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  • Do You Need To Upgrade From Shared Hosting? Your Website Will Tell You
    When does a shared hosting user outgrow their space and services? When should you make the jump from a shared hosting server to a dedicated or virtual one for your website? This article deals with the decision of when to upgrade your shared hosting account.
  • Setting Up A Hobby Blog? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Worthwhile
    Besides the regular grind of routine, many of us share some passions and liking for extraordinary hobbies. From Amateur Radio to Beekeeping - not everyone has the luxury of pursuing these. But what does an ideal hobbyist need to include in her blog? This article deals with a few tips and suggestions, which you can add to a blog about your hobbies and interests.
  • How Can You Encrypt Your Emails? Anti-Spying For Beginners
    Your emails contain very important records of your life and may also contain traces or indications of various events. Even though you may have "nothing to hide", there is no reason why you should want a total stranger to have any information about you. Even if you are not the target of a terrorist group, you may become easy prey for a script kiddie who just wants to be a nuisance.
  • Why A Website Or Domain Name Is A Bad Valentine's Day Gift?
    Over the past years, although we have been in the business of selling domain names and hosting space, we realize that there are some instances when a domain or website is just not the right thing to gift. It burdens everyone in the process and ensures that it will never get renewed. In this article, we discuss why Valentine's Day is not the appropriate occasion for gifting a domain name or website.
  • Why Does A Travel Agent or Travel Services Company Need A Website?
    Almost every conventional industry has moved to having an online presence in some form or the other. The travel industry is no different. Infact the .travel domain name tld was one of the first new tlds to help identify the domain name and break away from the .com convention. This makes a website the most ideal backbone for connecting with the customer and passing on information as well as attracting new business.
  • Why Do Religious Leaders Need An Online Presence?
    The world is continuously being polarized by religious forces. People turn to heads of religion in times or disasters or abnormal events. This means that timely updates, correct information and a clear message must be sent out to the faithful. What better way to do it than a website? This article discusses how a website is the most essential tool for a religious head or body to maintain their online presence.
  • Mythbuster: Will A New TLD Boost Search Engine Rankings? Not Really
    We all have been watching new domain name TLDs become more visible and more accepted around the world. This article deals with why it wont make a difference which domain name TLD you have registered for your website.
  • 6 Silly Mistakes Which Your Website Developer May Make
    Being negligent is only one part of the security issue, but being negligent and not knowing it or not taking corrective steps later can also be quite damaging to the reputation and business of a website. This article deals with 6 careless mistakes which you should ensure that your web developers does not make.
  • Getting The Message Across: What To Include In 404 Error Pages
    Rather than be obscure and try to brush off an error on your website, it is best to tackle it and make it simpler for the user to deal with the issue. This article discusses the essential elements which distinguish a good 404 error page from a terribly confusing one.
  • How Many Passwords Does Your Website Come With?
    This article takes a look at the number of passwords a typical website or hosting account comes with. Although you may not need to remember all of these, they all serve different purposes.
  • Could Social Media Have Helped Mahatma Gandhi's Freedom Struggle?
    Would Gandhi's impact have been greater and quicker had he access to the internet or social media? This article aims to compare how the Indian freedom struggle may have turned out, if there was an online element to it.
  • How Much Disk Space Should You Take For Your Web Hosting?
    Although many hosts offer Unlimited Hosting space, some people prefer to pay as they go and take up a fixed space plan. These work out cheaper and also offer more server resources per plan. This article helps you decide how much disk space you really need in your web hosting account.
  • Which Parts Of Your Website Should You Monitor Regularly?
    A simple task like monitoring your website for suspicious or abnormal behavior will help you to take timely action and plug any vulnerabilities at the earliest. This article points out the parts of your website which you should monitor regularly to keep it healthy and fit.
  • 5 Issues You Are Sure To Face With A New Web Hosting Account
    Most support issues occur when the account has just been created or has been transferred over from another provider. This article lists the most likely support issues a client will face in his first few days of taking a new hosting account or transferring his hosting account into a new service.
