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  • Does This Go With That?
    Itís wonderful to apply high-school knowledge to real life. Iím glad I stayed awake in my art class when my teacher droned on about colour theory. (To this day, I still need to think through my tints and shades though.)
  • Letís Go Shopping In Your Wardrobe
    Whatís your first reaction when you think youíve got nothing to wear? Go shopping at lunchtime, fingers crossed that youíll see the one thing that will solve all your sartorial problems? Only to feel buyersí remorse by the time youíre back at your desk?
  • Is a Personal Shopper Worth The Money?
    A couple hundred bucks (industry rates range from $75-$150 an hour) is a lot of money for ďadviceĒ. Is it a good investment when you can go shopping with a friend and put the money towards your new purchases?
  • Become a Savvy Shopper
    I did my bit to support the retail economy of Las Vegas, Nevada last week. The whole family spent a day at the Premium Outlets in the North (a 30 minute bus ride/15 minute taxi ride) from the Strip. I had loads of fun and I think we got some real bargains for everyone in the family.
  • Create The Impression You Want
    Iíve worked in Asia and the US and in comparison, the workplace dress code in Australia is relaxed and casual. Unless you work in a major city in ďprofessionalĒ industries where a suit is still the norm, getting dressed for work each day can be a headache.
  • Find Your Personal Fashion Style
    How would you describe your personal fashion style? Classic, romantic, sporty, bohemian? Or a cross between one or two of those categories with your unique spin? In this digital age, there is plenty of fashion inspiration to help you put together your look.
  • Love Everything In Your Wardrobe
    How do you feel when you open up your wardrobe each day? Do you like the clothes and accessories you see inside? Does each piece give you a positive vibe, maybe reminding you of when you bought it or the last time your wore it?
  • Feel Attractive And Feminine
    Last week I enjoyed meeting up with a girlfriend I hadnít seen for a year. As we caught up on each otherís lives, our conversation inevitably turned to husbands and children. In particular, I was struck by how she described her seven year-old daughter as a girly girl who loved everything pink, dresses, hairclips, dolls and four-legged animals.

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