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  • Urdu Poet- Mirza Ghalib
    Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan, known to us as Mirza Ghalib, is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest name exalting the stature of Urdu literature in general and Urdu poetry in particular by his absolute brilliance in expression of his highly intellectual, philosophical and visionary mindset, glittering the “Ghazal” genre of Urdu poetry wi
  • How Allama Iqbal Led the Decisive Reformation of the oppressed Muslims
    Although in the times of the British, the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent were ruined in every possible meaning and aspect of the word. However, there is one thing that confirmed the good fate and fortune of the Muslims vividly. The Indian Muslims were privileged enough to have a genius called Iqbal among them.
  • “Ghalib”: Father of Urdu prose
    Ghalib is one of the most famous poets of the subcontinent. He had the most unique form of poetry in Urdu. The poet was famous for his heartrending, moving, poignant, sad, and tragic poetry in the history of Urdu. , Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan was born in Agra on 27th December 1797. His ancestors belonged to a noble Turkish family.
  • Forms of Urdu Poetry
    The most popular form of Urdu poetry that is used by poets is Ghazal. We call it subjective form of poetry. Ghazals are followed in popularity by a demonstrative form of poetry which is objective in nature. Nazm comprises of the features
  • Urdu and Poetry
    Urdu is a language rich in colors, customs, traditions and culture. This language has adopted words from the Muslims culturally strong back ground of the subcontinent, Persian, Turks and Arabs. Therefore we can find the poetry deep in meaning, philosophical in thoughts and also multi directional. The invasions of the armies of these regions also lead the poetry to be motivational, awakening, and encouraging faiths and beliefs. We can also find an impact of Sanskrit on the poetry of Urdu.
  • Fastest Way To Learn Urdu
    Learning a language can be a difficult but an interesting task. It is a time consuming process but never lets you get bored. It gets even more difficult when you want to be an expert at a dialect in a short period of time. If you are properly guided learning Urdu can become easily. For learning Urdu or another language you need the following:
  • Evolution of Urdu Language
    To understand the specific language we need to understand what exactly language means. For a layman I would call language a medium to communicate with people. Comprehensively language is not just the exchange of words rather it is communication of feelings, expressions, and beliefs. This might be in form of words, symbols, signs, signals, compositions of music notes or even vague or clear sounds.

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