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  • Easy Steps to iPhone and iPad Backup
    Using the iCloud or the option of iTunes for taking backup of your iDevice is the best that you can do. However, it is often that you are not able to get through the process as it seems complicated or hard to carry on.
  • Working with System Restore Facility
    When you are working on your Linux operating system, it is easier to make numerous system choices. For example, you have installed the latest version of Ubuntu operating system but do not like it. You can easily revert to system restore in your Linux system. This ease of use is what makes it easy to work with, without hassles.
  • Do You Need the Tool for Malware Removal?
    Windows Updates provide you with security patches and tools that are useful and essential for the security and smooth running of your PC. Malicious Software Removal tool is one of the updates that are provided by Microsoft.
  • Is RAM Necessary for Every Operating System?
    RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is an important form of computer data storage that is responsible for running all the current processes that youíre currently viewing on your PC. Allowing your data items to be read and written.
  • Five Reasons WhyYou ShouldNotImmediatelyUpgrade to iOS 8
    The iOS 8 has been rolled out last month and itís fresh in the market. Those who have bought the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are surely excited but the excitement is no less among the iOS7 users. They are also waiting to upgrade to iOS 8 as soon as possible. But is it wise to immediately upgrade to iOS 8?
  • Erase Your iPhone's Data Before You Sell It: Know How To Do It
    The good thing about iPhones is that they are attractive, appealing and have all the good reasons for which you should own an iPhone. But the bad thing about it is that every year a new version of iPhone gets launched. You must be wondering what is so bad if a new iPhone is getting launched?
  • Three Easy Tips For Android Users to Clear Clutter
    Even though, Android offers you the option of expandable memory but there are limits to it too. Anything that you download is stored in either the internal memory or the memory card of your Android Smartphone or Android tablet. Your pictures, your data, your music and your apps all acquire space on your memory.
  • 5 Ways to Fix Windows 8.1 Upgrade Issues
    Microsoft bagged the limelight in 2013 by introducing Windows 8 with touch-enabled user-interface (UI) however, the OS somehow failed to gain much popularity amongst users because of the confusing tiled desktop and missing ĎStartí button.
  • How to Change the Backup Location of iTunes (or Any Windows App)
    As a computing device user, in some way or other, you must be dealing with storage issues irrespective of the size of your drives, and consequently you will certainly run short of storage. While every bit of storage space in your device counts, the most precious is the space in your primary SSD drive.
  • 5 Useful Tips For Your Macís Application Switcher
    If you are into the habit of running multiple apps on your Mac PC, then Macís Application Switcher is going to be a quite helpful and handy utility for you. The Mac Application switcher aka command+ tab helps you in smoothly switching between the active or open applications.
  • Three Simple Steps to Fix Booting Troubles in iOS
    Often it is not only about the device or the OS that you are running it rather it is more about how well you maintain it. Even if you are using Apple devices like an iPhone or an iPad, you still need to maintain them or else they start giving trouble.
  • Adding Extra Storage to Your Apple Device
    As an Apple user you too would be one of those who love to stuff lot of personal data into their iDevice. Your pictures, movies, music and documents all are there in your iPad your iPhone and your iPod. However, now the question is that with all this data and limited storage space how long can you survive.
  • Three Step Guide to Safeguard Against Virus Attack
    We all know that when we go online we get exposed to many threats and our system gets vulnerable to various infections. Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware and other such threats are imminent. You cannot avoid these but if you do get infected with anyone of these then initially you go and get it removed. Now that you have already taken the first step
  • Is The Loss of Windows XP a Gain For Windows 8.1?
    On April 8, 2014 Microsoft officially announced the end of XP support. This means that now onwards the Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 users will not receive any more updates or support for their OS and software suite.
  • Things You Should Do If Your Laptop Mouse Touchpad Is Not Working
    Working with a laptop without a properly functional touchpad might be a very annoying experience at any point of time. Although by attaching a USB mouse or by learning navigation into Windows through keyboards you can make adjustments to a certain extent but yet nothing can compensate the absence of a perfectly working mouse touchpad in a laptop.
