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Gambo Navi's Articles in Ask an Expert

  • Removing Dirty Marks From Your Carpet.
    Regardless of who you might be, or how clean and fussy you happen to be, there can be likely to be times when you will get spots on your carpet. Spots happen.
  • Fitting Vinyl Flooring
    I will be blunt at this point. You’re gonna require quite a bit of kit to do this job. Unless you’ve got a lot of vinyl, it might even work out less costly to pay for another person to do it for you.
  • Cut Your House Cleaning Time In Half By Using An Easy Routine
    What if I were to provide you with an easy routine that would help it become very easy to clean rooms for which you will rarely need to spend any real time cleaning the kitchen or bathroom?
  • Is Building Maintenance Turning Your Home Into a Dust Magnet
    Learn how to get allergy relief by pre-planning your next building project. Should you are afflicted by allergies, the probability of suffering an allergy attack is significantly increased when you are exposed to dust.
  • Who Are The Energy Saving Trust!
    The Energy Saving Trust is a self-governing organization that's based in the UK and founded in 1993 with the primary goal of encouraging actions against climate change. I always contact them before doing any plumbing and heating work for advice.
  • Looking After Paint Brushes And Rollers
    For most interior applications with Acrylic (latex ) paint the most effective option is a nylon/polyester blended brush. For windows, doors and woodwork trim a square cut two and a half inch trim brush works well for all interior work including "cutting in" the ceiling and walls.
  • Part 3 Of Gardening Techniques.
    Well! this 'so called' mini series might take me longer than I first thought. Third article coming up, and I have only got to letter 'F'. Never mind, with perseverance we are going to get there. So Here goes, No3.
  • Planting Methods And Plant Material. Part 2
    A cutting is a small piece taken from a plant which, with proper handling could be induced to establish roots and then grow into a specimen that is identical to the parent plant.
  • Using Drainage To Improve Your Garden Soil
    Too much drainage in sandy soil can be a nuisance, you need to water regularly in dry weather and it is necessary to build up a water-holding structure by adding as much organic matter as you possibly can.
  • Gardening Tips. You Need To Check The Condition Of Your Soil
    Pick up a handful of soil in your garden. I bet that you are thinking, "this is ordinary, unexciting earth".

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