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Andrew Collier's Articles in Health

  • Losing Weight Fast in Today's Modern Times
    Millions of people today are going in for starvation diets, or extreme ways to lose fat They are not seeing the bigger picture, the natural one, the one that requires real life change
  • Losing Belly Fat Right Now
    When you first start to look at all the options that exist in terms of losing belly fat, you will find that there are a lot of different ways that people say that you can attack the problem The most common option that you'll find is easy, don't eat a lot
  • More Ideas For Cardio Exercise
    When it comes to getting fit in these modern times, most people assume that there is an arduous task of going to the gym and trying to put up with a lot of different exercises that aren't fun at all While that is one way to get moving into action, it is not the only way, as there are other options that you can explore that will help you attain your goals
  • Knowing Arthritis Symptoms
    As years passed by, more and more people are suffering from arthritis brought about by different causes Though different in causes, arthritis symptoms are generally the same
  • Coping With Arthritis and Pain
    Even with arthritis and pain, you can still live a quality life just like normal people There are just some sacrifices and guidelines that you need to religiously follow in order to lead a normal and fruitful life
  • Myths of African Mangos Debunked: Find Out the Truth and What's Not
    The African Mango has undoubtedly become one of the most popular weight loss products in the market since it became featured on a television show by the famous Dr Mehmet Oz
  • African Mangoes For Weight Loss: Fact or Myth?
    There are lots of over the counter weight loss products that are out in the market today, one of which is the African Mango You might have seen the January 2012 cover of First for Women magazine where Dr
  • The Health Benefits of African Mangoes
    Whether it's to look good or simply to stay healthy, a lot of people pull out the stops to lose the extra pounds And with this continued obsession to lose weight, there are equally as many products that have cropped up in the market promising one thing: weight loss
  • Have You Tried African Mango For Weight Loss?
    You might have encountered some African mango infomercials on pop up ads while browsing through the web, or have heard that it had just been featured on the Dr Oz Show
  • Managing Arthritis Knee Pain
    Although all forms of arthritis affects the knee joints, the most common type that causes arthritis knee pain is osteoarthritis People who are in their 50's onwards are the most common victims of osteoarthritis
  • What is the Treatment For Arthritis?
    People who are diagnosed for the first time with arthritis often ask, "what is the treatment for arthritis" Healthcare science being in constant search for cures offers a lot of options for the treatment of the disease
  • Stay Healthy With Exercise and Diet: Starting Small
    How would you want to stay healthy with exercise and diet without feeling all constrained The problem with many diet and exercise plans and programs is the fact that they make a lot of people feel restricted
  • How to Lead Healthy Lifestyles
    It may come as a surprise to many people, but leading healthy lifestyles can actually be fun and easy Many think that people who live healthy eat boring, tasteless food and spend half their lives on exercise equipments, but they cannot be more wrong
  • Why is It Important to Be Physically and Mentally Healthy?
    Why is it important to be physically and mentally healthy Why should people bother with exercising, dieting and making sure that both their bodies and their minds are in their most ideal states
  • How to Get Healthy
    Are there many steps to follow on how to get healthy Being healthy is not about some steps you need to follow
  • 8 Foods That Makes You Gain Weight - Weight Loss Tips - Guide to Diet and Fitness
    It is good to be healthy for numerous benefits and reasons Basically, staying healthy is about eating the right kinds of foods and having enough regular exercise
  • The Best Weight Loss Workout at Home - Weight Loss Fitness & Exercises
    Keeping ourselves healthy is very important It enables us to function well in our day-to-day activities
  • Organic Foods For Vegetarian Weight Loss Meals Plan
    People nowadays are becoming more health conscious Some people follow vegetarian weight loss meals plan
  • The Secret of 6 Magical Foods That Promote Fast Weight Loss!