  • Why Copying Another Website's Code May Be Harmful
    This article explains why copying the code of another website may be harmful for your website in the long run.
  • If You Used MS Outlook For Email You Have Encountered These
    With the increasing popularity of Unix based systems, Outlook did take a beating and had to part with its market share. This article tries to recount the numerous issues that led to the unpopularity of MS Outlook in the past couple of years.
  • How Many Servers Does A Web Hosting Server Need?
    While some hosts use separate machines to run services like email, FTP, HTTP etc., some hosts install all these services on a single machine. This article takes you into the web hosting world and shows you which software servers are running to give you the best web hosting experience with different services.
  • Is FTP Better Than A Web Based File Manager For My Website?
    We list a couple of points in favour of using FTP over your browser based file manager. This article advocates for the use of FTP over your web based file manager in certain
  • When Do We Need MySQL Databases With Our Web Hosting?
    Whenever you buy web hosting, your hosting provider is sure to include an option called "Databases" in his price quotation or package details. But not many of us know what are databases and why we need them when setting up a website. This article aims to explain a couple of reasons why we use databases and when we need them for our website.
  • Buying Web Hosting Space From Your Web Designer? Watch Out
    This article explains what could go wrong if you buy web hosting space from your web designer rather than buying it independently.
  • Can You Pay To Become Popular On The Internet?
    There is no shortcut to becoming famous or popular, although there are many companies which claim to be able to boost your online reputation. The unethical means that they use are often caught and your site maybe heavily penalized for adopting such means. This article explains why paying to become popular online is a myth and has no long term positive effect.
  • The Evolution Of Passwords: What Are The Alternatives?
    With 2 factor authentication becoming more popular, passwords have to share their space of glory with other authentication tokens or methods. 2 Factor Authentication matches "something you know" with "something you have" and thereby allows you to sign in.
  • Prevent Your Domain Names From Getting Stolen
    Many organizations and businesses pay a large amount of money every year to ensure that their domain names remain secure and protected and are not stolen or lost. This article explains how Domain Names get stolen and how you can prevent your domain name from theft.
  • A Simple Explanation Of What Big Data Is
    Everyone is talking about it and repeatedly using it to impress others, even if they themselves don't really know what it means. Big Data is often used out of context and more as a marketing gimmick. This article aims to explain what Big Data really is and how it will be useful in solving problems.
  • Why Should You Pay Your Web Hosting Provider On Time?
    The advantage that web hosts have over other businesses is that they have full control over the clients account and can suspend the services or terminate the account at will. This article highlights a couple of reasons why you should pay your renewal fees or hosting charges to your web host, on a timely basis.
  • Easy Ways Of Speeding Up Your Website Instantly
    If you do not have a well coded and well designed website, your website is bound to open with a crawl. This article helps draw the attention of website owners to the various things that can be done to speed up their website to make it more SEO friendly.
  • Using Social Media To Make Official Communication Informal
    Social Media Websites are often seen as informal and unofficial hangouts for people and businesses alike. In the recent past more businesses are seeing social media as a tool to reach out to their target market where they are most likely to be noticed. This article highlights some ways in which businesses use social media in an official capacity, yet maintaining a friendly and informal approach.
  • Useful Tools on Ubuntu Linux To Manage Your Web Hosting Account
    Certain functions are best performed by the software installed on your local computer. This article lists a couple of useful tools if you are using a Ubuntu computer and are also managing a website.
  • When Should You Pay Your Web Designer?
    This article explains the growing need for setting out clear terms for payment with your web designer or a design professional that you may hire for your website.
  • Should You Employ A Web Designer Or Outsource The Design Work?
    Everyone wants to know whether it is better to employ a designer on a full-time basis or to outsource the work to a free-lancer or a design studio. This article explains what are the different aspects which you umust consider before employing a designer or outsourcing your design work.
