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Andrew Toth's Articles in Martial Arts

  • The Perfect Punch - Perfecting The Form
    Martial Arts forms are more than just pretty dances. And they are more than just a series of punches, kicks and blocks. But just what exactly are they? That is what we discuss in this article.
  • The Perfect Punch - Perfecting Form
    A martial arts FORM is more than just a series of strikes, kicks and blocks.
    But just exactly what is it?
    That is what we discuss in this article.
  • The Perfect Punch - Part 2 - Perfecting Technique
    Blindly following your teacher will not serve you.
    A teacher can show you a punch, but perfection of the punch will only occur when you make that punch your own.
  • The Perfect Punch - Part One - Breaking Through Limits
    To some degree the martial is as much about un-learning, as it is about learning. By the time most Westerners come to the arts, they already have a lifetime of incorrect usage of their bodies behind them. These habits interfere with their technique. That's part one. Part two is that we don't even know what these habits are. In this article we discuss a way to streamline technique, so that these old habits drop away.
  • How To Find The Right Teacher In Martial Arts
    How do you find the right teacher when there are so many teachers, and so many styles? That actually is the wrong question. The correct question is, how do you RECOGNIZE the right teacher when you do find him? Not all teachers fit the Hollywood mold. Not all teachers are kindly old men with our best interests at heart. We have to learn to think outside the box if we wish to recognize the right teacher when our paths cross.
  • The Perfect Punch - Breaking Through Limits
    When we first enter a dojo we enter heavily laden. We carry with us a lifetime of learned habits and these habits do not always serve us well. More often than not these habits hold us back and, more often than not, we are unaware of them. This article explores how we can break through these self-imposed limitations.
  • How to Punch Hard and Fast - Part Two
    If you want to hit HARD, practice SOFT! Doesn't make sense, does it? This article explains why softer is harder!
  • How to Punch Hard and Fast: Martial Arts Lessons
    My teacher was a Master of Shaolin Temple Boxing. I always took notes after class to help me remember the instructions, but I did not tell my teacher because he was very secretive about the Arts and I was sure he would not allow it. And so I sat on the notes for fifteen years. Now, however, I have decided to publish the instructions, because I feel the material is too important to bury. The result is the book, "Shaolin Temple Kung Fu".

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