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Cairo360's Articles in Arts - Literature

  • Richard Templer: The Rules of Life
    Self-help books aren't everybody's cup of tea. As much as many people resort to them for answers, many others continue to believe that self-help books generalise issues and provide generic answers and solutions that rarely resolve the challenges at hand.
  • Seven Bestsellers You Probably Didnít Know Were Ghostwritten...
    In the world of literature, one might well consider ghostwriters as unsung heroes, stepping in to write, contribute or, sometimes, carry the legacy of a deceased author, famous politician or celebrity while the work carries the name of someone else. The 'ghostwriter' has a simple job - make sure this piece of work is of a publishing standard. But m
  • The Cairo Dish-Painting Initiative: Quirky Project Adds Colour to Cairo Skyline
    When you look at the Cairo skyline, chances are you'll see a grey and polluted mass of concrete dotted with a forest of satellite dishes.
  • Cairo Guide: Eight Fantasy/Sci-Fi Reads for the Exasperated
    Either by the cold hand of Hollywood or the colder truths of reality, there's no denying that the fantasy and science fiction genres are at the forefront of entertainment today.
  • Requiem: Cloud of Thoughts That Rained Ink Unto Paper
    Dr Amr Moneib is an Egyptian obstetrician who has developed a writing hobby to express his keen concerns over Egyptian society and its everlasting challenges. Recently, he has become the sole author of 25 pieces compiled into a book titled Requiem: Cloud of Thoughts That Rained Ink unto Paper, self published through Amazon's Create Space.

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