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Christine Harrell's Articles in Diseases and Conditions

  • Seek Relief From Back Pain With At Home Or Medical Treatment
    Millions of Americans suffer from back pain, whether it is chronic or just the occasional twinge or spasm. Sometimes this pain can be life altering, lasting for days or weeks and making it hard to live life at home or at work.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Signs, Symptoms, and Early Detection
    Rheumatoid arthritis, also known as RA, is a chronic autoimmune disease. The body's immune system attacks its own tissue, causing both inflammation and pain. While it is most common in the joints, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect the organs.
  • Evaluation and Treatment Options Available for Overactive Bladder Patients
    An overactive bladder interferes with daily activities and may limit the individual's ability to function outside of the home in social situations or with job responsibilities. Although many believe it is a normal part of aging, an overactive bladder is a distinct diagnosis resulting in the inability to suppress urination and episodes of incontinence.
  • Some Things to Know About Headaches and Migraines
    There seem to be as many types of headaches and migraines as there are flowers in a garden. A headache can have many triggers. They can be innocuous, like a stressful day at work, or catastrophic, like a stroke or a brain tumor. Most, fortunately, aren't serious.
  • Relieving the Pain of Osteoarthritis: Treatment Options
    Over 25 million Americans experience chronic joint pain, and the leading cause of this is osteoarthritis. This condition begins with a loss of cartilage and narrowing of the space between joints due to the formation of bony outgrowths.
  • Understanding and Treating Urinary Incontinence
    Urinary incontinence is a condition which affects millions of people each year. Thanks to embarrassment and a negative connotation, very few people report this problem to their physicians.
  • How Social Education Helps Seniors With Drug and Alcohol Problems
    Senior citizens have different needs than younger adults. When they have problems with drugs or alcohol, their needs for finding a solution that works are also different. They are often in a transitional time in their lives, especially if they have recently retired from the workforce or lost a spouse.
  • Alcohol and Drug Programs: Residential Versus Non-Residential
    When people have a problem with drugs and alcohol, they may seek help from different sources when they want to make a change in their lifestyle. There are several types of programs available. They offer different philosophies and have different rules.
  • Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
    Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes severe musculoskeletal pain throughout the body. While nearly 12 million Americans are affected, women are more likely to be diagnosed with this painful condition.
  • How Drug and Alcohol Programs Can Help People With Legal Problems
    When people have problems with drugs and alcohol, they often develop other troubles that interfere with their lives. Legal problems are one significant issue that can stem from substance use. Whether or not they are convicted, this may serve as a wake-up call for someone that they need to make a lifestyle change.
  • Finding Drug and Alcohol Programs for Teens
    Finding help for teens involved in drugs and alcohol can be a challenge for parents. While there are many people under the age of 21 that need help with their struggle, many programs do not take on younger participants. Others may accept teens, but do not offer a good fit.
  • Arthritis Treatment
    Today, doctors have more options than ever before when it comes to treating arthritis. However, there is no treatment for arthritis that can cure the disease itself.
  • What Is COPD And What Does It Do?
    COPD, known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a lung condition that affects millions of people around the world. Medically, it is defined as having both emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
  • Drug and Alcohol Problem Help for Teens
    When parents are concerned about their teens using drugs and alcohol, they want to get them help. There are several different types of programs available, but many of them are designed for adults and do not assist teens at an individual level.
  • Choices for Making Changes With Problematic Alcohol Use
    When people have a problem with alcohol use and want to make a lifestyle change, they have several different program options. Depending on their living situation and family dynamic, they may prefer to stay at home and seek help from outside sources, or go to a residential retreat center.
  • Sick Building Syndrome: What it is and How to Cure It
    In office buildings all across the country, employees come to work feeling fine and leave the office feeling ill and many cases it does mean that their job is literally making them sick due to what is called "sick building syndrome."

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