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Andrea Carless's Articles in Cell Phones

  • The 5 Mobile Phone Etiquette You Should Remember
    We can see the growing population of mobile phone users; and so have the people who abuse mobile phone usage, and those who use their phones inappropriately. Mobile phone etiquette is really very simple form of courtesy. Are you one of those annoying people? Are you loud and obnoxious when getting on a conversation? Here are a few mobile phone etiquette that you should bear in mind.
  • 6 Tips To Properly Care For Your Mobile Phone
    Regardless of your mobile phone's brand, design or model; as the owner you should take proper care of it. For us, mobile phones are important since with it we can easily communicate and no, mobile phones don't come in cheap. That's why we need to care for them to make them last.
  • Picking The Best Smartphone
    Now with the dawn of technology that even our ancestors haven't predicted, our lives have become more comfortable, better and faster. In terms of communication, technology has also evolved. From the simple telephone, to wireless phones, came the first mobile phones. Then the simple mobile phones evolved into more complicated gadgets.
  • 3 Smartphone Security Tips To Do With Your Mobile
    A smartphone is already essential for some people as it does all the things that a computer can do. It is one of the best gadgets that anyone can have but sometimes, even the best phone are at risk. If you have a smartphone, PDA or Andriod then you better make sure that your phone is secured and safe from all those viruses, hackers and scams.
  • 5 Helpful Tips On Picking Out Your Mobile Phone
    The process of choosing a phone is important since you don't want to end up purchasing a phone which you'd only like in the beginning. So here are a few tips for you to choosing a mobile phone.
  • 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Mobile Phone That Fits Your Needs
    Choosing the perfect phone is quite harder than you think. You don't want to purchase a phone with features you rarely use right? That would just be a great waste of money and you don't want that. So here are a few tips for you so you can find that perfect phone that will meet your needs but still not break your savings. Follow these tips on choosing the perfect phone for you without getting overhead with your budget.
  • The 5 Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phones In Good Condition
    We can contribute to the longevity of our mobile phones only if we know how to handle them well. So to keep your phones in good condition, here are some tips which you might find helpful.
  • Mobile Phone Responsibility For Pre-teens And Teens
    When parents or guardians hand these cellphones to their children, are they aware that they are giving their children a powerful tool of communication and media? Of course with phones, they can text, call, create images and videos that can be easily distributed through other mobiles and the net. Take note of your kid's ability to use the phone, is it just like a toy for them? Do they know the responsibility of using a phone?
  • Mobile Phone Tips: Workplace Etiquette
    Offices and buildings have mobile phones standards as to when and where calls are allowed and answered. By doing these, the company ensures that professionalism is maintained for everyone.
  • Mobile Phone And Tips For Children
    If you're kid has already set his eyes on a phone, or is leaving you messages that they want to have one. For instance, leaving phone flyers, ads on your pillow at night, at the breakfast table, sticking it to the refrigerator; you are not alone with it. If you feel that your child deserves or is responsible enough for a phone or is more interested in texting than riding a bicycle, then maybe it's time.
  • Helpful Tips That Will Make You Maximise Your Mobile Phone's Features
    Everywhere you turn, it's very common to see people holding their phones, making calls, texting, etc. The cellphone's ring and tones not unusual to hear, sometimes when the ring tone is the same, you might reach into your pockets or bags just to realise that the ringing phone isn't yours to begin with.
  • 5 Tips To Improve Photos Captures On Your Mobile
    Since people want phones which have more features, camera phones are the hottest thing in the market. Some phones have even higher megapixels, better resolutions and even have zoom capacities- better than other cameras. It has been said that people are using their camera phones more than they do their cameras separately.
  • 10 Mobile Phone Safety Tips When Driving
    In the present times, drivers seem to be less concerned about using their mobile phones in their cars and the safety issues that they face. When you have a call or text on your mobile while you are driving your car, it's best to just let it go as of the moment or if you have to then pull over and stop. But if you really must use your phone while you are driving, then follow these safety tips on using your phone while you are on the road.
  • Is Your Mobile Phone Safe From Mobile Phone Hacking
    You can see a lot of people from all ages using a phone. Just look around you and you see senior citizens with their simple phones, high school kids with their fashion statement phones, college students with their smartphones; you get the drift. A phone is like a necessity to everyone, especially in the city.
  • The Rules Of Mobile Phone Etiquette Part 1
    Often times people misuse or abuse the power of communication through their phones, thinking that the other person on the line won't mind. But the fact is they do and if you don't have mobile phones and communication manners, you might get totally blacklisted not just on their phones but on their lives as well.
  • Responsible Mobile Usage For Teens And Pre-teens
    Back then when mobile phones came out on the market, they were gadgets that are just exclusive for adults. In the present time, with the different mobile phones models and interface plus the growing population of cellphone users, even children are allowed to own mobile phones. But is it right to give your 10-year-old a phone? Is it that important?
  • Mobile Phone Tips: Cash Out Your Old Phones
    When you have that new phone model, you'd just imagine your friend's faces ogling at your new phone; wishing they have the same. When we get our hands on a new phone, the old phone gets discarded almost immediately; and left forgotten at the bottom of our drawers.
  • The 12 Mobile Phone Etiquette You Should Remember Part 2
    Sometimes, people tend to use their phones in anyway they wish. Some people don't care on how they use their phones in public; you hear people talking loudly on their phones, when you are intently watching a movie and the those loud ringtones interrupt, and many other scenarios.
  • Parents And Gadgets: Mobile Phone For Children
    Mobile phones help keep us in touch with our children, even when they are at school at camp or with friends. It helps parents to feel more assured and the children more safe to know that they can instantly contact one another with just a push of a button. However, cellphones can also be distracting to children, so before you give them a mobile phone.
  • The 5 Tips To Help Save On Your Mobile Phones
    There are more or less 5,000 texts messages sent every second in the UK, that's every second not every day. Just imagine all these from a gadget. It proves that mobile phones are that important and how much we tend to use them daily. However, mobile phones can cost us a lot, especially when it comes to mobile phone tariffs. Here are some ways in which you can save on from your mobile phone.
  • Thing You Need To Look For In A Phone Before You Buy It
    Most people just look at the design then haphazardly without thinking, buy it. Just to find out later on that it's too complicated for them, so they rarely use it. When you buy a phone, it should be worth every penny. Here are a few tips to help you out in choosing the best mobile phone for you and for your needs.
  • The 7 Top Mobile Phone Tips For Students
    Most students own a mobile phone, whether it be elementary to college. If you are a student, you find that your phone is truly an important gadget, and you probably love your phone most than any other gadget you own. With just one click, push of the keypad, you can instantly connect to people. Now, to make your mobile phone as a useful tool in your student life; other than for calling and texting, here are some tips.
  • Mobile Phone Tips: Tips For Selecting A Mobile Phone
    Those sleek new mobile phone models out in the market today and tons of other more mobile devices; each one giving a different promise and approach to the consumers. Sure they may look shiny and sleek, but is it the mobile phone for you? Or will it be a waste of cash? Here are some tips you need to know before you decide to buy a phone.

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