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Gen Wright's Articles in Blogging

  • Folks, You Don't Have To Be A Brain Surgeon To Make Money From Blogging !
    So you don't think you can make money from Blogging ? That is hogwash ! And I will show you and teach you how anyone can earn money from blogging right now. I have done it, so can you.
  • How To Sell More Monthly Coaching Programs Through Blogging
    There's no doubt that blogging is one of the most effective content-based marketing tools these days. This will allow you to feed your customers with amazing information (which is the fastest way to capture their attention), to showcase your expertise in your niche, and this can be just another channel where you and your prospects can communicate on a regular basis.
  • The Importance Of Blogging For Seo And Your Photography Business
    Most wedding photographers understand the benefit of SEO and targeting the most important keyword terms. What is less appreciated is the sheer number of searches made by potential customers using more complex long-tail phrases. Blogs can come to the rescue on long-tail searches and act as landing pages for your targeted wedding venues.
  • Upgrade Your Website To Be Powered By Wordpress
    Still using static HTML pages for your website? There is nothing wrong with using static pages but maintenance can become a real hassle when your website grows big. How do you maintain all the links and contain on a static website?
  • Setup Your Wordpress To Prevent Duplicate Content In Category, Tags And Archive
    Duplicating content is a big no if you want your web pages to do well in the search engines. Unfavourably, at times Wordpress, the world's most popular blog, may accidentally duplicate the category, tags, and archive content for you, without your knowledge. What do you do to prevent it, and what may the long term repercussions mean?
  • Guest Blogging Opportunities And How To Manage Them On Your Website
    As you probably already agree by now, the search engines are changing to exclude sites with low quality content. So original and unique content is king now.
  • How Changing Wordpress Theme Can Affect On-page Seo
    Can changes in the theme of your Wordpress blog affect the search engine ranking that you receive as a result? The short answer is yes, it can. Small changes are not likely to have a great effect, but big ones can move you down (or up) several pages in the overall performance rating.
  • Blogger Or Wordpress - Will A Free Blog Kill Your Business?
    There is practically a war going on in the blogosphere. An average newbie is confronted with too a great number preference to choose from.
  • Top Blogging Software - Wordpress, Nucleus, Bbpress, Typepad, B2evolution
    One of the essentials in blogging is the blogging software. The success of blogs is actually greatly influenced by the type of software that is used by the blogger. Today, there are a number of blogging software that offers unique features and services.
  • Wordpress Blog Search Engine Optimization Tips
    It is practically the goal of every blogger to enhance search engine optimization. This is not very surprising though search engine optimization has been an effective tool in driving people to a particular site.
  • Press Preferences - Blogging Software Explained
    Understanding a few of the more common blog creation software programs can help any blogger make an informed choice about their particular needs and get their message out in the most efficient way. Here are a few of them.
  • Hitting Your Stride- Four Keys To Timing Your Blog
    There are a number of important factors that go into the production of a first-class blog. One that many people wrestle with is how often should the thing be updated. Innocuous as it sounds, post frequency is actually vital to the success of any content project, and especially to blogs. Time, place, and availability of content all have parts to play in determining just how often you need to update your blog.
  • Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Dental Website With A Blog
    In the past few years, the emergence of blogging has become a popular way to share information and connect with readers. And it's no different for dentists. Incorporating a blog into a dental website's marketing strategy is a great way to establish authority, engage with patients, and increase web presence.
  • Why You Need A Premium Wordpress Template
    Wordpress is an open source blogging platform that anyone can use for free. You can use it to host your blog or website.
  • Keep Wordpress Plugins Up To Date
    Wordpress is an open source blogging platform that is available for free to the general public. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular software on the Internet.
  • Blog Marketing Methods That a New Blog Owner Can Use
    So you are now the proud owner of a brand new blog. You have posted a few blog entries, and you are wondering what to do next. Don't make the mistakes that most new bloggers make.
  • How Blogging Works and How to Setup a Blog
    Just log on to the Internet and make a search for any keyword phrase. Chances are, you will see a few results in the search engines that are coming from blogs.
  • How Can Blogging Help My Company Grow?
    It is an indisputable fact that the world's economy is moving more toward the online model of exchange. Amazon and Google stand as icons of companies that began as small projects, only to grow into massive successes, largely due to the successful marketing of their services. The question then arises, how can a small business take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Web in order to make a profit?
  • Wordpress Templates Help Save Cost
    When you are starting a new website, you may be wondering if you should engage a designer to help you with your design. Brand is very important. So you certainly need some help in creating the ideal look.
  • Benefits of Dofollow Blog Commenting Services
    As a blogger's time is equivalent to his money, make sure that you invest your time wisely in commenting on a dofollow blog.

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