    Eating a variety of nutritious foods is one way to get that healthy body you have always dreamed of But for people who are horizontally challenged and would want to tone down their food intake, eating can be very tempting and seducing
  • A Surprising Fact About Fitness Bootcamp Workouts
    If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise and burn calories This is the only way to lose weight the way that you want to lose
  • Lose a Lot of Weight in a Short Amount of Time With a Fitness Bootcamp
    Sometimes, you want to experience a lot of fat loss in a short amount of time then you will no doubt want to burn off a lot of fat in a very short amount of time You will have to do a lot of intense exercise to burn the fat from your body
  • Professional Trainers in Denver
    What is a professional trainer and what do they offer an individual or a group The scope of personal trainers in Denver is to enhance the clients mental and physical attributes
  • What to Expect With a Personal Trainer in Denver
    What to expect when you have a personal trainer Having a personal trainer in Denver will not magically make you healthy
  • The Personal Trainer and You
    Most health and fitness centers today will hook you up with a personal fitness trainer for the first day that you are at the gym This will probably be a quick session that will leave you with more questions than answers
  • The Personal Trainer
    Denver is where you'll find all the resources you need to achieve your fitness goals Personal trainers are available to you and you can search for the one that will make a difference
  • Harnessing the After Burn Effect For Weight Loss Success
    The after burn effect is known in scientific circles as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) Briefly, it is an increase in oxygen uptake by the body following strenuous exercise
  • Weight Loss and EPOC
    The value of vigorous exercise for weight loss is dependent to a great extent on the principle of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as the after burn effect This is the increase in metabolism that follows strenuous exercise
  • High Intensity Interval Training Burns Fat Fast
    For Clearwater residents who are looking to lose fat and keep it off, while gaining fitness and increasing cardiovascular health, high intensity interval training produces the best results The principle of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption also called EPOC or after burn is a big part of how this works
  • Is Rice Protein Powder a Good Protein Source?
    Believe it or not, rice is not only rich in carbohydrates; it is also rich in essential amino acids Because of this, rice protein powder is considered to be an alternative to dairy-based protein powders especially for those who are vegetarian and those who are lactose-intolerant
  • What Makes Whey Protein Powder the Ideal Protein Source
    Pea protein powder, quite new in the market, is now considered to be an alternative to whey protein powder or casein-based powders In fact, like rice protein powder, this is helpful for people who are lactose-intolerant
  • Interval Training: Does It Help You Lose Belly Fat Fast?
    As people age, a lot of physical changes can be expected to take place within their body Aside from the dreaded wrinkles, people also start to gain more weight
  • What Are the Most Effective Ab Workouts For Men?
    If you are among those men who are looking for an effective way to build their abdominal muscles, then you should consider conducting a research about the best ab workouts that can work perfectly for men Abdominal exercises or workouts for men are effective in improving your core performance in your favorite sport
  • Are There Easy Ways to Get Six Pack Abs?
    If you are aiming to get six pack abs, then you have to know that this process can sometimes cause frustration The reason behind this is that the task of turning up your whole body into muscles for the purpose of reshaping it into six pack abs is considered to be extremely difficult
  • How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally?
    Struggling with belly fat can be such a distressing experience Aside from giving you an unsightly appearance, this will also cause you to suffer from a number of unwanted health problems
  • Ab Workouts: What Are the Most Effective Abdominal Exercises For Women?
    If you are aiming to get a firm tummy and remove your unsightly belly fats, then you should consider performing some of the most effective ab workouts for women on a regular basis The good thing about performing these abdominal exercises is that you have a guarantee that you do not need to injure yourself just to achieve your aim of getting the most desirable body figure
  • Your Best Strategies and Self Help For Sciatica
    If you have been scouring all over just to find a good self help for sciatica, then you are not alone in that crusade More and more people are experiencing the affects of the radiating pain from the sciatic nerve
  • How to Fix Your Own Bulging Disc
    What is a bulging disc This condition also known as herniated disc occurs when the outer surface of the spinal disc is damaged and the jelly like substance located at its center begins to move towards that damaged part
  • Self Help For Low Back Pain: Can It Really Work
    Nobody wants to deal with lower back pain all the time In fact, it is one of the most debilitating conditions that a person can be subjected to
  • Weight Loss Plans For Effective Weight Loss
    Lots of people are looking for the perfect weight loss help that would guide them through the path of a healthy lifestyle Unfortunately, the advice "eat healthy and exercise more" seems to cause confusion in most people
  • Why Opt For Healthy Weight Loss - Healthy Weight Loss Tricks
    More and more people are looking into effective weight loss methods in order to gain the slim and healthy body that they want Unfortunately, most of these individual are bypassing the most effective method of shedding the pounds: diet and exercise
