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Barney Garcia's Articles in Health

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery - Types and Risks
    Gastric bypass surgery is a common form of weight loss surgery that results in outstanding weight loss with minimal side effects. But once you undergo the gastric bypass surgery procedure you have to accept lifelong changes in your diet.
  • Enzymes - Great Workers In Human Body
    Enzymes are the workers in the human body that make everything function by enabling chemical reactions. All the living cells in body contain enzymes but they are hard to visualize, since they are not tangible things. Enzymes are one of the most important things in human body that do everything ranging from helping us to breathe to digestion to living life.
  • Improve Your Brain Health
    As we get older, our brains get rusty. This deterioration of the brain eventually leads to Alzheimer's disease. There are ways to improve you brain health however and decrease your chances of getting Alzheimer's disease.
  • Can I Use a Hot Tub While Pregnant?
    While you are pregnant, you do need to be careful about using spas or hot tubs. While you are pregnant, there are always risks of harming your baby if you over extend you time in a hot tub.
  • Types of Birth Control
    Birth control, also known as contraceptives, is a term used to describe ways in which to avoid becoming pregnant. There are many types of birth control, some made for women and some for men. It is important to study your options before you decide which method is best for you.
  • The Many Faces of Microdermabrasion
    Many of you I'm sure have heard of Microdermabrasion, but do you know exactly what it is? Let me give you a quick idea!
  • Incense - Enjoying the Aroma
    Incense can be defined as an aromatic substance which is obtained from certain resinous trees and largely used for religious worship. The word is also used to signify the smoke or perfume arising from incense when burned.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal - How Does It Work?
    People like to get tattoos when they are younger and sometimes do so for stupid reasons. Often, after ten years of so of having a tattoo, the person may decide they don't want it any more. There are many reasons that a person may want to have a tattoo removed.
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks - What am I Afraid of?
    Anxiety affects people of all ages, from the teenage to the senior years. Although it can affect both sexes, it is more common in women though this may be because men are reluctant to report it to their doctors. In general, women are more open to expressing their feeling and sharing their emotions than men.
  • Wheelchairs and Other Medical Equipment
    Wheelchairs are a common piece of medical equipment but most of us are unaware of the different types available on the market today. If your are ever in the unenviable position of needing a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, you must be aware of the different types that are out there. Who would ever imagine there could be such a variety?
  • Asthma - Dealing with The Symptoms
    Difficulty in breathing is the common characteristic of asthma. The sufferers of asthma have extra sensitive or hyper responsive airways, which react by narrowing or obstructing when they become irritated. This makes in and out movement of air difficult.
  • A Sexy Suntan
    When I was a teenager, many moons ago, I spent countless hours stretched out in my bikini at high noon trying to tan my body so I would look better to the opposite sex. I can remember slathering on a homemade tanning oil made of baby oil and iodine (for it's brown color) as we didn't have access to commercial preparations.
  • Breast Enhancement - Getting That Perfect Figure
    In today's world, women desire to possess the perfect figure. Having a small breast can form an obstacle to the desire and often cause depression. Different breast enhancement methods are there to help you gain back the confidence.
  • Bad Breath - Prevent It To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle
    Bad breath is a disease also known as halitosis, which can stem from various medical problems like dry mouth and even Atkins diet.
  • Drug Addiction - Uncontrollable Repetition Of A Behavior
    Drug addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior that is regardless of its negative consequences. A person who gets addicted to drug is called an addict. There are three types of drug addiction:
  • Lasik Eye Surgery - A Refractive Eye Surgical Procedure
    Lasik eye surgery is a refractive surgical procedure that works wonders on the eyes of people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
  • Snoring 101
    Snoring takes place when the air passage is blocked which hinders easy and normal breathing during sleep. When you are awake, the muscles in the throat keep the throat open. When you are asleep, the muscles are in a relax mode and sag inward.
  • Snoring - An Involuntary Disturbance while Sleeping
    Snoring means noisy breathing through the mouth or nose during the time one is sleeping. If you are a quiet sleeper, the unhindered air will pass from your nose and throat to your lungs silently.
  • Memory Loss - Forgetfulness
    Memory loss or forgetfulness is caused by brain damage due to injury to the brain or any disease that causes damage to the brain. It can also be caused by sudden emotional trauma.
  • Microdermabrasion Brings Back Your Youth
    How many of us are really satisfied with our natural appearance? Not many I am afraid. Most of us brood over some issues or the other, like "oh how I wish I could have the lips like Angelina Jolie"! "Oh If only I had the face of Ket winslet!", "Oh I am ready to give up everything to get that killer smile of Tom Cruise"!
  • Memory Loss: What Is Usual and What Is Not
    According to the psychologists, we tend to forget the things that we actually want to forget. But this is not always the case. Sometimes we can not remember things that we ought to. Like the other day I was not being able to recall where I placed the duplicate key of the house.
  • Hormone Therapy: What It Is and How It Can Help You
    So what does a hormone therapy mean that brought about such a positive change in the life of Sally and why only Sally?
  • Cleansing The Large Intestine Through Colon Hydrotherapy
    Colon hydrotherapy can be defined as the mechanism of warm, filtered water being gently fused into the colon through the disposable plastic tubing. For successful implementation of this therapy, it is really important that a certified or licensed professional should do colon hydrotherapy.
  • Herbal Colon Cleansing Tips
    Herbs play a pivotal role in detoxifying the body from waste and toxins. The techniques form an important part of herbal colon cleansing tips.
  • Colon Cleanse: Methods You Can Try at Home
    Modern diet and lifestyle has affected the human body a great deal. White flour, meat and fibreless foods have taken their toll on the human digestive system.

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