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Andrea Carless's Articles in Dating

  • Single Parents Dating: Enjoying The Holidays While Dating Cheap
    It's said to be the most wonderful time of the year! And not to mention the most expensive. With all the finances that we have to keep up with, do you have any more buck to spare this holiday season for a grand date? From food on the table, keeping the house warm, presents and your kid's school parties, the financial burden of this jovial season might keep your wallet crying.
  • Three Things That Your Man Wants You To Know In Millionaire Dating
    This is an interesting take on the female perspective. If you are to ask some guys, about what they would wish women would know about them or men in general, are you ready for the answers. There are a lot of things that we demand and expect from our guys but sometimes we tend to forget that they too have their own desires and wished concerning us.
  • Date A Sugardaddy: The Dating Tips By Men For Women
    Men can sometimes be confusing when it comes to romance, love and dating. But they can also be great advice givers when it comes to it. They can be trivial when it comes to their emotions and stuff but believe me, it makes sense to them. You just got to understand men in a different view and what better way to do that by asking men directly.
  • Millionaire Dating Advice For Men: Three Steps On How To Find Your Dream Woman
    When you say "Dream woman", what's the first thing that comes to mind? That woman must be smokin' hot, knows how to cook, will provide me with TLC, and the list goes on. In reality, we have this kind of delusions that are far from reality, that's why it's called "Dream Woman" right?
  • Millionaire Dating Advice: The Top 4 Reasons Why Women Just Disappear
    So, what's this about women and going away on dates? Well, don't tell me you have never experienced it or heard from one of your buddies. About their date suddenly disappearing and going "poof" like magic.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips For Men: 3 Methods Of Deciphering The Female Body Language
    Sometimes we get stuck when we try to analyze women and how they act. We reach a certain point of progress but when something else happens that we did not expect, we get lost. Women are very intersting, that's why there are certain points with them that you have to learn to navigate safely.
  • Daitng Tips For Men: The 3 Secret Tips Of Flirting
    Most guys think that flirting is just for the women. That's where you are wrong, everyone can flirt. The thing is that guys get intimidated by learning how to flirt and doing it in public.
  • Dating Advice: Make An Unbreakable Bond To His Heart
    If you want your relationship to go to the next level, then you should be prepared. If you want your relationship to last till "forever" then some preparation must be set.
  • Single Parents Dating: Try To Move On And Get Away From The Break Up Blues
    Have you recently split from your partner? Get past those relationship break-up blues and heal your heart. Empower yourself once more and don't wallow in disappointment on the has-beens.
  • Millionaire Dating: Are You Unknowingly Falling For Him?
    It's possible that you can fall in love with him and not realise it. We all had those moments wherein we realise that we've been trailing along them for months. We don't even consider them a potential love interest at first, all we know is that we enjoy their company.
  • Sugardaddy Dating Tips: Best Advice On How Not To Break-up
    Sometimes, breaking up is inevitable. You see it coming, but you'd want it to be told in your face to say the least and minus the heated glares. But sometimes, people find it too convenient to us technology when breaking up. Well, if you don't want to be branded as a coward, a cheat or bully then take heed these advice.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: The Top Reasons Why You Are Still Single Now
    If you have been in the dating market for quite a while- but still find yourself as single as ever, you may think that maybe you won't find a partner. Is love constantly eluding you? Are your attempts at dating not enough?
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: The Antidote For Getting Over That Love Hangover
    Nobody said that recovering from a break up is easy. Most of the time the pain would be lingering and hard on you and sometimes it just won't go away. All the loss that you are feeling can eat you up. You'd be thankful that you survived the next few days with your insanity still intact when it's just too hard. So when can you move on? The following day, another week, another month or so?
  • Single Parents Dating: How To Break The Ex-Habit
    There's a reason why our exes became our exes. There's a reason why we left them behind. It could be because he's rude, cheated on you, depends too much on you or you just can't picture living a life with him in the future. It's very unlikely that you broke up with them for no apparent reason or that you just broke up because you wanted to.
  • Single Parent Dating Tips: Can A Broken Relationship Work The Second Time Around?