  • Small Losing Weight Tips For Big Weight Loss
    Easy weight loss is something every individual wants to accomplish Unfortunately, managing to get rid of all those pounds isn't as easy as most celebrities would like their fans to believe
  • Energy Herbs For Daily Consumption
    There are those who opt to take energy herbs for daily consumption in order to keep them strong and lively In fact, looking at all the available herbal supplements known for everyone's consumption, there are actually a lot of plants which could be used as a good supplementary aid to provide energy
  • Rhodiola Rosea: The Energy Provider
    Taking herbal supplements to help improve the body has become a trend nowadays Apart from the fact that it signifies healthy living, the idea of keeping yourself strong and healthy in a natural manner is well received and adored
  • Rhodioles Rosea: Efficient Supplements For Energy
    In order to keep up with everyday demands of life, people often try to look for supplements for energy in order to keep their body strong and be able to last the exhausting day Most of the time, these supplements are naturally prepared-meaning they are generally herbs that you consume in its almost raw form so that the nutrients it contains are preserved
  • Herbal Supplements For Energy - Read More About It
    There are a lot of herbal supplements for energy and daily activities to help support a person's physical attributes Everyday, the demands and challenges a person faces in his everyday life just keeps on getting tougher and tougher, and the body tends to suffer and experience bad effects
  • Natural Herbal Energy
    China is known to have a lot of traditional medicines that are, at present, considered good natural dietary supplements Apart from the fact that taking them helps improve your body in many ways, the fact that they are natural herbs suggests that they have little to no side effects
  • Fitness and Health - Two Things Which Must Shape Your Life
    In this generation wherein a good percentage of people are more focused on their career and income, aiming for fitness and health are mostly taken for granted However, this will not do any good to anyone
  • The Journey to Weight Loss Success
    Losing weight is not just an overnight decision, and it is more certainly not just an overnight process The journey which is weight loss is a pretty steep mountain to climb for some but it is never an impossible one to overcome
  • Creating Your Own Weight Loss Recipe
    No matter how different each weight loss recipe is from each other, common concepts will always be present in each Eating healthily allows quicker fat burning and healthier cell growth and reproduction
  • All the Weight Loss Sites to Be Seen
    Enrolling in weight loss camps or subscribing to video training programs or weight loss magazines could help lose body weight but reduces pocket weight as well With the numerous weight loss programs that cost a fortune, it is good to know that a lot of free services are available with just a few clicks
  • Find Your BMI - An Important Tool in Aiming for the Right Size
    The body mass index (BMI) is utilized as a means to identify the ideal weight for a person's height Your BMI is quite simple to calculate however, it must be merely used as a guideline to obtain a healthy weight
  • The Exercise Haven
    Attempting to lose weight is serious business A person who would like to lose weight should always remember that it takes a lot of hard effort and time
  • Inspiring Your Teen to Lose Weight
    With mass media blatantly showing off skinny girls wearing barely-there clothing, it is no wonder the youth nowadays has been living in what we would call the culture of insecurity Teenage girls now all want to have a sleek and sexy body like what their idol Miley Cyrus or Megan Fox
  • Diet Options For Easy Weight Loss
    In attempting to lose weight, one of the main concerns is the type of diet to take Of course, many are first reluctant on choosing their ideal diet type especially when they are not very familiar with some
  • Why You Should Lose Weight
    In a society where there seems to be a culture of overeating, it is no wonder the United States rates as number when in the world's obesity rate It is not anymore an unknown fact that millions day everyday because of complications regarding obesity and being overweight
  • 5 Tips to Losing Weight
    Women nowadays would do just about anything to get the bodies that they desire Some even go as far as taking pills and supplements just to get immediate results
  • What Kind of Cancer Did Paul Newman Die From
    Paul Newman was born on January 26, 1925 in Shaker Heights, Ohio He displayed an early appreciation and interest in the arts and would later become a world-renowned actor, director, entrepreneur, and humanitarian
  • What Diseases Can You Get From Smoking?
    As we all know, hundreds of thousands of people die each year from smoking related diseases Usually these involve various types of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart disease
  • Six Things You Need to Know to Help You Stop Smoking
    Lung cancer is responsible for nearly one third of cancer related deaths worldwide With the latest statistics showing that almost 160,000 people die each year from the disease, it is said that about 130,000 of those deaths alone are caused from smoking related lung cancer
  • How Many People Die an Hour Smoking?
    Recently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) embarked on a major 50 state anti-smoking effort (wwwcnn
  • A Cheap and Effective Way on How to Treat Anxiety
    Anxiety is considered to be a more distributed blend of emotions that includes a very high level of negative affect, worry about possible threat and a feeling of not being able to predict or control its occurrence The fight or flight response of one's autonomic nervous system is being activated whenever there is a sense of fear or panic

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