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Bobby Castro's Articles in Automobiles, Vehicles, Transportation

  • Heavy Duty Military Hybrids
    Hybrid vehicles are not just for highways but also for military use. This would be the first forward tactical support vehicle of hybrid configuration in the military.
  • Funny Reasons to Avoid Electric Cars
    Making fun of first adopters and their followers has become a business venture to many. Here are some of the reasons given that gave us bellyaches laughing.
  • The Pedestrian Risk of Electric Cars
    Electric cars have some drawbacks and it is their silence. This would soon be changed though and some electric vehicles have already installed them.
  • Other Unknown Electric Car Builders
    Niche builders still dominate the market for electric vehicles. Here are a few more carmakers of the future.
  • The Sheer Silence of the BMW ActiveE
    BMW has formalized its entry into the electric car market with the ActiveE. This is luxury electric cars at its finest.
  • The Opportunity for GE N Electric Cars
    GE, the power giant, is dipping its hand in the electric car market. Aside from being a major purchaser, it is now invested in many other industries that form part of the electric car.
  • Energy Loan Program Oversight Required
    Oversight is now being called to recover the loan programs instituted by the Obama government. This is a result of the fallout from the Solyndra case trumpeted by the Republican presidential nomination candidates.
  • The Electric Cars Coming Soon
    Car companies are jostling for a stake of the burgeoning electric market. New cars are expected to line the showroom come 2012 onwards.
  • The Electric Vehicle Cup Organization's Travails
    The EV Cup is seeking to establish itself. With a few hiccups, the future looks bright for this racing circuit.
  • The EV1 from General Motors
    The EV1 is the first commercial production vehicle to be marketed in the United States. The untimely demise of the vehicle became the focal point of many issues.
  • Toyota Breathes Easy
    Toyota is banking on its new hybrid cars to improve its profit margin. A year after disasters affected its manufacturing, there is hope again for the Japanese automaker.
  • New Laws Affects The Future Of Electric Cars
    New laws seeking to tax electric cars, especially for road use is now being discussed in many state legislatures. This may be a problem in the short term but a recognition of the future to come in the long run.
  • The Oil Companies Speak
    Exxon and BP shrugged off the advent of the electric car. They see that the cars they service, namely internal combustion engines would continue to rule the roadways of the future.
  • The Prospects For Electric Vehicles In 2012
    Electric vehicle makers see 2012 as a make or break year. The following are the new cars that would line up showrooms for the year.
  • Tesla Sues Top Gear
    Tesla claimed that Top Gear's review was false and libelous. Now, there is a court case to decide if the report was factual or not.
  • Electric Trucks on Highways
    As the electric revolution continues, many of the transportation needs, especially hauling and other services, would use this platform to provide services. The new trucks can actually be more cost effective in the long run.
  • The Establishment's Response
    Oil companies are not pertrubed with the electric car revolution. They expect electric cars to become a small niche market compared to the internal combustion engine cars.
  • Eliminating One Problem To Create Another
    Hybrid vehicle technology is not just about the car. It is creating a full infrastructure to support this new technology.
  • The History of the Battery
    The battery has been used since the early history of man. From there, modern technologies have shown the development of the battery.
  • The First Modern Electric Vehicle
    The GM EV1 was the first commercially produced electric car of the modern era. It suffered an unfortunate demise, a victim of special interest groups on governance.
  • NHTSA Closes Volt Investigation
    The travails of the Volt is nearly over with government investigators. Now the company has to regain the public trust.
  • California Air Resources Board Changes Tune
    The CARB regulates the environmental impact the surroundings where the government is. Now, the new projections and regulations would surely push the electric car to the forefront.
  • Honda Offers All-Electric Fit EV to Market
    Honda now has the all-electric Fit EV to a select group for market research purposes. These are Torrance, Ca,
  • The Hybrid In A Nutshell
    Hybrids are two engines in one. There are many virtues for the investment in this kind of technology.
  • New Jobs In The Car Market
    New jobs are available in the market today as the electric car industry advances. The jobs include assemblers, engineers and maintenance experts.
  • Disposing Electric Car Batteries
    The battery also has issues in a post fossil fuel world. There needs to be proper disposal, either through repurposing or recycling.
  • The Film About The Death Of Electric Cars
    The seminal film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" was a documentary about how a good idea was torpedoed by self interest groups. The movie identifies the killers of this idea back in the 1990s.
  • Conversion Basics In Electric Cars
    Conversion of internal combustion engine cars into electric cars have been with us for many years. The following are the basic concepts involved in this car rebuilding.
  • Guide To Purchasing Electric Vehicles
    There is now a market for second hand electric cars. Here are tips in purchasing them.
  • Wireless Charging, Wave of the Future
    Wireless charging or inductive charging aims to provide an alternative to plug in charging. It is better and its technological drawbacks would soon be resolved.

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