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Andrew Collier's Articles in Arts - Entertainment

  • Houston Finest Entertainment Spots to Get Arrested
    People always try to figure just what makes a great night out on the town I guess it really depends on what you like to do most
  • Houston Craziest Nightlife Night Involving Pepper Spray
    No one ever figures that they will actually have something like this happen to them You certainly won't see this in any Houston nightclub marketing that I am aware of, that's for sure
  • Houston Craziest Nightlife Spots to Wake Up At
    There are hundreds of things to do in Houston at night Maybe not all of them will suit your tastes, and there are likely to be some places that you really would not want to go to if you have a choice
  • Houston Finest Entertainment Before Breakfast
    The days where I am out around the city so late that it almost reaches breakfast time are pretty much in the past I just can stay out and party like that anymore myself, but I am sure plenty of you can
  • Houston Finest Entertainment Spots for the Ladies
    If you check any Houston nightclub directory, you'll find lots of names of places that you might like to go The problem is what might be an attractive trait for a place for us guys may not be the same for the ladies
  • Defining and Championing the Arts: The Hammonds House Museum
    For over two decades, the Hammonds House Museum has stood as one of Atlanta's bastion for the culture and the arts and is always in the forefront in showcasing artists present and past of African American descent Originally one of the oldest Victorian manors of Atlanta's West End, built in 1872, the Museum is now the premiere venue for showcasing African American art and history, and have long been championing the cause of the arts in Atlanta
  • Hollywood Bowl Gives Tribute to the Legends of Reggae
    The Hollywood Bowl has prominently featured itself in the annals of our history and pop culture Legendary classical composers, world famous orchestras and countless performance artists of all genres have performed inside its half shell hollow for generations and continue to do so to this very day
  • How to Audition For Musicals
    The main thing about musicals is that the performer has to know how to mix the art of acting and singing; acting alone can't put you across Choreography of your act should also be striking and not a copy of other performances
  • How to Choose the Best Audition Websites
    In the past, people usually relied on word of mouth to spread word on where to find sites to present themselves for auditions, but with the emergence of internet, it is now easier for upcoming musicians to book for auditions online However, the internet is not one of the safest places for upcoming musicians
  • How to Get Auditions For Modeling
    Modeling is a career path that many people fancy; most people want to be on bill boards, television and have as many people as possible recognize them But one thing you shouldn't ignore if you are to be a successful model is your appearance
  • Kids' Auditions For TV Advert
    The advertisement world has indeed come a long way Long ago kids weren't allowed to appear on TV; leave alone commercials
  • Tips on Finding Disney Channel Audition Series
    Disney channel audition series are not only popular but also very competitive There are various methods that you can use to know about the Disney auditions
  • Try the Disney Channel Audition Movies
    Disney channel has provided a good start for popular celebrities such as Britney spears and Justin Timberlake You can acquire the same chance that these celebrities had
  • What Goes on at Disney Auditions
    Getting a Disney audition is no simple feat So you've finally got it, now what
  • Tips For Disney Channel Auditions
    The Disney channel is a brand that broadcasts worldwide For this reason, it is internationally recognized
  • Learn to Play BASS in a Jiffy
    The guitar is one of the most commonly preferred instrument to be played with because it's easy to learn and easy to carry anywhere However, the guitar comes to variety
  • Rock and Roll God: Learn to Play Bass
    Paramore, Linkin Park and most of the rocking bands wouldn't be complete without the bass The bassist puts on the mood to the music
  • Best College Football Picks
    Are you looking for the best college football picks of the week from which you can put your wager on Ever followed the advice of a supposed "expert handicapper" only to lose a lot of money from following that advice
  • NFL Free Football Picks - Free Help in Football Betting
    If you love football so much and you know all the latest happenings on NFL, you will most likely do very well in football betting You should know that in order for you to succeed in football betting does not only need luck
  • The Need For Systems and Handicappers For NFL Picks Against the Spread
    One of the most popular forms of sports betting circulates around the professional football These are bets that are placed on the scheduled games of the week that runs until the playing teams for the Super Bowl are determined

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