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  • Indians Deported for Actions
    Indians deported for their illegal actions overseas. Both have committed crimes in their host countries.
  • Canadian Immigration Issues with Indians
    Indians face immigration issues in Canada. One is about the death of a husband while another is a former airline hijacker.
  • Indian Students Face Deportation in Australia
    Australia is in the midst of a crackdown against student visas that have not complied with their obligations. This also includes non-compliance with English speaking and writing requirements set by the law.
  • Differing Issues Addressed for Indians Abroad
    There are many issues that NRIs face overseas. Primary amongst these are visa regimes and local laws, but the government is now doing actions to assist overseas Indians.
  • Obama Continues Fight Against Outsourcing
    Outsourcing has become a political issue as President Obama is putting up mechanisms to reward returnees and prevent repatriation of work. This is a major issue in the next elections.
  • Heavy Duty Military Hybrids
    Hybrid vehicles are not just for highways but also for military use. This would be the first forward tactical support vehicle of hybrid configuration in the military.
  • Risk on Sitting Around
    Sitting around may not be healthy. This may lead to diabetes.
  • Trade Agreement Provides NRI Jobs in Eurozone
    A new secret agreement has opened up work opportunities in Europe. These include work visas over and above existing country quotas.
  • The Role of Proteins in Overall Health
    Proteins are important to body processes as it creates activity and other chemical processes. One particular protein is a precursor to diabetes, thus the study is needed to eventually find a cure.
  • Australian Immigration Issues at Christmas Island
    Australian immigration authorities face further issues as typhoid fever was found amongst its detainees. As a precaution against outbreak, the transfers of prisoners have been temporarily suspended.
  • Obesity and Other Illnesses from Fructose
    Fructose is one aspect of diets that results in many health issues. One of the primary ones is diabetes.
  • Rupee's Decline Causing Windfall for NRIs
    The decline of the rupee's value is making investment in properties all the more lucrative. More and more Indians overseas are keen on making their money worth the property.
  • Funny Reasons to Avoid Electric Cars
    Making fun of first adopters and their followers has become a business venture to many. Here are some of the reasons given that gave us bellyaches laughing.
  • The Pedestrian Risk of Electric Cars
    Electric cars have some drawbacks and it is their silence. This would soon be changed though and some electric vehicles have already installed them.
  • High Profile Indian Military Contingent to Visit Saudi Arabia
    The Indian Defense Minister with officials are visiting Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Discussions would be made between the two nations to bolster their respective countries abilities to counter terrorism.
  • Other Unknown Electric Car Builders
    Niche builders still dominate the market for electric vehicles. Here are a few more carmakers of the future.
  • Doctors Win First Round in Discrimination Suit
    Being referred to as Indians in a reservation as well as limitation of rights were found to be violative of the Constitution. Thus the courts have punished the wrongdoers.
  • Indian Firms Score US Visa Denials
    Indians have been the subject of visa denials despite compliance with given immigration rules. This has resulted in massive economic losses.
  • New US Tax Rules to Affect Indian Americans
    New IRS guidelines will affect Indian Americans. This form can surely detect unreported income resulting in complications for the future.
  • The Sheer Silence of the BMW ActiveE
    BMW has formalized its entry into the electric car market with the ActiveE. This is luxury electric cars at its finest.
  • The Opportunity for GE N Electric Cars
    GE, the power giant, is dipping its hand in the electric car market. Aside from being a major purchaser, it is now invested in many other industries that form part of the electric car.
  • Tracking Diabetes First Steps
    Finding the building process of diabetes is key to finding a cure. A recent study has pinpointed specific areas to look at when searching for the causes of this condition.
  • Cause for Inflammation Determined
    When there is inflammation, there are many resulting conditions. Diabetes often has many inflammatory results which have been studied to determine its causes.
  • The Richness of Panamanian Cuisine
    Panama is essentially the bridge between two worlds. Eating their cuisine would be a fusion of two worlds.
  • The Kinds of Business Loans in Australia
    Loans are important for businesses in Australia. The following are the kinds of loan facilities that are available in the market today.
