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Adrianna Noton's Articles in Medicine

  • Plastic Surgery and Its Benefits Towards Richer, Happier Living
    Due to major breakthroughs in the fields of medicine and surgery, plastic surgery has become a viable option for anyone who does not feel too good about his/her body It's common knowledge that many people live unfulfilled, lonely lives because of their looks
  • Autism Assessment: How to Cure a Social Disease
    A usual mistake parents often make is to restrain their child from social interaction if he exhibits unnatural behavior pattern Blaming it on bullies and a flawed education system, parents believe that a child's social aggressiveness is due to the society not giving him enough chances but little do they know that an entirely different medical condition is causing such a behavior in the child
  • What Are Your Choices For Menopause Treatments
    Menopause treatments are a necessity for getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms associated with condition Symptoms for menopause consist of night sweats, hot flashes, frequent urination, pain during sex, and increased irritability or anxiety
  • How to Avoid Period Cramps
    There comes a time in every girl's childhood when she is transformed into a woman, and with that change she must deal with the problem of menstrual, or period cramps Dysmenorrhea, to give the problem its medical term, affects every woman every month to a varying degree
  • CPAP Machines Keep Patients Breathing During the Night
    CPAP machines provide relief from sleep apnea for millions of patients around the world Sleep apnea places people at risk for developing a host of much more serious diseases, and must be diagnosed during a sleep study
  • Guidelines Regarding the Prevention of Dental Cavity
    Dental cavity is a tooth disease that involves bacterial process that alters carbohydrates into an acidic form in the teeth, hence causing a cavity The tips discussed below ought to give the reader an analytic insight regarding the prevention of this disease
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Laser Therapy
    Cold laser therapy is also commonly referred to as low light laser therapy It is a kind of medical treatment that utilizes light emitted by diodes or low intensity laser beams to change the functioning of body cells
  • Get The 101 On Continuing Medical Education As Soon As Possible
    Many people may have questions about continuing medical education This term refers to a principle of modern medicine that requires the practitioners of any given medical field to maintain their competence and remain informed about any new and developing areas of their field
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Its Medical Advantages
    Umbilical cord blood banking and its medical potential are common topics of discussion among prospective parents Many parents consider banking their baby's cord blood, to help in one of two cases: if the child becomes sick, or if a close relative becomes sick
  • Information About Naturopath Practices That You Should Know
    There are quite a few individuals in recent times that are looking for natural alternatives to keep themselves healthy Thus there is an interest in the various practices that allow for an individual to avoid some of the harsher remedies for various ailments
  • Discover a Range of Cosmetic Surgery Methods
    Cosmetic surgery procedures have become safer over the years, due to improvements in technology, stringent professional standards, and the sheer amount of research which has been conducted There are many reasons why people visit a plastic surgeon
  • How to Take Care of the Contact Lenses and Keep Eyes Healthy
    Contact lenses offer a fashionable solution Color ones allow wearers to try out new eye colors
  • Available Kinds of Plastic Surgery
    Many people feel a constant sense of dissatisfaction with particular elements of their physical appearances Plastic surgery provides a means for people to smooth out asymmetrical features or alter their bodies' proportions the way they desire
  • In Vivo Imaging For Cancer Evaluation
    In vivo imaging for cancer evaluation presents both the cellular and molecular pathways of the disease, within their physiological environments In vivo imaging is the cumulative work of a variety of disciplines, including cell and molecular biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and immunology
  • Correcting Your Vision With Eyeglasses
    There are typically two people involved in properly fitting eyeglasses First, there is the Ophthalmologist
  • Photoacoustics and Molecular Imaging Technology
    Within a few years, it may be possible to diagnose cancer without surgical biopsies This will be possible because of photoacoustics and molecular imaging
  • A Natural Approach to Medicine
    The field of medicine can have many different interpretations of a condition, for instance menopause is uniquely dealt with by physicians depending on their training and their interest in keeping up with newest trends in medicine For instance, the treatment of menopause has been a gray area that is often dealt with by telling the patient that she will get through the symptoms and to modify her diet and lifestyle to decrease her symptoms

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