men view their underwear.
  • Sexy Men's Swimwear
    When it comes to swimwear, what you are really looking for is a way to attract attention by drawing attention to all the right places. But hold on before you go off to find a pair that fit you the best because you first need to learn about what really makes swimwear sexy and keeps it from being boring.
  • Sexy Men's Underwear For The Adventurous Male
    The underwear is no longer a private thing that no one knows about and no cares. Now it is something that is meant to be flaunted and meant to make you look hot and appealing.
  • Flirty Dreams Offers Comprehensive Selection of Erotic Lingerie
    FlirtyDreams, an online Lingerie retailer based in Philadelphia, USA, is proud to announce the comprehensive selection of sexy Lingerie in its catalog.
  • The Ideal in Men's Underwear And Swimwear
    As every man will vouch - pairs of underwear are very personal things and every man has his own choice as to what makes him feel the most comfortable. But of course, that is not all that underwear is used for.
  • Bombshell Bikinis Wholesale Lingerie
    Many women often make many changes in their life as they age. One of these changes may be that they stop wearing sexy bikinis on the beach.
  • Huge Teddies Wholesale Lingerie
    As most women are self-conscious of their figure, they spend a lot of time searching for clothing that will flatter their figure.
  • Fancy Dress for Young Adults
    Fancy dress is a collective term that means dressing up differently to assume another identify. For young adults, this is an interesting and exciting prospect.
  • Flirty Dreams Introduces One of the Largest Collection of Sexy Lingerie on the Internet
    Flirty Dreams, a sexy lingerie online retailer based in Philadelphia, is proud to announce that they have one of the largest collection of sexy lingerie on the Internet.
  • Children's Clothing for the Spring- Summer and Winter
    You will often find that when people shop for children's clothing they always focus on the pretty clothes, dresses for girls and nice khakis with a button up shirt for boys.
  • What Are The Best Dress Styles If You Are Flat-Chested?
    Small chested women do have great dress choices that can either maximize their chest or create the illusion that they have a larger chest. Plunging necklines, empire waist dresses and strapless choices are the top three choices for flat chested women.
  • So Many Dilemmas: What Dress Will You Choose?
    How do you choose between a lot of prom dresses? Here are some tips to choosing the best prom dress.
  • Style Makers - Who Says You Must Get One-on-One With Prom Dress Designers?
    Find out about unique styles and unique prom dress styles. You could set the trend for your prom.
  • The Three Types of Children's Clothing
    When shopping for children's clothing there are a lot more factors that you need to consider. It is not comparable to shopping for yourself and other adults.
  • On The Plus Size - Learn How To Show Off Your Curves
    Learn about the options for plus sized girls with prom dresses. Learn the best dresses for your body.
  • Gorgeous Updates For Traditional Ball Gowns
    Find out what the latest updates to the traditional ball gown are. Look at all of your options to find the right dress.
  • Give Your Prom Dress A Makeover And Where To Get What You Need
    As you look for ways to really up the dress look, consider customization. Get help in improving your dress look. This can be a great way to express yourself through your prom dress.
  • How to Wear the LNA Zipper Back Tee
    How to look great wearing these new designs from t shirt company LNA. If you're looking for a line of comfortable T-shirts, look no further than LNA clothing.

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