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Andrew Collier's Articles in Good Housekeeping

  • LED High Bay Light Fixtures
    General lighting in rooms or buildings which have high ceilings is usually provided by LED high bay light fixtures They can be found in many different places such as gyms, garages, storage facilities and warehouses
  • LED High Bay Lights - Learn More About It
    For a long time people have always had one kind of problem with lighting or another Either the lighting wasn't sufficient enough or it ate up a lot of electricity meaning higher electric bills
  • LED High Bay Lights Benefits
    Energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits which LED high bay lights offer people and they also tend to consume smaller amounts of watts which help to lower electric bills This is especially important when it comes to business and expense costs because these lights can save as much as 80% on electric bills
  • How to Choose a Demolition Contractor?
    A Demolition contractor is an individual or a company that has the required specific skills, qualifications and knowledge to safely and expertly removes items from around an individual's property or business It is highly important to ensure a reputable and reliable Demolition contractor is hired for all projects and with more contractors becoming available; there is a suitable company that can be found in every region today
  • When to Use a Demolition Contractor
    A Demolition contractor will need to be hired when there is a large-scale project needing to be completed quickly and efficiently They can ensure the safe demolition of extensive, heavy items such as buildings, walls and structures and it is highly important to hire a professionalservice witha high quality Demolition contractor for all constructional projects of this type
  • Why It is Important to Hire a Company For Concrete Removal
    For most concrete removal, it needs to be disposed of by a professional and hiring a reputable company to assist with concrete removal is the best way to get a job completed quickly and efficiently The job can be done is a relatively short amount of time, with the professionals ensuring it is a safe and easy procedure
  • Which Company Offers the Best Bobcat Services?
    A variety of construction companies are now offering bobcat services for their customers to assist with the demolition and other aspects of a renovation projecteither within a residential or commercial area Large construction plans involve bobcat services to ensure the quick and efficient removal of debris and other materials that will be present after a demolition
  • What is Asphalt Removal?
    Over time many individuals will need to hire a company that can assist in Asphalt removalfrom a property with quick and easy results Asphalt removal can be a tricky and a little difficult to accomplish successfully without the correct knowledge and understanding of the best way to remove the product; therefore hiring a professional company with the correct equipment to do the work accurately is necessary in most cases
  • Pristine Pools in Maryland
    A high end pool Maryland can prove to be a rather sound investment Whether you're an avid swimmer or a purveyor of real estate, a pool can do a lot for you
  • Dive Into Luxury in Maryland
    With a luxury pool Maryland, you're sending a message that you've made it in the world You can afford an extravagance that most people can only dream of
  • Get an in Ground Pool in Maryland
    If you're considering getting an in ground pool Maryland, you definitely have a lot to think about before making the big decision First, you need to set aside enough money for the purchase
  • Commercial Landscaping Getting Green
    When it comes to owning a home or a building, there is something that many people overlook and that's the process of keeping things neat and clean in regards to yards and trees Many places come with a great deal of landscaping needs while others are barren and require a bit of work
  • Commercial Property Maintenance 3 Things to Keep in Mind
    For those that are investing in rental properties, whether they are large buildings or houses, it's important to keep them maintained from time to time You can't simply expect to purchase a property and leave it in the hands of renters and hope that all works out well
  • Commercial Sprinkler Systems Protecting Your Investment
    When it comes to owning property, there are a lot of variables that people don't often talk about until they become an issue This is especially true in these modern times where people are unloading property faster than usual because of the economic downturn
  • Emergency Plumbing When to Call
    The story is an old one, a family goes to sleep at night and everything seems to be in order, then out of the blue a crashing sound is heard Upon inspection it is noticed that a pipe has burst and water is filling the first level of a home, and help is needed immediately
  • Finding a Good Demolition Contractor
    There are a lot of different professional companies that you can call upon when you need help For instance, if you need someone to help you build a home or repair it, you can simply do a search online in your area and you will find a great deal of listings
  • Residential Storm Drainage Options
    There are a variety of issues that effect homeowners that can be assisted with a professional hand For instance, when the stormy weather approaches a home can end up dealing with flooding and damage that is created by a variety of different elemental changes
  • Residential Stormwater Management
    There are a lot of things that can go awry in and around the home, and most people don't really think about that until something goes wrong For instance, the elements are always hitting homes and properties and most people don't even think twice about what is going on outside
  • Swimming Pool Demolition Needs
    Owning a pool can seem like a great thing at first, but millions of people invest in homes that have them and after several years of maintaining the water, cleaning the tiles, and trying to keep things safe and under wraps, it can be a frustrating thing That is why many homeowners are turning to alternatives after they've purchased a home and want to do something else with their back yard