    Have you ever thrown out something, let's say, like your favorite pair of jeans? Then you realise afterwards that it's "really really" your most favorite pair of jeans- and so you head back to the bin before you decide to ship it to charity. Once you have it with you, you try it on and find it's not as good when you really look at it. Well, there was once a saying comparing ex-boyfriends to an old pair of jeans.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: Hard To Get Women? What Men Think About That
    Women and men have different points of views in a lot of things. What better way to understand a man by getting into his head about dating, love and romance- and what men think about women who are playing hard to get.
  • The Top 4 Things Women Do That Scare Men Off
    They say that men are not scared easily but when it comes to women- it's a different story. Men get scared like horses and set off at a fast run once they get ticked by a woman. Here are some tips for women out there to be a man-whisperer. Avoid the four frights that set men off.
  • Senior Dating Tips: Are You Smothering Your Partner Or Is He Smothering You?
    When you find yourself smothering your partner or the other way around, it's already a red flag. Smothering your partner is never about love. It's being selfish and it's unhealthy for you and your relationship to keep something like that up.
  • Dating Tips For Singles: Are You Going Too Fast In The Highway Of Love?
    When it comes to falling in love, some people like to take it slow and others are just in a rush. Falling in love is a great feeling but you have to at least take it at a normal speed to savor the feelings. Here are some signs that you are going too fast and on a high speed disaster route to dating.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: The 5 Things Men Find Irresistible In Women
    People often believe in the saying that "the best way to a man's heart, is through his stomach". Well, it's partially true, but it would take more than just a tasty meal to win him. Aside from those cooking skills, here are some five female traits that men actually find appealing and irresistible.
  • Single Parents Dating Tips: The Guide To Snagging A Second Date
    When you get to be dating again and seeing someone, you still need to prepare since there are still lots of junctures ahead for you: You get to experience the first date, then the first kiss and then hearing those sweet three words. These are all really sweet in a relationship but they are not the major milestones, there are much more than that.
  • Single Parents Dating Online: The 5 Important Decisions Dater Must Make
    There are times where we have to make crucial decisions in life. Men and women who are dating will come to that fork in the road. Where they go, what they decide can change them.
  • Senior Dating Tips: The Red Flags And Signs Of A Player
    You think that your present partner is just perfect. He is the man of your dreams but sometimes, there comes a time where you know something about his past- and it just irks you. Certain things that just don't settle well with you. Well, as long as your relationship sails smoothly then it doesn't really matter right? Well, that's not always the case.
  • Senior Dating Tips: Making Your Adult Children Understand You Dating
    For senior parents with adult children, bringing up dating again will just give you questioning looks. When you tell them that you have found someone and is dating, chances are they will act all shocked and even choke in disbelief. What do you think that is? Jealousy? Concern? Fear for you?
  • Single Parents Dating: Is He Just Another Fling Or A Lifetime Partner Material?
    Is he a long term partner material? It's one of the questions that many dating singles want an answer to. Let's just say that you are going out with this great guy. He's funny, adorable and has a stable job. Your friends and family adore him but is it just enough? How do you really know that he is the one?
  • Single Parents Dating: The Best Ice Breakers To Thaw Their Hearts
    Who says that men are the only ones who can get away with corny pick up lines and ice breakers- women can too! Here are a list of the best ice-breakers that real women actually do.
  • Single Parents Dating Tips: How To Say No To A Person Gently
    When you are in the dating scene there are certain situations that you have to say "No" to. Whether it's turning down an invitation or how your relationship should go- or even leaving that person completely. Sometimes you have to make decisions. As human beings, saying "No" is one of the hardest things that we need to learn.
  • Single Parent Dating Tips: How To Keep Your Relationship Glamorous
    You don't need to spend mega big bucks in order to add some A-list activities to your relationship but still feel like superstars. What you do need though, is drive, enthusiasm and some effort to get that spark back. Even the simplest of gestures and gifts can make a big difference when you just know how.
  • Sugardaddy Dating: The 5 Questions That Can Ruin Your Date
    In our first date with our potential matches, we would want to know all that we could about them. It's human nature, a natural instinct- to know someone and find out if we are indeed a match. But sometimes, we get carried away. We ask the wrong questions that can turn a great date into a dud. There are great conversation starters, but there are also those that can ruin it.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: The 3 Steps To Finding Your Dream Girl
    Men have that dream woman they would want to find. Such as women have their Prince Charming. But it's not necessary that what you want makes you happy; and what makes you happy is that someone who would never cross your mind- or so you think.
