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Alvaro Fernandez's Articles in Health

  • Is the Future of Cognitive Therapy Similar to Training One's Abdominal Muscles?
    In short, here we have a number of major societal problems (anxiety, depression...) that affect people of all ages, and an intervention (cognitive therapy) that teaches people cognitive skills to be able to manage those related challenges better. Talk about "teaching how to fish" vs. simply handing out fish (which we could argue is what antidepressant medications do). Why don't more people benefit today from this approach?
  • Obesity Crisis or Cognitive Crisis? How to Get Weight Under Control
    In early August, a scientific study published in the British Medical Journal added a novel perspective on how to think of, and consequently address, the so-called obesity epidemic that many developed countries, including the US, are experiencing. The ability to self-regulate behaviors is not a genetic given, but learnable and trainable. If adults cannot regulate their own eating and exercise habits, half the battle is lost.
  • Brain Training and Mind Games: Interview with Japanese Expert Go Hirano
    Unless you are hiding in a cave, you will have heard about the latest Brain Training gaming trend that has taken over the USA, Europe and Japan. Today we are traveling to Japan, where the movement originated, to interview Go Hirano, a Japanese executive with experience in neuroscience and gaming.
  • Brain Fitness Vacations for Baby Boomers: Tips for Staying Sharp
    Looking for new and stimulating travel ideas? Well, let us explain what a "Brain Fitness Vacation" is: "A brain fitness vacation is like a regular vacation, only you attend events, do exercises, and arrange for experiences that address the aspects of good brain health: physical exercise, mental exercise, good nutrition, and stress management."
  • Ten Highlights from the Aspen Institute Forum on Health, Wellness and Medical Science
    The Aspen Health Forum just gathered an impressive group of around 250 people to discuss the most pressing issues in Health and Medical Science. Here you have the summary of the top Ten Trends discussed.
  • 7 Quotes from Neuroscientists that Will Revolutionize Brain and Mind Health, Fitness and Wellness
    Interested in improving your attention, memory, thinking skills, ability to manage stressful situations? Good news: "Recent research in neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to change in response to information and new activities - shows that brain cells and new pathways continue to develop throughout life...". I have interviewed many leading neuroscientists and experts, and I want to share with you 7 of my favorite quotes.
  • 10-Question Checklist to Select the Right Brain Fitness Program for You
    Unless you have been living in a cave, you have read by now multiple articles about the brain training and brain exercise craze. Now, how do you know which of them can help you more, or whether you need any of them? Well, that's why we are publishing this 10-Question Checklist, to help you navigate through the overwhelming and conflicting media reports and company announcements.
  • Top 10 Actions in Brain Health Roadmap
    On June 10th something wonderful happened, and the media hasn't paid much attention yet. On that day, the National Public Health Road Map to Maintaining Cognitive Health was released by the CDC and the Alzheimer's Association. IIN this article, I want to first share with you the 10 top actions proposed by this report, and then provide a quick glossary to explain the key words that you will hear more and more when discussing brain health.
  • Programs to Exercise Your Brain
    We provide an overview of the emerging field of science-based Brain Fitness, and introduce the programs by Posit Science, IntelliGym, CogniFit, Cogmed and emWave.
  • Tips and Techniques to Train and Improve your Short-Term Memory
    Want to improve memory? Then you need to know that the most important component of memory is attention. By choosing to attend to something and focus on it, you create a personal interaction with it, which gives it personal meaning, making it easier to remember. In this article SharpBrains┤ Brain Coach shares key tips and techniques to exercise our attention-and memory.
  • Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now
    In this article we review each of the four essential pillars recommended in the scientific literature to maintain a healthy brain that functions better now and lasts longer. Those pillars are Physical Exercise, Mental Exercise, Good Nutrition and Stress Management.

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