  • The Benefits of Concrete Removal
    When it's time to work on large scale projects, you might be tempted to get to work on your own, and that can be very satisfying if you're handy There are a lot of projects that anyone can get done with the proper equipment, but then there are some things that will require more than just the knowledge of knowing how to swing a hammer, and in those instances, there needs to be professional help
  • Bobcat Services
    When it comes to getting work done you will need to look into a variety of different elements For instance, let's assume you needed help with hauling, demolition, or even concrete removal, you'll have to look into contractors that offer a great deal of options
  • Hiring a Lawn Care Mt Airy MD Contractor
    Having a front lawn that is well-maintained and full of greeneries can bring wonders to the frontage of your home Seeing lovely green patches amidst the uptown streets is a great sight for the human eye
  • Boost Your Property Value With the Help of a Landscaping Maryland Contractor
    If you are preparing your home for future sale or you simply want to make it attractive, bear in mind that the exterior is just as vital as the interior Since it is the outside of your home that will be first seen by possible appraisers and purchasers, it is imperative to give them a very good first impression
  • Interior Design Why Getting a Professional Will Get You Better Results
    When it comes to interior design, lots of people are reluctant with hiring the services of a professional Most of them think that the job is easy enough to do and that they don't need to pay someone else to do it for them
  • Design/Decorating - Why Hiring an Interior Decorator is Cheaper
    Lots of people today take design/decorating for granted Homeowners usually opt to do the decorating themselves instead of hiring a professional to do the job for them
  • Interior Decorating - When You Should Hire a Decorator
    Whether it's a new home, a new office or a new room, interior decorating is an important part of getting it ready for the future users When it comes to who does the decorating however, people are usually torn
  • Landscape Companies
    Through landscaping, you will be increasing the value of your property, no matter where you live If you are thinking about doing some things in order to beautify your yard or office building, then it would be a good idea to get in contact with an expert
  • Landscapers: Tools You Need
    If you are a landscaped that "does it all" yourself or if you are thinking of starting a landscaping business, there are certain tools all landscapers will need to have in their possession Having the right tools are important
  • Landscaping: Tips on Saving Money
    You want a beautiful yard, but you feel that you do not have enough money to beautify the yard The truth is, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money for landscaping
  • Bosch Angle Grinder
    Bosch Angle Grinder is a tool with detachable rings that can be utilized for home jobs and large-scale constructions It is useful in cutting tiles, sharpening garden tools, grinding dry mortar, and reaching rough concrete found in tight locations
  • Bosch Concrete Grinder
    Bosch Concrete Grinder is a type of branded tool which is primarily used to level uneven flooring, correct crooked concrete surfaces, and clean solid planes Equipped with revolving discs, this tool comes in various Bosh models with competitive specifications, functions, sizes, and prices
  • Bosch Die Grinder
    As a power tool, Bosch Die Grinder functions well in grinding metals, cutting materials, polishing surfaces, sanding planes, and other home and on-site constructions The machine has versatile functions and can be used not only with large-scale projects, but also with Do-It-Yourself tasks
  • Christmas Lights Installers For You
    Christmas lights installers are for those that have no time or expertise to install light setups in their home Armed with the skills and tools needed in transforming your home or office into a winter wonderland, you must go to them if you don't quite know what to do about what holiday getup should your home have
  • Have the Best Christmas Lights Setup This Year
    Christmas is one of the brightest times of the year The whole family is literally waiting for it, as it is another opportunity to be with the people that they love
  • Hang Christmas Lights Trouble Free
    Now that Christmas season is fast approaching, you must be thinking to yourself how you can hang Christmas lights in your home at the best possible way Perhaps, you have all kinds of ideas on how to turn your home into a winter wonderland, but unfortunately you just don't have the time to do just that
  • The Real Deal in Installation of Christmas Lights
    Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in the world Known to bring together different generations of people, it is among the most popular, if not the most popular, among all holidays
  • Vancouver Christmas Lights Made Spectacular Yet Simple
    During Christmastime, Canada is one of those places that you ought to be With December coinciding with winter, you have all the tools that you need in order to get that entire white Christmas effect
  • Eco Friendly Floors - Going Green
    If you happen to own a restaurant and you care about the planet, you should consider looking into eco friendly options For instance, you can renovate your restaurant interior with the top eco friendly floors
  • Eco Friendly Floors - A Green Solution Can Delight Anyone
    Do you feel like your restaurant needs a Little change How about enhancing your flooring system
  • Floor Ideas - Epoxy Items and Decoration Facts
    If you are in search of the top industrial floors, you must consider epoxy styles You cannot go wrong with these flooring systems; you will be able to deal with impermeability and the most extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Epoxy Flooring - Pay Attention to Detail to Improve