  • Millionaire Dating Advice: Start You Dating Life This New Year This New Year's Resolution
    We find ourselves now, refreshed and energized due to the new year. We have finished the last of our holiday meals and committed ourselves to eating healthy this year. Yes, sounds great right? Then you find yourself reaching for that cookie, eating pizza and burgers; and it's still mid-January.
  • Millionaire Dating: The 4 Tips To Have A Great Love Life
    The first month of a brand new year has come. We have learned many things the past year; now we face this year with new hopes on our hearts and a new spring in our step. If you ended last year single, then this is the time you look for your partner and end this year together- if you want.
  • Sugardaddy Dating: The Grass Is Greener In Other's Love Life, Real Or Not?
    Do you often get that feeling when you look at your friends, that their love lives are blooming and yours are just dry as a dessert. When you log in to your Facebook and check on status and updates, you see how your friends are so happy and in love with their partners. Sometimes, you have that feeling of envy, sometimes it's just annoying. But is it really?
  • Single Parents Dating: The 5 Important Relationship Rules For Couples
    Have you found true love? Now is the right time to make that relationship last.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: The Out-dated Dating Advice You Should Forget
    Our world is evolving and so is our society. What we believe in 15 years ago maybe viewed different now. The modern dating scene for instance, may still have hints of the classics but it's on a totally new level now. Dating advices before may not be even practical today. Crush out these dating tips out of the rule book and take note of the newer ones.
  • Sugardaddy Dating: 5 Ways To Make Her Attracted To You
    Sometimes, when men pursue women it can get challenging. This is true especially if you are not the only one who is pursuing her. Women love getting chased, and it's always the survival of the fittest when it comes to it. But here are some tips on how you can win her attention and her heart.
  • Millionaire Dating: What Couple Type Are You?
    Believe it or not, there are different couple types. Each couple type represents a certain attitude or personality which defines it. Do you find yourself always in a quarrel with your partner? Do you see yourself being a martyr in your relationship? Psychologists have identified the different couple types- or would like to be. This will hold the key to a better understanding of your relationship.
  • Single Parents Dating Online: How Soon Should You Call After The First Date
    When you have gone out with a date with your potential match, and everything goes smoothly; chances are there will be more to come. The few minutes after the date sends you to cloud nine and you can't wait to meet them again. A day later, you're getting pretty fussy since you haven't heard from them; and you haven't called them either. If you don't know what to do, here is a simple guide to help you.
  • Single Parents Dating Tips: The Signs Of An Obsessive Dater
    Having admirers is normal. Receiving a few texts from the each day is normal. Having them call you once or twice a week is normal. But when she's tailing your 24/7, calling, texting you irrelevant messages and trying to get your attention- it's obsession.
  • Sugardaddy Dating Advice: Save Your Relationship Before It Crumbles
    It's not very rare to see, the longest relationship to break apart without hope of salvaging it. We've seen Hollywood couples who've been together for more than 20 years; which is already an accomplishment there, break up. Most of these people slowly drift apart. Alienating themselves from their partners severing the bonds.
  • Sugardaddy Dating Tips: 4 Things You Can Do To Stop A Boring Relationship
    You may love your boyfriend, but sometimes, you got to admit that it gets "boring" in a while. Don't let that "boredom" bring down your feelings and your relationship. It's just like slipping into a comfortable routine that you sometimes get too familiar with each other. Here are ways that can help you resuscitate your relationship.
  • Senior Dating Tips: Updated Dating Advice For Grown Ups
    When you look back though all the years, in the earlier years of your dating and social life; it seems that everything is merry and endless. Flings, friends, parties on weekends, lovers; all clean and plentiful fun on your earlier years. You have no pressure to get too serious and be in a long term relationship. Now, fast forward to the present, what is happening around you?
  • Single Parents Dating: Breaking The Bad Relationship Habits
    There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. As people, we all have flaws. That's why a relationship also carries flaws. Your partner may be too jealous, you might be too clingy; some even become unfaithful.
