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Devon Grey's Articles

  • How to Start a LGBT Business Association
    Every existing business association was born when a few business owners came together and realized that they needed their own association that would help them pursue their business goals and interests.
  • LGBT Skill Sets?
    Strategy is key to running a successful business in any field. Specifically, knowing employee tendencies and thought processes is a must for any employer looking to organize a team of employees to reach a goal.
  • When Teens are Confused about Their Sexuality
    At a point in time when teens are experiencing same sex attractions, they can be overwhelmed by feelings of confusion, due in part to society's stigmatization of LGBT lifestyles
  • Say NO to Discrimination in the Work Place
    People are being discriminated against because they belong to different races, women and not men, and because they have different sexual orientation than "normal people". Well, good news: today we're living in a world where "normality", as overrated and overused as we know it to be, is constantly changing. Normal is what every one of us considers to be culturally appropriate.
  • I Think I'm Gay, But I Am Not Sure
    For young men, being sexually attracted to men, or for women, being sexually attracted to other women is a significant indicator of homosexuality. Feelings of being attracted to the same sex tend to emerge in men and women from an early age.
  • I Think My Child is Gay
    Parents searching online for information about their child's or teen's sexuality should be comforted by the fact that they are not alone. As a matter of fact they have a lot of company which indicates that there is a tremendous amount of interest in this subject
  • Hate Without Borders
    Since Vladimir Putin outlawed public displays of affection by gay couples in Russia, there has been a major backlash in political gestures from world leaders and social media. Vague statutes within this no-touch law, gays are not only facing punishment for kissing but even for holding hands and walking together on the street.
  • The Impact Of LGBT Supportive Policies In The Workplace
    Employers are now taking into consideration the economic benefits of creating supportive policies for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

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