  • Pregnancy Related Disorders Lead To Later Cardiovascular Issues
    Illnesses during pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, can lead to later health issues for the mother. These include cardiovascular issues when the woman gets older.
  • Australia Again Favored Student Destination
    Australia is returning to its stature as one of the favored nations for Indian students. New regulations have enticed more Indians to apply to Aussie universities.
  • The Indo-Japanese Relations Summary
    Japan and India share common goals and interests and having mutually beneficial agreements would serve them well. New ones are being formed to help both economic giants fare well in the everchanging seas of the world.
  • Urgent Review Sought for Student Visa System
    New review is being called for the current student visa system being implemented in the UK. The call is being made by the British Council, the educational marketing arm of the UK government.
  • Norwegian Indian Drama at an Impasse
    The child custody case of two Indian children have become major news. Norway and India are now becoming at odds because of this.
  • Indians in UK Nervous on Recent Policy Statements
    The new pronouncements from the UK Ministry of Immigration has caused many Indians to become nervous. The recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee is awaited for its effect on the visa and immigration system in the UK.
  • Energy Loan Program Oversight Required
    Oversight is now being called to recover the loan programs instituted by the Obama government. This is a result of the fallout from the Solyndra case trumpeted by the Republican presidential nomination candidates.
  • Violence on Indians Overseas Escalates
    Violence against Indians overseas are on the upsurge. This may be due to the simmering frustration as to many against foreign nationals in their country.
  • The Electric Cars Coming Soon
    Car companies are jostling for a stake of the burgeoning electric market. New cars are expected to line the showroom come 2012 onwards.
  • The Star Wars on Diabetes
    George Lucas is one of the pre eminent directors and producers of all time. He was also diagnosed with diabetes, an event that altered his very life.
  • Getting Employed in the Mining Sector
    The Australian mining sector is the greatest growing industry in the country. There are specific ways one can gain employment in this booming sector of the economy.
  • New Process for Australian Student Visas Recommended
    Universities Australia has been pushing for changes in the new student visa regime. Called the Knight reforms, they are implementing the same in the schools.
  • Diabetes Starts in the Intestines, According to Study
    Many think that diabetes starts with high blood sugar but a new study found that the problems arise from the gastrointestinal system of an individual. This changes the rules on how better prevent and treat diabetes.
  • Other Costs of Study in Australia
    Studying in Australia involves many costs. Not only is it about tuition, other costs include accommodation, expenses and other costs.
  • Lent Means Carnivale in Brazil
    After a police strike and crime wave, a semblance of normalcy returns to Salvador and Rio de Janeiro cities. The Carnivale is just around the corner and nights of samba and celebration fill the air.
  • Studying Between the United States and Mexico
    There are number of students that cross the US Mexico border for an American education. They are called the transfronterizos and they live under the radar and enjoying the benefits of both worlds.
  • Prison Fire in Honduras Highlights South American Prison System Issues
    Honduras was the site of the worst prison fire in the century. This is just a microcosm of the whole system throughout South America.
  • Celebrating Valentine's in Australia
    A dinner date is a staple on Valentine's Day. The following are the restaurants that couples can enjoy this special day.
  • The Electric Vehicle Cup Organization's Travails
    The EV Cup is seeking to establish itself. With a few hiccups, the future looks bright for this racing circuit.
  • The EV1 from General Motors
    The EV1 is the first commercial production vehicle to be marketed in the United States. The untimely demise of the vehicle became the focal point of many issues.
  • The Story of Favelas
    Favelas are commonplace in Brazil. They have been victimized and now subject to legal actions because they cannot be seen when the country showcases itself to the sporting world.
  • Successful Indian Start Ups
    A down and out Indian cricketer created a company in his New Zealand apartment. Now, the success of his company has allowed him to purchase other companies and be listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Kidnappings in Venezuela
    Prominent individuals in Venezuela are falling victim to kidnapping syndicates. Amongst them are baseball players that are employed in the United States.
  • The Lines Seen from the Sky
    The Nazca lines are geographic shapes seen from the sky. Their purpose is still a mystery but their creation is a beautiful man made design on a barren landscape.
  • The Issue of Human Trafficking in India
    Human trafficking is still a major issue in India. The victims fall into debt bondage and exploitation.
