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Adriana Noton's Articles in Wellness

  • The Qualities of Good Dentists
    When an individual is looking at a group of dentists to settle on a new one, he or she wants to end up with the best possible professional. There are some qualities that people can look for in order to determine whether a dentist is the right one for them.
  • The Most Needed Medical Supplies
    Medical supplies have found a place in the home in recent years. Some are physician prescribed while others are simply purchased over the counter.
  • Brief Information On The Benefits Of Using CPAP For Sleep Apnea
    CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure and it is the number choice for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea. When a person uses the machine as prescribed they enjoy specific health benefits. There are improvements to the quality of everyday life, increased productivity during the day, alertness, and a reduction in blood pressure and other heart related issues.
  • Infrared Vs Traditional Saunas The Differences
    There are a few differences in the infrared vs traditional saunas. There is a temperature difference and a difference of how heat is delivered. The results can be different as well. Which is best is up to the individual and what they seek.
  • What Can A Cosmetic Dentist Do For You
    Basic dentistry focuses on dental health with the emphasis on preventive maintenance. A cosmetic dentist concerns himself more with the appearance of the teeth and the smile. There are some family practitioners who practice limited cosmetic procedures, but there are also dentists whose entire practice is devoted to improving their patients' looks.
  • Tricks To Improve Your Muscle Definition
    Do you want to look more toned and fit than you currently do? Most of us could do with a little more muscle density in order to look our best. If this is the case with you, then there are tricks to improve your muscle definition without having to spend every day sweating up a storm in the gym.
  • Contact Lenses: The Good And The Bad
    Contact lenses offer so many different options to the consumer these days, it's amazing! At one time, half of these options were not available or even thought of yet. They're so many selections to choose from. There's something for everyone. These lenses are pretty cool. You may have brown eyes one day and green or blue the next! They come in a lot
  • Useful Tips To Becoming A Dentist In Canada
    There is a lot of information and tips to becoming a dentist in Canada. Dentists are always in need. It is a good profession with many different fields of interests. Dentists can earn a very good salary and those that are in the profession, find it to be a very rewarding career. Dentists basically take care of our oral and dental needs.
  • What Are The Health Benefits Attributed To Regular Use Of Saunas And Steambaths?
    There are a lot of health benefits attributed to regular use of saunas and steambaths. A room used for hot heat session or dry heat sessions is referred to as a sauna. It has hot, humid temperatures inside which could be more than eighty degrees Celsius. These hot temperatures cause perspiration of the body.
  • Why are Weight Loss Surgeries Growing in Popularity?
    Due to the rising rates of obesity in the country, many health professionals have become concerned about the health impact of so many people carrying such an excess amount of weight. In fact, many health professionals are calling the increased obesity rates a health crisis.
  • Designer Contact Lenses As The Latest Eyewear
    Eye refraction errors are easily corrected by use of proper lens such as in eyeglasses. Nowadays, eyeglasses are being replaced with contact lenses. It is easier to use and there is less hassle than when using eyeglasses. Designer Contact Lenses are also available for cosmetic purposes.
  • The Reason Teeth Whitening Is Popular
    Out of all the physical appearance enhancing trends today, teeth whitening is popular because the products are available to the masses. Today's society is all about how to be faster, stronger, thinner, the most beautiful.
  • How a Sauna Can Lead to a Healthy Heart
    Saunas have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. From European "steam baths" to Indian "sweat lodges," people have recognized the value of a good sweat through the ages.
  • The Evolution of the Sauna
    For centuries, saunas have been used to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind as well as provide a wide variety of health benefits. In recent years, the use of saunas have increased significantly with new sauna technologies being developed such as the infrared sauna which has provided even more health benefits.
  • Can Physical Therapy Help Me Avoid Surgery?
    Pain is our body's way of letting us know everything is not all right. Pain in the body can result from chronic conditions such as arthritis, or because of an injury. Often times, surgery is recommended to treat or remedy the situation. And while we may follow our doctor's advice without asking too many questions, many times surgery isn't necessary at all.
  • Some Important Things To Know About Massage Therapy For Injury Prevention
    Some people are just naturally injury prone and always seem to be injured. They have aches and soreness and pain that is recurrent, coming and going, and always coming back again. Stopping this vicious cycle can be very difficult.
  • Can Massage Therapy Help Prevent Injuries?
    Massage therapy is an ancient art and science dating back as far as 2000 BC. The popularity of massages has endured because it is a proven method of improving one's physical health and emotional well being. Massage is the therapeutic manual manipulation of the body's soft tissues.
  • Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage
    Massages are extremely popular, and the benefits of deep tissue massage make it one of the most popular. It differs from other, more traditional types of massages in many key ways. Just as the name implies, the goal is to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. The focus is on realigning the deeper layers of your muscles and other connective tissue.
  • Personal Training: The Way To The Body Of Your Dreams
    You might be interested in losing weight for health reasons or perhaps you just want to fit into those skinny jeans. Whatever your fitness goals are, the best way to go about achieving them would be to hire a personal trainer. Personal training can help you to rev up your exercise routine and tailor make it to meet your needs.
  • The Health Advantages Of Spending Time In A Sauna
    Once thought of as a luxury item, saunas are now used by a diverse range of people all over the world. Not only are saunas a great way to relax, but millions of people use saunas for their health benefits. A sauna can be used alleviate a wide number health issues which results in an improved quality of life.

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