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Chris Ryan's Articles in Health

  • Stay Healthy on the Road: 7 Tips for Healthier Business Travel
    It's time to eat healthy on the road and make smarter decisions with your nutrition. There is a reason so many business travelers gain weight on the road -- albeit, an easily solvable one.

    Most travelers make make poor decisions by not tapping into their healthy habits and thinking outside the box. This article by chrisryanfitness explores these issues and offers 7 healthy tips for business travelers that are easily followed.
  • Anger Management? 5 Ways to use Fitness to Combat Anger
    Anger is an extreme emotion that can cause catastrophic damage to your health if it becomes commonplace. Remedies do exist beyond taking blood pressure medication though.

    In the article, "Anger Management? 5 Ways to Use Fitness to Combat Anger," Chris Ryan looks at 5 distinct exercise methods that will help control that fury. it is time to take control of your mind and body!
  • Make Yourself Harder to Kill
    Stronger people are harder to kill. It has been that way since our ancestors ran around in loin cloths chasing down Wooly Mammoths and hunting Saber-Toothed Tigers. Our peak strength levels are reached in our 20s and 30s and then generally decline. However, If you want to get off the toilet the same way on your 90th birthday as you did on your 9th birthday, then you better pay attention to the article "Make Yourself harder to Kill."
  • Routine is the Enemy
    Doing the same exercises over and over not only limits your potential to improve in your training, but can also lead to overuse injuries due to muscle imbalances. Chris Ryan, CSCS, and world famous fitness model explores this issue in further detail in his article "Routine is the Enemy" and looks at the repercussions of not spicing up your training.
  • No PR's On Your First Day Back
    Staying injury free during training goes well beyond simple programming. It is a mindset as well to check your ego, especially when coming back from time off. Chris Ryan, CSCS, explores his own past mistakes as a Division I athlete to help you make better decisions in your own training program.

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