  • Toyota Breathes Easy
    Toyota is banking on its new hybrid cars to improve its profit margin. A year after disasters affected its manufacturing, there is hope again for the Japanese automaker.
  • New Laws Affects The Future Of Electric Cars
    New laws seeking to tax electric cars, especially for road use is now being discussed in many state legislatures. This may be a problem in the short term but a recognition of the future to come in the long run.
  • The Oil Companies Speak
    Exxon and BP shrugged off the advent of the electric car. They see that the cars they service, namely internal combustion engines would continue to rule the roadways of the future.
  • Hydrogen Alternative Car
    The hydrogen car has been in the public mind for many years. Building a commercially viable vehicle still has many hurdles to overcome.
  • The Red Light District Down Under
    While Sydney is a known tourist destination, there is a seedy underbelly to the city. This is King's Cross, the red light neighborhood of this modern Australian city.
  • The Prospects For Electric Vehicles In 2012
    Electric vehicle makers see 2012 as a make or break year. The following are the new cars that would line up showrooms for the year.
  • Top Diabetic Movies
    The following are movies that depict diabetics as they interact with real life. These are Steel Magnolias, Con Air and Panic Room.
  • Diabetic Kidney Disease Affected By ROCK 1
    Diabetes is a metabolic condition governed by the interaction of hormones. New studies have found how diabetes related kidney disease occurs in the individual suffering from the condition.
  • High Sugar Diet To Lose Weight
    New diets keep coming act but this one can help obese individuals to lose weight permanently. This is an actual way to prevent the development of diabetes from obesity.
  • Tesla Sues Top Gear
    Tesla claimed that Top Gear's review was false and libelous. Now, there is a court case to decide if the report was factual or not.
  • Damages To Be Paid To NRI
    An Indian that was unceremoniously deported was awarded compensation for damages. The award was given by the Delhi Supreme Court.
  • Qatari Businesses Invest in India
    The partnerships between India and Qatar have been further strengthened with the investments, partnerships and ventures enterprises of the countries have entered into. Mostly the investments improve the technology and capacity of local services, such as telecommunications and health services.
  • Indians Are Truly Hard Workers
    Indian workers do not utilize their vacations. When they do vacation, many go home to be with friends and families.
  • The Greening of Costa Rica's Politics
    Costa Rica is a verdant paradise but a neophyte in instituting programs for its protection. Now, with ecologically aware expats in the country, the green political agenda is coming to fore.
  • Learning Spanish the Mexican Way
    Spanish is the Mexican language together with English. Learning a few phrases can help one get along well in Mexico.
  • Suicide Rate for Indians Up in Dubai
    Many kill themselves out of desperation or despair. Now, Indians can run to a support group in Dubai to unload their troubles.
  • Electric Trucks on Highways
    As the electric revolution continues, many of the transportation needs, especially hauling and other services, would use this platform to provide services. The new trucks can actually be more cost effective in the long run.
  • The Establishment's Response
    Oil companies are not pertrubed with the electric car revolution. They expect electric cars to become a small niche market compared to the internal combustion engine cars.
  • Hyperglycemia Affects the Heart
    Long term high levels of blood glucose harms the heart even without diagnosis for heart ailments. The activities of proteins affects the muscle fibers of the heart.
  • New Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices
    Soon, diabetes need not be blood pricking to determine the blood glucose levels. New technologies to warn about glucose levels will soon be underway.
  • The Tips in Purchasing Property in Australia
    Finding the right home does not end with the location in Australia. Asking the right questions can help make the purchase cheaper and easier for you.
  • The Income Tax System in Australia
    Australia has one of the most progressive and most extensive taxing systems in the world. As a new resident, one must understand what the taxes that are imposed on you by the government.
  • Australia Most Preferred Expat Destination
    Australia has consistently topped surveys because of its habitable surroundings and its economic opportunities. HSBC has also declared Australia as the top destination amongst its customer expats.
  • Eliminating One Problem To Create Another
    Hybrid vehicle technology is not just about the car. It is creating a full infrastructure to support this new technology.