  • Single Parents Dating Advice: Three Tips On A Well Balanced Love Life
    Often times, our human nature gets the best of us when it comes to relationships. How can you find a well balanced relationship and a happy life if you are constantly eyeing others. What are the chances of use getting into satisfaction in what we have?
  • Single Parents Dating Online: How To Make A Guy Want You In 3 Ways
    How can you make men notice you? How can you make them want you? Do you have a certain guy in mind that you would want to be with? Well, strutting in 4 inch heels and killer red lips isn't enough to get his attention. This is a simple guide to help you get noticed by the guy you like. Follow these simple tips and you'd be irresistible in no time:
  • Millionaire Dating Tips For Singles: Decluttering With Feng Shui For Single Individuals
    Are you single? Have you been single for long? Since when did you start looking for love? Where you successful in finding your love or a date at least? Well, maybe some things need to be decluttered first to attract all that positive energy into you. With the help of Feng Shui, you can start attracting love energies in no time.
  • Millionaire Dating Advice: How To Go From Being Friendzoned To Being Lovers
    Women and men can both become friendzoned. Many people dread it, since it's like a slap to the face; it's just like being rejected in a more subtle manner. They would start treating you like one of their friends and stop thinking about you as a viable boyfriend or girlfriend material.
  • Sugardaddy Dating: The Real Score Between Friends With Benefits
    Friends with benefits, you may have been into one; or thinking of getting into one. Having a Sugardaddy single for a date is great! What is the deal with that? You can get to party together, sleep together, have fun together with no strings attached. You are not into commitment, you are not emotionally in a relationship with each other; it may sound perfect but is it the best for you?
  • Single Parents Dating: Attract Your Ideal Man With Science
    When you start to fancy another person; your mind will be turned upside down. All those rationality will be mixed with hormones, subconscious ideas and psychology even. When this guy likes you back; the results will even be better.
  • Millionaire Dating Singles: 5 Things You Must Do On Your Date
    There are many singles who are looking for a date, and half of them are looking for a long term relation. Even with that, a few of these people don't even bother shaving and brushing their teeth before going out on a date. That's why most of these people get rejected on the very first date. Here are some simple yet effective guides on the things you must do on a date:
  • Senior Dating Advice: Do You Have The "Alone Phobia"
    Do you know someone who jumps after one relationship to the other. She says that the person is the one, but the next thing you know, she breaks up with the guy and moves on. As easily as a snap of a finger, you might think that there is something wrong right? Well, there's a phobia where a person is afraid to be alone; as crazy as it may sound; it's called anuptaphobia.
  • Single Parents Dating Tips: 5 Simple Tips To Finding The Right One
    Ditch the tarot readings and the psychic revelations; Mr. Right isn't going to walk out of that crystal ball. If you want to find the perfect guy for you, take a look at all these steps. This will definitely help up conjure that tall, dark and handsome mystery guy in no time.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: 5 Surprising Signs That Someone Fancies You
    When someone fancies you, they wouldn't always show it- or at least not in the way your would expect. The body language, the hints in the way they talk- sometimes it's very easy to miss these signals. When you get to miss them, the chances you have are going slimmer. So the next time you feel that someone fancies you, try and make out the signs- and don't let them get away.
  • Date A Millionaire Advice: Why Long Term Love Affairs Are Healthier
    In a recent study, it has been revealed that people who have partners are happier and healthier. For you Millionaire dating singles who still have no partner; in this damp and cold month where couples celebrate each other- it would be rather annoying if not sad.
  • Millionaire Singles Online: A Realistic Dating Goal With Your Singles
    Some daters in Millionaire Dating have set their relationship goals in such high pedestals that even they get blinded by the shadows of their own fantasy. Having specifications regarding your relationship is good, but set it on realistic terms. If you dwell too much on fantasy then it could be unhealthy for you and your partner. You should not dictate how your partner should be, but rather open up.
  • Online Dating Tips For Her: How To Be Your Single's Mrs. Right
    Do you know that getting a life and loving yourself is the first step at getting your special someone? Getting a life not only gets you the man, but also encourages you to live better, and be a better person all in all.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips: Steps in Keeping your Relationship Going
    Internet relationships are not for everyone. But if you have already felt that you have met your perfect Italian partner, and you feel that you can withstand everything for them, then of course, you should stay and make the relationship work.
