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Gen Wright's Articles in Automobiles, Vehicles, Transportation

  • Auto Detailing, Why I Leave It To The Pros
    I love my Truck! But to be brutally honest I hate cleaning it even more. I've got too much money wrapped up in it to risk ruining it's resale value by doing it myself.
  • What Are The Best Car Wax And Car Polish Products?
    Washing and waxing your car is a tough but rewarding experience, and one that does not have to be as tough as some products make it. Chances are if you own a luxury or classic automobile, you want to bring out the best possible shine in it. Not only does this give you a sense of pride in ownership of the vehicle, but it also elevates the auto's resale value over time. But if you are going to make your car look its best you cannot trust in just any wax or polish.
  • Electric Vehicle History Shows Perfect Solar Energy Harmony
    Electric Vehicles (EVs) like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are becoming more and more popular because of their high MPG ratings, their convenient ability to be plugged-in and recharged, and the frustrating and unpredictably wild increases in the price of a gallon of gasoline. The cost of "filling up your tank" for $30 dollars or more is decreased to under $5 dollars though charging your vehicle's batteries with electrical energy, and the savings are even more dramatic when that energy comes from your own solar panels.
  • Powering Your Vehicle With Solar Energy
    Electric vehicles (EVs) like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are becoming more and more popular because they can be conveniently refueled with plug-in charging stations that recharge their batteries with electricity. They pay for themselves over time through dramatic fuel savings, especially when powered by solar energy.
  • Steps You Should Take Before Placing Your Used Car On The Market
    When you've come to the decision to sell your used car, you should know there are several strategies in which this can be done and have it done successfully. The majority of people will sell their used vehicle because they've decided to upgrade to a more recent one or new car or it's needing more repairs than they'd like to handle and can afford. No matter what reason you have for selling your vehicle, it would be in your best interest to consult with Kelley Blue Book.
  • 5 Best Bets for Using Car Care Products
    Luxury may be something you look for in a car, but it is not something you are getting if you're not investing in car care products for the ongoing upkeep of your car. For years, a leader in the car care industry has been Einszett, a German company with far reaching solutions for the look and luster of your car. Using Einszett products gives you the ability to take responsibility for maintaining every facet of your car's beauty. If you are wondering where to get started, consider some of the following available remedies to the regular wear and tear of using your car.
  • Why You Should Sign Up For A Reliable Car Breakdown Service
    Why sign up for the services of a car breakdown service company? This is a question you may have found yourself asking, upon being introduced to such services. Of course, you will have known that cars break down, but it could be your contention that when your car breaks down, you can always take it to your local mechanic. You could also have been alive to the fact that cars have a tendency to sometimes break down in such a way that they have to be towed away, but you could have found yourself reasoning that when this happens, you can always call the local car tow service and have it pulled away. So you could find yourself wondering as to why, really, you need to sign up for the services of a car breakdown service company.
  • Which Types Of Motorists Need The Services Of Car Breakdown Service Companies?
    There is a notion which exists in motoring circles, to the effect that the services offered by car breakdown service companies are only for certain classes of motorists. This is a notion which holds sway in many motorists' minds, and it explains why so many of them opt to live without the service of the said companies; the fact that they tend to charge relatively modest sums of money notwithstanding.
    It is from such a background, then, that we set out to find out which types of motorists really need the services of car breakdown services companies.
  • Used Car Dealers - Deception Or Misconception
    One of the few good reasons is that car value for any specific model will go down after 1-2 years of release dates; however it still maintains a good quality on mechanical side, and customers can enjoy all other features with cheaper price.
  • Summer Lovin' - Get Your Auto AC Parts Ready For The Warm Season
    With the Christmas holidays being gone, winter has quickly reached its peak. Before you know it, the cold season is over and the warm season starts. That is why it's more important than ever to make all the necessary repairs for your car, especially for your auto ac parts, now; it might just be too late if you decide to put this task up for later.
  • All You Need To Know About Fake Driving Id Cards
    Owning fake driving ID cards is very risky and you may land up in major trouble with the state authorities. Yes, obtaining an original driving ID card could be a slow and difficult process, but in the end you are on the good side of the law.
  • Four Advantages Of Buying Used Cars
    Tired of getting around through public transportation? Owning your own car can do so much for your self esteem that it seems crazy not to have one. Maybe the idea of taking on a multi-year loan frightens you.
  • Taking Care Of Ac Parts Means Taking Care Of Your Car
    Auto ac parts or auto air conditioning parts are perhaps some of the most taken for granted car parts. This is because, even though they are ubiquitous and frequently used, they are hidden from the driver's line of sight.
  • A Car Service Today Ensures A Safer Tomorrow
    The reasons why you should service your vehicle regularly and things to look out for that may indicate the need for a service.
  • Auto Parts Learning Tips-how To Learn More About Cars And Car Parts
    If you are a car collector, a mechanic, a car parts dealer, or you simply have your own car, you should consider learning more about cars and their parts. Auto parts knowledge is very helpful because you can sue it in so many ways and in different situations.
  • South Africa's First Dedicated Online Car Auction Site Launches
    Customers interested in buying cars online, or those searching for second-hand cars for sale can get ready for one of the most exciting, innovative and explosive car auction experiences that South Africa has ever seen.
  • Car Title Loan Service in Atlanta Georgia
    Sometimes, you may run into cash flow problems because of a stroke of bad luck. Perhaps you need to make some emergency renovations to your home.
  • Download Car History Report Instantly
    A car history report is an important piece of document that all car buyers need before making a buying commitment. Traditionally, it is cumbersome to retrieve a car history report, mainly due to lack of communication tools.
  • How to Hire a Limo Driver for Dummies
    A limo is used when a person wants to arrive at an event in style, as well as make the drive to and from the place an experience in itself. Some examples of limo-appropriate events include prom night, a hen night, wedding, or even some corporate events.
  • Range Rover Limousine - A Ride to Remember
    One of the most popular brands of limousine is the range rover limousine. The range rover limo is perfect for different occasions. Whether it will be used for a wedding or prom, or if it will be used by many people for night outs and sports events, the range rover limo is perfectly suitable and will definitely fulfill its purpose.
  • 10 Tips for Buying a new car
    Have you ever wished you could have help with buying a car? I have developed some tips that will help.
  • Angel Eyes or LED Headlights
    It's a choice between a BMW and an Audi. It's not the car that I am talking about but the headlights that these cars use. The internet is flooded with blogs and forums comparing BMW's angel eyes and Audi's LED headlights. I believe up to now people owning cars are still confused of the difference between the two. They still can't make up their minds. Well the purpose why I am writing this is to somehow create a distinguishing mark between these two car accessories.

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