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Bobby Castro's Articles in Diabetes

  • Risk on Sitting Around
    Sitting around may not be healthy. This may lead to diabetes.
  • The Role of Proteins in Overall Health
    Proteins are important to body processes as it creates activity and other chemical processes. One particular protein is a precursor to diabetes, thus the study is needed to eventually find a cure.
  • Tracking Diabetes First Steps
    Finding the building process of diabetes is key to finding a cure. A recent study has pinpointed specific areas to look at when searching for the causes of this condition.
  • Cause for Inflammation Determined
    When there is inflammation, there are many resulting conditions. Diabetes often has many inflammatory results which have been studied to determine its causes.
  • Pregnancy Related Disorders Lead To Later Cardiovascular Issues
    Illnesses during pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, can lead to later health issues for the mother. These include cardiovascular issues when the woman gets older.
  • The Star Wars on Diabetes
    George Lucas is one of the pre eminent directors and producers of all time. He was also diagnosed with diabetes, an event that altered his very life.
  • Diabetes Starts in the Intestines, According to Study
    Many think that diabetes starts with high blood sugar but a new study found that the problems arise from the gastrointestinal system of an individual. This changes the rules on how better prevent and treat diabetes.
  • Top Diabetic Movies
    The following are movies that depict diabetics as they interact with real life. These are Steel Magnolias, Con Air and Panic Room.
  • Diabetic Kidney Disease Affected By ROCK 1
    Diabetes is a metabolic condition governed by the interaction of hormones. New studies have found how diabetes related kidney disease occurs in the individual suffering from the condition.
  • High Sugar Diet To Lose Weight
    New diets keep coming act but this one can help obese individuals to lose weight permanently. This is an actual way to prevent the development of diabetes from obesity.
  • Hyperglycemia Affects the Heart
    Long term high levels of blood glucose harms the heart even without diagnosis for heart ailments. The activities of proteins affects the muscle fibers of the heart.
  • New Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices
    Soon, diabetes need not be blood pricking to determine the blood glucose levels. New technologies to warn about glucose levels will soon be underway.
  • Amputations On The Decline
    Diabetic complications often result in major operations such as amputations. The new study found that amputation rates have been falling.
  • Beware Of Fake Diabetes Cures
    The supposed cure for diabetes is just around the corner but the true one is still to be found. Many individuals seek to cash in on the desperation of these diabetics to earn a quick buck regardless of the consequences.
  • Obesity In Children Alarming Statistic
    Obesity is a major health problem especially for children. This may lead to greater health problems for the individual.
  • The Issue Of Insulin Pens And Cartridges
    Insulin pens are for exclusive use of individuals and must not be shared. Sharing them may lead to infections and other health issues.
  • Urological Issues of Diabetics
    Passing urine would become a long term issue for unmanaged diabetes. The nerve endings become shot making peeing a problem in the long run.

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