  • The History of the Battery
    The battery has been used since the early history of man. From there, modern technologies have shown the development of the battery.
  • The First Modern Electric Vehicle
    The GM EV1 was the first commercially produced electric car of the modern era. It suffered an unfortunate demise, a victim of special interest groups on governance.
  • NRIs Increase India's Stature Abroad
    NRIs makes India reliable and trustworthy overseas. These individuals who are doing their work abroad has made India amongst the top countries in the world.
  • NHTSA Closes Volt Investigation
    The travails of the Volt is nearly over with government investigators. Now the company has to regain the public trust.
  • California Air Resources Board Changes Tune
    The CARB regulates the environmental impact the surroundings where the government is. Now, the new projections and regulations would surely push the electric car to the forefront.
  • Honda Offers All-Electric Fit EV to Market
    Honda now has the all-electric Fit EV to a select group for market research purposes. These are Torrance, Ca,
  • Obama Draws Line on the Sand on Immigration
    Immigration issues continue to be a major political issue in the United States. Now, a new system will help get the country back to its normal levels.
  • Amputations On The Decline
    Diabetic complications often result in major operations such as amputations. The new study found that amputation rates have been falling.
  • The Fearsome Snakes of Australia
    The outback, the bush and the badlands are places in Australia. The wildlife is both beautiful and dangerous, such as these snakes from down under.
  • Finding Work In Belgium From India
    Belgium is one of the prime destinations for work. A high salary and good standard of living can be obtained with legal entry into the country.
  • Survey Find Indians Work More Hours
    Indians are known hard workers and they have been found to work the longest during the day. They rank amongst the highest in the world.
  • Indian Students Looking Elsewhere
    Students from India are choosing other education destinations aside from the usual places. Now, Canada, Germany and Singapore are the top destination choices.
  • The Hybrid In A Nutshell
    Hybrids are two engines in one. There are many virtues for the investment in this kind of technology.
  • New Jobs In The Car Market
    New jobs are available in the market today as the electric car industry advances. The jobs include assemblers, engineers and maintenance experts.
  • Brazil Olympic Games Face Great Issues
  • Beware Of Fake Diabetes Cures
    The supposed cure for diabetes is just around the corner but the true one is still to be found. Many individuals seek to cash in on the desperation of these diabetics to earn a quick buck regardless of the consequences.
  • Minor Issues Hinder Improvement of Visa Application System
    US Consular Services in India is experiencing technical glitches. They are being addressed now as other issues regarding visa applications are being resolved too.
  • Disposing Electric Car Batteries
    The battery also has issues in a post fossil fuel world. There needs to be proper disposal, either through repurposing or recycling.
  • Haitians Find Way To Brazil
    Haiti is still trying to get to its feet. Now, many of their people are making their way to Brazil for greener pastures.
  • News Story Leads
    It is one area of the media which is cutthroat it has to be the reporting of breaking news with journalist literally crawling over each other to get the latest news and the big stories. So where can you find your news story leads and how can you make the most of them to increase your reputation, increase awareness of your website and make some money!
  • Mortgage Leads
    As we touched on with some of our earlier articles, the financial industry has been perhaps the most affected by the phenomenon which is the Internet. It has opened up many areas of the financial world to the public and there is now greater transparency than there ever has been even if a number of rogue traders have overshadowed the sector in recent years.
  • Business Leads
    There are many different kinds of business leads but they all have one thing in common in that they offer the opportunity to convert into lucrative transactions now and into the future.
  • The Film About The Death Of Electric Cars
    The seminal film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" was a documentary about how a good idea was torpedoed by self interest groups. The movie identifies the killers of this idea back in the 1990s.
  • Conversion Basics In Electric Cars
    Conversion of internal combustion engine cars into electric cars have been with us for many years. The following are the basic concepts involved in this car rebuilding.
  • China And India Clash
    India and China are uneasy neighbors. There is a disputed region and now a diplomatic row is again kindling simmering tensions.
  • NRIs To Gain From Immigration Rule Changes
    NRI Indians with relatives seeking to become legal residents in the United States would benefit from this new amendment to current guidelines. Obtaining a provisional waiver is key for their return to the country.

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