  • How to Upgrade the Hard Drive and Memory in an Aluminum Mac Mini
    The Mac Mini by Apple is a small form factor desktop PC that is shipped without a display, keyboard, or mouse. Measuring around 7.7 inches (196 mm) square and 1.4 inches (36 mm) tall, the gadget approximately weighs 2.7 pounds. Owing to its highly portable and excellent productivity features,
  • How to Make an Administrator User Account in Windows 8?
    To set up Windows operating system (OS) in a new computer, an account is to be created. This account is called Administrator Account. Usually, the vendor who sets up Windows in your system creates this account and itís the account through which you log into your new bought computer.
  • 5 Apps That You Must Have on Your Mac PC
    If you are using MAC OS X for quite a long time then you must have developed a set of practices that help you work faster with the operating system (OS). Undoubtedly, Apple has introduced many in-built features to transform its desktop operating system much handier.
  • 5 Important Tips for Using SmartArt in MS Office 2010
    Communicating your ideas through visual presentation always proved to be more effective and informative. What paragraphs of content canít explain clearly, a simple diagram can do effectively. Diagrams have the capability to portray varied information on the same pallet with a force of conviction and clarity.
  • Useful Tips to Refresh, Reset, or Restore Your PC
    Is your Windows PC misbehaving or becoming erratic in performing even simpler computing tasks? After a certain years of service, technical woes become unavoidable in case of computers. Numerous troubleshooting tips and tricks have been made available online, yet when it comes to actually identifying the source of a technical glitch,
  • How to Prevent Others From Looking at Saved Passwords Into Your Browser?
    How will you react if you notice that someone has logged-in to your online mail account without seeking your permission? Do you believe that preventing passwords of your online banking accounts, mail accounts and any other website based account should be kept secret? If yes, then why do you save your username and password on your systems. All such saved passwords are viewable to everyone who has access to your computer and may in turn harm your online accounts or result in identity thefts.
  • Attractive Gifts Under $100 That Can Please Your Tech-Savvy Son
    Unlike earlier times, today, even the best of technology has become available to common man. Thanks to the beauty of gadgets, which are now so easily available to one and all that too at interesting pocket friendly budget.
  • Tips for Creating a Buzz-Worthy LinkedIn Company Page
    The current era belongs to the technology and, perhaps the most used and effective marketing tool today for businesses promotion is social networking websites.
  • What To Do If Your HP Notebook Shuts Down or Restarts Unexpectedly?
    Unexpected restart or shut down of Windows is one most talked about problems encountered by users. This article will help the HP notebook users in resolving the unexpected Windows restart/shut down problem with their notebooks.
  • 6 Safer Ways to Shut Down Your Windows 8.1 Laptop
    As we already know, Windows 8.1 from Microsoft is dedicated to deliver a better user experience of computing to the Windows users. As of now, it has been quite a time since Windows 8.1 has been rolled out. It can be said that majority of the users are in praise of the new version of Windows although certain loopholes have also been pointed out.
  • Things to Consider While Looking for Technical Support
    Whenever a technical issue hits your computer, the first thing you do is to try out some self help troubleshoot. Some of you who are more technically sound may know the basic ways of troubleshooting and can do it rightly. But some of you may end up taking the wrong method which will only worsen the situation.
  • How to Do Computer Maintenance and Reduce PC Problems
    Computers have established a huge consumer base amongst businessmen, professionals, students, homemakers and others, in the past decade. Since computers have become integral part of our lives, computer manufacturing companies are trying hard to compete with the consistently upgrading technology and serving their customers with the best options.
  • What to Expect From Android in 2014?
    We all witnessed how great the year 2013 was for Googleís Android. Many high-end Android smartphones got launched and acknowledged well by the users in the market. The demand for Android smartphones has been so high that unsurprisingly Android captured 80% share of the smartphone market by November 2013.
