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C. J Mackey's Articles

  • 5 Reasons Outsourcing Isn't Good For Your Company
    Many companies and small businesses have looked for ways to cut costs while still doing the same, if not more business The use of offshore labor can look like a very attractive, low cost alternative to hiring someone locally in the United States
  • 5 Signs Your Son is Becoming a Teenager
    If you feel worthless, like all the accomplishments you've achieved over the last few decades are pointless, that nothing you say or do has any meaning, don't worry

    Before you schedule a doctor's appointment, simply look for the following signs
  • School, Your ADHC Child and 504 Plans
    If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, regardless of what form of treatment you choose to undergo, one thing you must do is start to educate your school and teachers on how best to work with your child The most important role you will start to undertake over the next few months and years is to become his advocate to the school system
  • 4 Ways a Mentor Can Help Your Career
    Some of the most important things you need to learn about a professional career will never be taught in a classroom or in the training that your future employer may provide While it is extremely important to be competent at what you do, being good isn't enough when it comes to navigating the politics and culture of an organization
  • Cloud Computing, More Than Just Hype
    \As head of Operations and Technology at my current company, I have personally seen the explosion of the term "Cloud" from every vendor who contacts me But like any other clever marketing term, you have to look behind the hype to see what exactly is being offered and what value it has to you as a business
  • 7 Questions I've Learned To Ask Contractors Before Hiring For A Home Build
    Choosing a contractor can be a difficult and nerve-wracking decision I've had the opportunity to work with contractors to build my family's dream home and to later add an addition to our home
  • Tips To Handle Stress And Anxiety
    Ever increasing demands and fast paced schedules are causing everyone's stress levels to escalate And for every stressor, there seems to be a medication out there to counteract it
  • The Hidden Costs Of The Bigger House
    When my husband and I were building our first house, we got advice from all directions - the mortgage officer, the developer, friends and family Many said the same thing: get as much space as you can, you can always upgrade appliances and cabinets later, but upgrading square footage is difficult
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Building My House
    For many, the thought of building their dream home is too attractive an option to pass up But if you haven't been through the process of building a home, there are a lot of things you can miss that can cost you unexpected money and time
  • Stress-Free Party Planning
    Having people over doesn't have to be a source of anxiety for the host or hostess Whenever we entertained, I have driven myself and my poor family crazy for days before the event as I went into anxious preparation mode
  • Planning For Your Parents Future Needs
    For many aging seniors who are starting to need extra help, moving in with your children is not a viable or desired option Unfortunately, sometimes parents and children do not want to think about the inevitable and do not talk about what plans the parents have or have not made
  • How Can I Tell If My Child Has ADHD?
    For my son, teachers noticed there were slight problems at school He would sometimes lose focus or zone out and didn't participate in group activities in class

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