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  • Where to Buy Discount Contacts
    More and more people who need corrective lenses seem to be willing to give contact lenses a try over traditional eyeglasses. As with glasses, contact lenses can come with a bit of a price tag over time.
  • Contact Lenses for Astigmatism
    One of the main vision issues that people who need corrective lenses deal with is called astigmatism. When someone has astigmatism, the cornea or lens inside the eye has an irregular shape to it or is curved. When the lens or cornea is misshapen, light that enters the eye can't focus properly on the retina and vision becomes blurry.
  • Benefits of Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses
    In the world of brand name contact lenses, discount contacts and buying contacts online, certain types tend to rise above the others and set themselves apart. Of course, there isn't one brand of contact lens, or one type of any product that appeals to everyone in the marketplace.
  • Advantages of Wearing Disposable Contact Lenses
    Contact lenses are the vision correction method chosen by a wide range of people to help them see more clearly. Some people are turned off by the fact that contact lenses sit directly on the eye.
  • The Safe Way To Pick Up Contact Lenses If You Drop One
    Anyone who wears contact lenses knows that no matter how careful you are, eventually you're going to drop one. Obviously, it isn't your intention to drop your contact lenses, and you'll likely curse yourself for doing it whenever it happens, but it will happen just the same.
  • What Are High Index Lenses For Eyeglasses?
    Picking out eyeglasses is becoming more and more complex as more and more options are available in terms of frames, coatings, colors, materials and lenses. One of the things that many people think about when they get new eyeglasses is the thickness of the lenses.
  • What Are Trifocals?
    Most people who wear glasses or even know someone who wears glasses have probably heard of bifocals before. Bifocals enable the wearer to have two prescriptions within the one lens so they can see clearly up close and at regular distance.
  • How Contact Lenses Improve Your Vision
    When someone is told they have a vision problem that requires correction, more and more are choosing to use contact lenses over glasses to see clearly. Many people have grown tired of wearing glasses and carrying glasses and having different glasses for different occasions.
  • How to Choose a Brand of Contact Lenses
    Just as there are many different types of contact lens wearers, so are there many different brands of lenses. Different contact lens makers will design contacts to highlight different aspects of the experience, and it's up to the consumers to figure out which ones will work best for them.
  • What Are Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses?
    Once you're diagnosed with a vision problem and decide on contacts for your corrective lenses, you'll be faced with a variety of different brand names. The Acuvue 2 is a specific model of contact lens from the Acuvue line put out by Johnson & Johnson.
  • How to Clean Glasses Without Scratching Them
    One of the truths about wearing glasses regularly is that the lenses are going to get dirty from time to time. For some people, they may even get dirty a lot more often than "time to time."
  • Why You Need Glasses For Far Sightedness
    When your eye doctor lets you know that you need a prescription for corrective lenses, he'll also let you know what condition you have that is making glasses necessary. The three most common reasons that people must start wearing eyeglasses are astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness.
  • Why You Need Glasses for Astigmatism
    Along with nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is one of the more common vision issues that require glasses. Unlike nearsightedness and farsightedness which affect vision far away or close up, astigmatism affects vision at both distances.
  • What Are Rimless Eyeglasses?
    As the corrective lens industry has grown and developed, different types of eyeglasses have come into the marketplace. Some types of glasses have been well received and useful to the masses, and others not so much.
  • Questions to Ask When Selecting Glasses
    The process of getting a new pair of glasses is usually a little more involved than simply having an eye doctor hand you a prescription and going off to have it filled. Eyeglasses are an extension of your sense of style and of your personality.
  • Different Types of Eyeglass Lens Coatings
    One of the options that you may be offered when you purchase a pair of eyeglasses is which type of coating you want on your lenses, if any at all. Different coatings have different purposes, and for some a good coating can make a big difference.
  • Different Materials Used For Eyeglasses Frames
    Whether you like to wear discount glasses or the most expensive pair in the store, the frames are likely made out of one of a few different materials. Most glasses are made from plastic, metal or a composite material. Within each broad category you can generally find a handful of more detailed categories.
  • Basic Elements of a Contact Lens Fitting
    One thing about wearing glasses that is much easier than wearing contacts is the fitting process. Since the contact lens sits directly on your cornea, it's very important that the correct measurements are taken and that it fits properly. If the fit of contacts is even a little off, you may experience problems while you wear them.