  • Step-By-Step Tutorial for Setting Up Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini
    So finally you have a new iPad in your hands on this Christmas! Congratulations on possessing one of the best tablets available in the market during 2013. Featuring a wonderful combination of excellent design and extensive app store integration.
  • Enhancing Pictures in Your Android Smartphone
    Smartphones come equipped with good camera quality and camera app that enable in capturing decent pictures. Our Smartphones have replaced our point and shoot cameras. Even though our Android Smartphones are often equipped with camera apps but it wonít hurt if you discover some tips for better picture editing.
  • All You Should Know About Windows Sysinternals
    Sysinternals, a popular collection of utilities, were first created by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell in 1996 and nowadays many IT developersí use these tools to troubleshoot various issues in Windows OS by Microsoft. Developed with an aim to host advanced system utilities and technical information, the Sysinternal website has now become a pop
  • Four Leading Threats for Your Wi-Fi Connectivity
    For personal or professional reason on a daily basis or occasionally, we all do use Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. But many of us are unaware of the potential threats that can be channelized to our systems, personal & professional data through the routes of Wi-Fi.
  • 5 Hidden Security Threats You Must Know About
    Do you know that online threats like viruses, malware, Trojan horses, scareware and others can steal important data from your PC and can cause severe damage to the software and hardware components?
  • Easy Ways to Speed up Your PC
    Often after using your desktop system for a while you might notice that it gradually slows down. There are numerous reasons behind this including program clutters, unwanted files and even malware. Even though these seem to be normal but in the long run you might face a situation like complete system shut down or trouble rebooting PC.
  • Galaxy Note 10.1: First Tablet to Introduce Multiscreen Feature
    Samsung has launched a new tablet called Galaxy Note 10.1 that comes loaded with various additions and software to fascinate you. One such feature seems to be multiscreen, this feature is the first to be incorporated in a tablet.
  • How To Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi?
    When you are traveling or on the go the norm is to find a hotspot or a Wi-Fi network to be connected. This is where you are under a high risk of hacking and under potential threat of contracting online infections.
  • How To Remove XP Antivirus Pro From Your Computer?
    XP Antivirus Pro 2013 is the latest computer virus that belongs to the family of rogue antispyware programs. This virus gets passed on in case one has visited an infected website that may have exploited the weakness of one of the antivirus programs or through an infected email attachment.
  • How Windows 8 Can Protect Your PC Better Than Other Operating Systems?
    The launch of Windows 8 is probably the most talked of technology news in 2012. Windows 8 has been launched by Microsoft on October 26, 2012 globally to make another addition to the list of operating systems (OS) introduced by the tech giant so far.
  • Five Common Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Online Privacy and Security
    With increased internet usage and facilities to make payments for products and services online, users have become more vulnerable to online threats. Keeping privacy and security intact has become a stiff challenge before all of us.
  • How To Get Rid of Mac Flashback Malware?
    Macs were long considered to be a safe platform from threats in comparison to Windows based PCs. However, the outbreak of Flashback Trojan changed the opinion of the masses. It affected more than 600,000 Macs worldwide. Cyber rogues had tricked in users to install a malware disguised as a browser plug-in.
  • Epson WorkForce 845 All-in-One Printer: Review
    The Epson WorkForce 845 is an all-in-one printer made for large scale printing of documents, photographs, posters and presentations. It is made for workplace use with a variety of functions like printing, scanning copying and for sending fax.
  • Symantec End Point Protection Vs McAfee Total Protection
    Contemporary life without computers is unimaginable because most of our chores are being performed either with the help of computers or entirely by computers. Have you ever given a thought about what is the most important thing to run these computers smoothly?
  • 5 Android Smartphones To Rival The iPhone 5
    The iPhone 5 currently tops the list when it comes to tech gossip. Apple has released the sequel to its iconic smartphone after about a yearís waiting. iPhone lovers have a lot to rejoice about, with the new features of the smartphone like a bigger display, powerful processor, new OS and more.