  • Does Your Web Hosting Provider Take Backups Of Your Data?
    This article attempts to clarify the confusion on whether or not your website and data is being backed up at the hosting providers end or whether it is your responsibility.
  • How Your Web Hosting Provider Can Be A Good Friend Too
    Are you in the good books of your hosting provider? This article points out some cool ways in which your web hosting team could help you make the presence of your business and website felt across the internet.
  • Is Your Website Developer Taking You For A Ride? Don't Get Conned
    This article lists some key areas where companies and businesses usually get conned by their software developers or website design agency. When you encounter these red flags, it may be time to review your relationship with them and be reassured that you are not being fooled.
  • ClipArt or Quality Images For Your WordPress Blog? Try These Options
    On your website if you use images which are copyright protected or for which you do not have an appropriate license for, may lead you into some trouble or maybe even a legal mess. This article helps you with sourcing some clipart and images which you can use in your WordPress blog or website for free, even for commercial or business use.
  • How To Make Your Customers Pay On Time. Lessons From The Web Hosting Industry
    With the current economic situation globally, most businesses are under a lot of pressure to maintain financial stability. Payment default and collection is one of the key areas where money is lost. New techniques and tools allow businesses to ensure economic growth without compromising on quality. This article explains some subtle yet effective techniques of how web hosts recover money.
  • 5 Things That Happen When Your Wordpress Blog Becomes Popular
    The good comes with a bit of the bad. There will always be successful people and ofcourse jealous people as well. But will that affect your Wordpress blog? This article deals with lesser known events that mwhen your blog becomes popular online.
  • How Much Will You Buy My Website For? A Look At Online Estimation Tools
    This article explains the factors that go into calculating the value of the website and how you could probably enhance it. The article assumes that you are planning to sell your domain name along with the content on an 'as is where is' basis. While there are many online estimation tools which will tell you the value of your website for free, you might want to try evaluating your site on your own.
  • Why Mahatma Gandhi Would Use Wordpress For His Blog: Modern Activism Through The Internet
    Like all famous celebrity blogs, Mahatma Gandhi's blog would have also become the number one target of spam comments and DoS attacks. Gandhi's revolutionary forms of communication and activism are awesome even despite his lack of technology or a Wordpress Blog. If Gandhi was empowered with a blogging system, every event in his life would have been minutely documented. We would have known him better.
  • You Have 30 Seconds To Impress Your Customers: The E-Newsletter
    Newsletter marketing is a tool to gain repeat orders and have "Brand Recall" in the customers mind. Not all companies are able to sustain a Newsletter Campaign. Being disciplined enough to frame a newsletter and send it out, adds a personal touch, which customers appreciate. Connect better with your customers with a regular newsletter.
  • The Advantages Of Creating A Blog To Market Your Product Or Service
    The advantages of having a blog for giving your business visibility, and marketing your products. A blog is a very useful and essential tool for your business.
  • How Technology Has Changed The Game For The Small Business Owner
    As a small business owner, using technology to leverage on your business's unique selling points, is key to achieving cost reductions and boosting revenue.
  • Why You As A Reseller Should Be Concerned About The Web Host You Are With
    Why you should buy domain names from your hosting provider as against an independent domain name provider. And, the factors you should consider while chosing a hosting provider as a reseller of hosting services.
  • Having Your Own Domain Name For Using Email Addresses, A Professional Approach
    Purchasing your own domain name and using it to host your email account. How email hosting could provide your business a more professional touch.
  • The Conflict In Crimea, Ukraine And Russia
    The crimea crisis and the will of the people should be respected. The governments of the west should not intervene. If the people of Crimea want to be with Russia, the wishes of the people should be respected.
  • Web Site Builder Services - Why You Should Hire A Web Developer And Hosting Provider Instead
    The advantages and disadvantages of using a website builder service. Using a website builder is good for temporary websites, such as a website you may need for an event, or a conference. But, not a long term business website.

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