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Clifford Woods's Articles in Health

  • All About Oral Chelation Therapy and How to Choose the Right Provider
    Oral chelation therapy is the procedure in which harmful substances within the circulatory system are removed from your body by utilizing an artificial amino acid known as EDTA, an acronym that is far easier to remember than ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid.
  • Organic Versus Chemical
    Though there is ample room of further research in the domain of organic vs. inorganic produce, one cannot deny various health benefits resulting from following natural ways, staying away from chemicals and any genetic modifications.
  • Not All Microorganisms are Bad for the Human Body
    To reverse the consequences of antibiotics and contamination within the bacteria of your body, probiotics came into use in the 1990s. Microorganisms are being put into food items such as natural yogurt, which is on its own a live microorganism environment. These bacterial cultures in yogurt are anticipated to assist in immune system reactions and digestive function.
  • Avoid Health Problems Caused by the Environment
    An alternate way to stay away from exposure to lung illness factors is by ventilating your house. The use of HEPA-filtered systems in your house could possibly eliminate any paint chips filled with led which can make your kids protected from lead poisoning.
  • The Importance of Acidophilus for Our Body
    Individuals with digestive or bacterial issues will find acidophilus to be rather helpful. With all the uses of acidophilus, the need for this kind of useful solution will certainly increase.
  • Healthy Environment and A Long Life
    So, anything that contaminates the air, water or other areas of the environment can diminish the quality of life as well as shorten a long life. As times go on, we are contaminating more and more of our drinking water, which is the number one resource that all animals, plants, and human beings need to continue to sustain healthy growth.
  • Health, Why is it Important?
    The adage that says health is wealth seems passé and overrated. Nevertheless, it holds wisdom and truth in it making it withstand generations and the test of time. Nowadays, if you are fit and healthy, you are definitely financially secured because the cost of healthcare and other related expenses continuously skyrockets through the years.
  • Why Is MSM Valuable?
    MSM is not just a natural pain reliever, it can be considered as your all around supplement.
  • Health Issues Related to Non Organic Products
    Health wise; with the amount of antibiotics being used in non-organically grown chicken, pork and beef - before you decide which is better it is important to understand that if a child or elderly person gets food poisoning from drug resistant bacteria it can often lead to death. And these types of bacteria are most often found in non-organic food.
  • The Value Of Clean Water
    The clean water caused by beneficial microorganism is enjoyed by humans too. This is because bacteria present in pond environment that causes illnesses to humans resulting in ulcers, septicemia, gastroenteritis and any stomach illnesses are eliminated by beneficial microorganisms by releasing antibacterial properties.
  • The Benefits of Organic Germanium
    Natural germanium exhibits both metallic and non-metallic properties. Its inorganic form is beneficial in the field of electronics, while its organic counterpart is very helpful in stimulating electrical activity down to the cellular level.
  • The Benefits of MSM
    This article is about the benefits and use of MSM and some ways it can be of use in handling skin, nails and hair and in reducing the effects of pain on the body.
  • The Basics of Oral Chelation
    This article is about the basics of oral chelation and its value to a healthy body and the reduction of heavy metals and toxins in the body.
  • Taheebo - The Miracle Herb
    This article is about the remarkable herb "Taheebo" and it's many benefits and uses in improving health and even combating cancer.
  • Natural Creams and Their Uses
    Natural creams made with MSM are considered the better creams out there as MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory and is said to be very effective for pain management. This article is about natural creams and MSM creams, their value and use.
  • Causes Of High Cholesterol And Its Natural Remedies
    This article discusses some of the causes of high cholesterol and some natural remedies that may be used.
  • Hot Flashes and Natural Remedies for Them
    This article focuses on the issue of hot flashes and its symptoms. It describes the reactions of these flashes on women and how can they be effectively controlled. Some remedies are also mentioned in the article.
  • When Walking Becomes a Problem
    This article tells about the problems that arise during walking and what are the other pains and troubles associated with it. Further the article tells about the some remedies for the joints and how to prevent from diseases.
  • Handle Mold Spores With Beneficial Microorganisms
    Making use of substances which are based on naturally occurring microorganisms is not only beneficial for your health, but also serves as an environmentally friendly approach. Tea tree oil is also a common option. A mixture of two teaspoons of oil to two cups of water in a spray bottle, for ease of application, can be very helpful in tackling molds.
  • A Beneficial Form of Pain Management
    This natural pain relief offers possible aid for high blood pressure and cholesterol, plus poor circulation. Sufferers of Alzheimer's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV and AIDS and lung disorders like emphysema have been known to benefit from MSM. This pain management method can even help people with cancers such as breast or colon cancer.
  • Boosting Your Immune System the Natural Way
    Natural Methods Vs Drugs - Natural dietary intake including foods rich in Vitamin C (fruit and vegetables) and Vitamin E (seeds and grains) can be of great benefit to the body. However, with factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake or physical inactivity combined with the amount of foods required to reach the ideal level of vitamins and minerals, most people need and/or seek supplementary assistance.
  • Effects of Heavy Metals and How Oral Chelation Can Help
    Oral Chelation can help to stop and potentially reverse adverse effects of heavy metals. This method of cleansing is an inexpensive and non-intrusive, effective form of treatment which can provide people with a healthy body, regardless of surrounding potential health hazards and heavy metals. There are also the potential additional benefits of improved circulation; something people with cold feet will love!

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