  • Panda Antivirus 2012: Review
    Panda Antivirus 2012 is an advanced antivirus product introduced by the Spanish security company Panda. With around 3.2 percent market share, Panda is placed among the largest antivirus software vendors in the world. Panda Antivirus 2012 is the latest offering from Panda with many innovative tools and features that are designed to protect your computer from malware, hackers, rootkits and identity theft.
  • Getting Rid of Annoying Icons in Windows 7 Notification Area: Learn How to Customize It
    The lower right hand side of the Windows 7 taskbar houses the notification area or system tray, as it is popularly known. There are several icons on this tray which often clutters it up. Some of these icons are required on a regular basis while others have sporadic usage. Many such old and unnecessary icons tend to populate the notification area.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 10: Features to Look Forward To
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of the IE browser which would be released along with Windows 8 in the months to follow. The Redmond based company has been working on IE 10 to give users an enriched browsing experience, quite unlike its predecessors. Although Microsoft has not revealed much about its features,
  • Macs Become More Secured With the Latest Apple OS - OS X Mountain Lion
    Inspired by its smartphone counterpart, OS X Mountain Lion from Apple brings in a bevy of new features to desktops and laptops. It will be available to users July onwards from the Mac app store at a price of $20. You can now mount your Mac on a gaming console, get notifications and do a lot more with features like iCloud, iMessages and Siri. Securi
  • Tips and Tricks to Deal With Outdated Audio Drivers
    Have you faced a situation where you were unable to hear any sound from the computerís speakers or headphone? This is one common audio related problem that arises due to outdated or corrupted drivers. During such occasions, users need to update and/or fix the drivers so as to repair the audio output.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs. Windows Phone 8
    The cyber world is saturated with the news of the launching of the Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8. Both Google and Microsoft are up in arms against each other to make it big in the mobile computing industry. The respective upcoming operating systems will benefit users immensely.
  • Got a New iPad? Learn How to Setup and Configure It
    Today, one of the most sophisticated and useful tablets is the Apple iPad. It has a 10-inch display and comes with three different storage options Ė 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB. During the initial days, the iPad had to be configured by plugging into a desktop or laptop and running the iTunes software.
  • Set Up A Wi-Fi Network In Four Simple Steps
    Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi is a technology that is used to create a network between computers and internet device (like modem) to exchange data without using any wires. It mostly works under high speed internet connections. A Wi-Fi network is often referred to as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) which is based on IEEEís 802.11 standards.
  • Are You Irritated By Internet Video Ads While Browsing? Learn How To Block Them
    What could be more disgusting than boring ads flashing up when you are about to watch your favorite video on YouTube? Video advertisements are always an unwanted interlude that spoils the mood.
  • Do You Fear Losing Data On Your Mac? Learn The Best Ways To Back It Up!
    Macs are undoubtedly more reliable than Windows based PCs. Yet there are chances of losing data from the Mac as well. Certain mishaps resulting to hard drive crashes can cause data loss if you do not back them up properly. Apple has with a lot of options for data back-up. In spite of that, many people do not bother backing up their data.
  • Things You Should Do To Protect Your Computer While On The Move
    Traveling is enjoyable but not when you know that are being followed! Yes! They are cybercriminals who are trying to make way into your computer to either steal or destroy the important data or cause some other harm to the system.
  • Things To Look For In A Gaming Laptop
    Gaming is a passion today among youth, children and even older people. Laptops are usually preferred to play games but you require laptops of a certain configuration to support gaming apps and make it more interesting with rich graphics and better speed.
  • Tips To Eensure Your Computer Security For Free
    PC security is one of the essential conditions for safe and smooth computing. If you are a frequent Internet browser and visit several websites in a day then it is of utmost importance for you to ensure the security of your PC or laptop first.

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