    High traffic floors can become damaged fast If you are in the food production industry, you might want to find a suitable epoxy flooring system
  • Pharmaceutical Flooring - Clean Your Floor Properly
    It may sound simple but cleaning your floor is important You do need to consider at least a weekly deep cleaning routine
  • Industrial Flooring - Cleaning Your Floor Properly
    You may be in search of the top industrial flooring, yet, odds are you are not looking for the proper solutions You should start by becoming aware of the many innovations linked to materials for these types of floors
  • Resinous Flooring- Facts and Generalities
    The best part about resinous flooring is that it is simply a very cost-effective & logical option There are many different reasons why it has become popular
  • Non Slip Flooring - Avoid Accidents
    Whenever you are about to install your new floors, you truly have a wide variety of options Sometimes it can become quite difficult when it comes to selecting the right style
  • Industrial Flooring - Amazing Benefits and Many Applications
    Industrial flooring consists of highly resistant coatings that generate aesthetic finishes These floors are usually made with epoxy, which is applicable in soils exposed to abrasion, wear and foot traffic or light
  • Designing With the Perfect Bathroom Furniture Vanity
    One of the best rooms in the house that any person would want to design is the bathroom Because of the limited space that it has you are challenged on how to make that small and simple room look extraordinary
  • What to Look For in a Gaming Computer Desk
    Whether it is the Microsoft XBOX 360, Sony PlayStation 3, a Nintendo Wii or even the old reliable, the Personal Computer, a computer gamers' experience will always be incomplete if his gaming platform does not have a gaming computer desk For gamers' sitting up all night playing through Metal Gear Solid 4, Halo 3 or Grand Theft Auto will not be as comfortable if the desk he or she is playing on isn't comfortable
  • Unclog Drain Pipe DIY Style
    All plumbing and piping systems will eventually develop clogs There is simply no way to completely avoid it
  • Beginner's Guide to Unclogging Drains
    Let's face it A house needs drains in order to have a fully functioning path system for those unwanted liquids we use up in our bathrooms
  • Ways to Unclog Open Clogged Drains
    Clogged drains are common occurrences in any household During one time or another, any homeowner would notice his drainage system working a little slower than usual
  • How to Unclog Garbage Disposal
    Some of the reasons why a garbage disposal gets clogged include food or debris thrown into it which stops and prevents the fly wheel from moving and doing its job The fly wheel is the mechanism that spins and grinds the food inside the garbage disposal
  • The Safer and More Convenient Ways to Unclog Bathtub Drain
    There are a lot of reasons why a bathtub drain is clogged and whatever the cause is, a bathtub that drains slowly or has totally stopped up is really annoying and filthy When a bathtub drain is clogged, molds may start to grow and your bathroom will not only look unpleasant but the objects trapped in the bathtub drain that block the smooth flow of water will also be the cause of rots and stinky smell
  • Sewer Camera Inspection-the Newest Way to Locate Sewer Line Problems
    Do you know the newest way to pinpoint sewer line problems If you are like the traditional homeowner, you probably do not
  • Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Video Inspection the Basics
    When it comes to cleaning out drains and pipe systems, traditional solutions don't always work Especially if you need to get into the pipes in order to learn more about the problem
  • Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Video Inspection the Benefits
    If you've been behind on the different technological advances when it comes to drain cleaning then you must have not heard of using CCTV or closed circuit television when it comes to drain inspection Because of the fact that it could present you with a clear image of the drains inside, you would be able to identify the thing that might be causing the block
  • Hydro Jetting Drain Video Cleaning Inspection
    Is your sink or toilet constantly overflowing and you haven't figured out why Well, perhaps it's about time you said goodbye to the traditional way of cleaning them and turned your attention to something more advanced
  • 5 Real Advantages of Trench-less Pipe Replacement
    Do you really know what trench-less pipe replacement is If not, then you should know some real information about this type of sewer repair so you can make a more decisive decision on what to do when sewer line damage occurs
  • Perfect Woodmats Manufacturer For Furniture Needs
    A woodmats manufacturer is a kind of company that creates and constructs different types of mats using variety of wood that are accepted to encompass the qualities needed to produce high class manufactured goods Firms crafting wood mats habitually use diverse types of wood such as pine, cherry wood, walnut wood, maple, mahogany, teak and birch
  • Classic Dressers For Your Beautiful Home
    Wooden furniture whether oak, pine, or mahogany will always complete any home environment; it sure gives the feeling of warmth and coziness around a place thus adding glamour and comfort in the ambience Of course when choosing Dressers to fit in your homes, you do have a wide range of selection from vintage look or authentic antiques to contemporary and stylish furniture, however, regardless of style and material used, the quality will always be of top priority among other things
  • 3 Tips on Buying Gorgeous Dressers
    Choosing the right kind of furniture for your home may come as a challenge for most people especially if you have no idea what to get or choose The idea is to get the best furniture with great quality that will surely make that house of yours as elegant as you want it to be

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