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David Beart's Articles in Parenting

  • Is My Teenager Drinking?
    Whether you have a boy or a girl, chances are there is plenty of athletic activities available right in your own community that caters to their age and skill level Athletics and sports in general are a supportive part of growing up and help kids set the foundation for socialization, team work and a feeling of pride and accomplishment in themselves
  • Pregnancy is the Perfect Time to Consider Work at Home, Stay at Home Mom Options
    Some time during pregnancy, it will occur to you Soon you will have to leave your professional life behind for a few weeks or months in order to raise your baby
  • Too Old to Trick or Treat
    At some point, your children will feel like they are too old to trick or treat Even more complicated is that while they may not want to visit house to house collecting enough candy to last an entire year, they are probably somewhat disappointed about their own decision
  • When Your Children Drive You Crazy!
    At some point, your child will drive you crazy All the time
  • My Child Wont Potty Train!
    For parents crossing the threshold from diapers into using the potty the change is a welcome one It is as if your child has left babyhood behind and is suddenly a big boy or girl, ready to start preschool and take on all life has to offer
  • How to Deal With a Child That Lies
    At some point, every child lies Lying has become a learned and ingrained part of humanity
  • Help! My Daughter Got Her Period
    While natural, experiencing menstruation can cause a lot of changes for your little girl In addition to that, having a period means many things that they may not completely understand or like very much
  • Deciding to Have a Child
    So, you want to have a baby

    There comes an age and time in life when every person coupled or otherwise considers the question of whether or not to have a child
  • Convincing a Spouse It's Time to Have Another Child
    When that "I have to have another baby" feeling hits it is difficult to set it aside It is almost as if there is some unexplainable desire inside many women that tells them exactly when it is time to have a baby
  • Pregnancy is the Perfect Time to Consider Working at Home
    Some time during pregnancy, it will occur to you Soon you will have to leave your professional life behind for a few weeks or months in order to raise your baby
  • Helping a Child That Doesn't Like to Read
    In the education system today, reading is more important than ever Most school districts have programs like Accelerated Reader that are implemented to award students points (and grades) for reading a certain amount of words
  • Is That Glass of Wine TOO Much When Breastfeeding
    For nine long months, you gave up your body for the sake of your child You avoided your favorite Cokes, made sure you did not intake too much salt, stayed away from shellfish and resisted that beautiful glass of red wine that you used to enjoy with your bubble bath each night
  • The Truth About Raising Kids
    From a young age, you just knew you wanted a house full of children You could imagine your spouse, playing ball with the kids in the yard and the black lab that would be chasing tennis balls in the midst of everything
  • When Parents Argue in Front of the Kids
    In every family, parents argue It is only natural to disagree with one another on issues big and small
  • Helping Kids With Homework
    IN today's educational system, homework is becoming more abundant and definitely more important in meeting the curriculum needs As a parent, it can be frustrating to see your child come home from a full school day, only to have another few hours of work left to do at home

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