  • Millionaire Dating: The Signs That She's Into You, Part 1
    You like your lady love, so much, in fact that you think you are already in-love with her. But how do you know she feels the same way? Nature made women natural nurturers, making it natural for them to lavish affection and care on the people around them. So how do you find out if she likes you back as much as you like her?
  • Military Dating: Adopting the "No Guts, No Glory" Attitude
    Still hesitant to be the first to contact those army singles in Uniform Dating? Worried about what they may think? Well, worry no more because as this article may tell you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
  • Single Military Dating - Spotting the Commitment Signs
    How do you tell if your army single is about ready to commit? Do you need to go consult the nearest tarot card reader, gypsy, palm reader, or crystal ball gazer? Fortunately, no need to go through all of that. You can just read the article to get to know more!
  • Military Single Dating Tips: Add a Stand-Out Picture
    Wasted your camera's battery? Facial muscles gone sour from smiling? And still doubtful which picture, out of the hundred snapshots you've made, to upload on your profile? Well, here are a few tips and tricks on how to catch his attention with the perfect picture for a uniform dating site!
  • Cupid's Military Dating Goal: Spread the Love!
    Military Dating and Valentines doesn't seem to mix? Well, no! Of course they mix well! And here are some reasons on why they do.
  • Single Parent Dating Can Save Your Valentine
    Valentines is coming up! Don't have a date yet? Well, read on and find out if Single Parents Dating is your ticket out of a lonely Valentines.
  • Military Singles Dating Tips: Attract Your Uniform Date using the Appropriate E-mail
    Writing the right e-mail for your online date is essential. Your relationship would depend on how you start off. Learn how to construct the perfect e-mail for your first contact online. Because as the saying goes, "First impressions lasts".
  • Sugar Daddy Dating Tips - Body Language Secrets
    Did you know that spoken words comprise of only 7% of the entire communication process? Where does the 93% go? Well, to body language of course. And if you know how to make use of this body language, then you can make any date with your sugar daddy successful! So what are a few of the things that you can watch out for that perfect body language?
  • Millionaire Dating Advice: How to Tell if He's Ready for Commitment?
    How to tell, at first glance, if your guy is ready to commit. Are you looking for a man that can commit to you in a long-term relationship? Well, good for you that you have decided to do it via millionaire dating! Most women that venture into the wonderful world of online dating are seriously looking for someone who they can be together with.
  • Millionaire Dating Tips for Women: Dating on the Rebound - Good or Bad?
    Were you just recently out of a relationship? Feeling lost, confused, and lonely? So much so, that you want to jump into another relationship right now? Well, I want you to think long and hard before doing this, ladies, because jumping blindly into a millionaire dating relationship without fully recovering from the previous one, is largely a bad move.
  • First Date Advice - Vital Pre-dating Tips
    Online dating is a tricky business, especially if your date is a millionaire match or sugardaddie. Now, at some areas, millionaire dating can be considered safe since the both of you communicate mostly through emails or chats. It does get trickier however, especially once you feel comfortable enough with each other to actually want to meet in person. Pre-date tips for women on her first date with her millionaire match
  • Millionaire Match Dating Tips - The First Phone Call
    What is the purpose of the phone call in a millionaire dating relationship? Is it okay for the woman to set the date or should she wait for her guy? The levels of millionaire dating goes like this: first, finding a profile compatible with yours or receiving an email from someone you think is compatible with you; second, you email that certain guy you like or you reply to the email that a guy you like has sent to you; third, you exchange emails;
  • Millionaire Matchmaker Dating Tips to Attract Men
    Ladies, you have to face the inescapable fact that men approach romance in ways far more different from ours. Men are more visually stimulated, while women prefer those who can charm through verbal skills. The male species of human beings are usually attracted first to those who are visually pleasing, Want to know how to attract the right men?
  • Dating For Single Parents Find Your Ideal Match
    One statistical data that has shocked me over the course of my research for topics in dating tips for women is about single parents in the UK. According to a survey done in the United Kingdom, as of 2005, there are 5.9 million single parents, meaning that one out of four families with dependent children are being raised by single parents. 9% of those single parents are fathers, while the remaining 91% are mothers.

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