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Frances Flannery's Articles

  • Dietary Information for Runners
    Marathon runners require a slow and steady release of energy which means they should choose foods which offer a "slow burn" (A.Bean, 2013). For those who are not on a food combining diet, carbohydrates and protein meals offer sustainable energy ...
  • A Simple Guide To Vitamins and Minerals
    Before the body becomes ill, weaknesses develop in the cells from factors such as poor nutrition and stress. These weaknesses may manifest as fatigue, weight gain, depression, insomnia and skin conditions. Biomerdian body testing can identify weakened organs and enable the practitioner to produce a tailored supplement and nutrition plan before illnesses develop.
  • Detox The Body And Mind Of Alcohol
    When you decide to quit alcohol, your journey begins. It is important to see your journey as a holistic one. The act of never drinking again is very commonly not enough. One should consider tackling the reasons behind the drinking and building the body back to strenght so that mind and body are focused on the one outcome, a happier, healthier alcohol free life.
  • Diathermy Treatment For Removal of Spider Veins, Thread Veins and Broken Capillaries
    Diathermy has become one of the most popular treatments for the removal of spider veins, thread veins, spider neavi, broken capillaries, skin tags, blood spots. It is effective, fast, inexpensive and consistent.This article looks at some of the causes of these conditions and also discusses diathermy treatment.
  • New Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Causes Zero Teeth Sensitivity
    Many people are not aware that new advancements in laser teeth whitening treatments mean that its now possible to whiten teeth in 1 hour without post treatment sensitivity. The reason for this is the introduction of peroxide free or ZERO peroxide teeth whitening systems.
  • What Are The Benefits of Microdermabrasion For Younger Skin in Men and Women
    Creating a younger skin means removing sun damage, wrinkles and lines for women and for men that means and shaving damage too. Microdermabrasion, red light therapy, diathermy and electrolysis can benefit the removal of superficial skin problems in men and women creating younger skin with no downtime or surgery.
  • Why is Laser Teeth Whitening So Popular?
    In todays world of fast paced world, first impressions are everything. There is usually just one chance to make an impression and first impressions are everything. When approached by a genuinely friendly and interested person with a ready smile, ...
  • What is "Barre" And What Are the Benefits of This Exercise Technique?
    In today's world of fitness and exercise, there are so many types of exercise to choose from. For a novice or a beginner this may seem confusing. But it shouldn't be. This article explains one of the newest exercise techniques to gain popularity in recent years.
  • A Sugar Free Diet For Optimal Health and Weight Loss
    It may seem radical but it is the diet that celebrities and top personal fitness trainers are now recommending. Sugar is probably the most underestimated health hazard on the market and some suggest it should even come with a government health ...
  • Holistic Benefits of Colon Cleansing
    Some of the lesser known and holistic benefits of colonic irrigation and colon cleasning are discussed in this article including reduction in stress, acne, depression, adrenal fatique, pmt and a weak immune system.

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