  • How to Care For Soft Contact Lenses
    Soft contact lenses are a popular choice among many contact lens wearers, both for comfort and ease of use. One of the primary concerns of many people who wear contacts is the comfort level of the contact lens as it sits on the eye. With soft contact lenses, that problem isn't usually a problem at all, but despite the comfort level it's still cruci
  • How to Care For Rigid Contact Lenses
    Hard contact lenses, also known as rigid or gas permeable contacts, are one of the main types of contact lenses. Wearing rigid contact lenses will usually result in clearer vision and are more resistant to protein and other deposits than soft contacts. The greater resistance to debris and foreign bodies makes them easier to clean, and they tend to
  • Reasons To Wear Contact Lenses
    Once you've been diagnosed with a vision problem and have been prescribed corrective lenses, you must decide what you want to wear on your eyes to correct the problem. Glasses are often their first thought, but many people end up turning to contact lenses instead, or switching between the two.
  • Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription
    Usually, when you find out that you need corrective lenses and choose contacts to fix the problem, you get your prescription from the eye doctor, get it filled and go on with your day.
  • Elements of a Basic Eye Exam
    Whether you're wearing a pair of discount glasses from the clearance bin or a pair of high-end glasses that just came on the market, it all started with an eye exam. You may have had your eye exam as a matter of routine medical check up at your insurance company's request, or because you haven't been seeing things as clearly as you used to.
  • How to Know If Your Eyeglasses Fit Properly
    Even though it may be more important when wearing contact lenses, fit is still an important factor when you are wearing eyeglasses. It is true that the lens of a contact sits directly on your cornea, but an ill-fitting pair of glasses can still cause you problems.
  • Different Parts of Your Glasses Frames
    Most people who wear eyeglasses probably aren't too familiar with the different parts of the frames that they wear everyday. You may have heard some of the parts of your glasses mentioned while you were being fitted, or in a brochure or other literature.
  • Acuvue Contact Lenses For Delicate Eyes
    There are many different people who have been given credit for inventing the corrective eyewear that people are using today. One name in particular, Leonardo Di Vinci, stands out among them, however he simply put his head in a bowl of water to see how this would affect the eye.
  • Guide To Wearing Contact Lenses During Summer
    Summer is a wonderful time to get out of the house and experience the great outdoors. It is the period where you can go swimming, kayaking, shopping, sun bathing or just visiting town without feeling inhibited. These activities call for us to feel good about ourselves and also bring out the best in our features.
  • Contact Lenses A Fashionable Look
    Spectacles are giving way to contact lenses to a greater degree than ever these days. This is due to many factors, one of the main ones being the improvement in lens technology. Undoubtedly, lenses are much better than the average spectacles in every respect.
  • Be Careful When You Buy Your Contact Lenses Online
    Anyone that wears glasses and contact lenses know how important it is to have them. Without having glasses or contact lenses you may not be able to see anything, depending on how bad your eyes are. When you buy your glasses and contacts from the optometrist you could pay too much.
  • A Guideline For Cleaning Contacts
    Millions of people today have problems with their eyesight and have to wear glasses. A majority of those people choose to wear contact lenses either for the freedom of not worrying about glasses or because they feel they look better.
  • Designer Contact Lenses Enhance Outlook For Best Fit
    Contact lenses are worn by twenty-eight to thirty-eight million people in the United States, and 125 million worldwide. Among designer contact lenses, almost ninety percent of people in the United States wear soft lenses, with the remaining people opting for rigid gas permeable lenses.
  • Tips For Ensuring Your Contacts Are Clean
    If you are new to the use of contact lenses, then you might be concerned about the proper way to make sure that your contacts are always clean. For some people, it seems like the process might take a while, but it is actually easier than many expect. Here are some suggestions you can use to ensure your lenses are always clean.
  • Helpful Hints To Buying Cheap Contacts
    Buying contact lenses can sometimes be a very expensive endeavor. In some cases, this is even more so, especially contacts that change eye color or that are made for individuals who have an astigmatism. Knowing a few quick and easy tips to follow when it comes to buying this item can really help you to easily find cheap contacts.
  • Some Basic Information About Discount Contact Lenses
    If you have been searching for ways to save money on your contact lenses, you may want to take some interest in discount contact lenses online.

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