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  • Writing Prompts For Content Creation
    So you've used a free website creator to make an awesome website, now what A good website needs both excellent design and excellent content in order to attract and keep readers
  • Keep a Research Journal to Help With Your Dissertation
    If you're in a doctoral program, you may feel as if your dissertation looms over every aspect of your life, and that's before you've even decided on a topic Once you have a general direction you want to go with your research, you may want to keep a research journal to help you keep track of what interests you and where your learning is taking you
  • How 'Jumping the Gun' Can Help You Write Your Thesis
    If you are a graduate student about to start on a thesis, your worst enemy is not incompetence If that were the case, you probably wouldn't have been admitted to graduate school in the first place
  • Going Above and Beyond With the Essay Assignment
    If you are a student who loves to write, believe it or not, you are not alone Many students find that writing is their favorite creative outlet, and they genuinely want to get better at it
  • The Art of the Term Paper
    You may not believe it, but if you have a teacher who assigns you a term paper, you should consider yourself lucky Unfortunately, there are plenty of teachers who really don't believe their students are capable of writing a coherent paper of a few thousand words on a topic, and if you have a teacher who believes that you can do it, then that's actu
  • What Teachers Look For in a Term Paper
    In most cases your teacher will flat out tell you what he or she expects from your term paper It should be this many pages (or words) long, you'll have to turn in a rough draft and outline that will count for this percentage of your grade, and so on
  • The Short Essay - Walking Before You Run
    The short (usually five-paragraph) essay has plenty of admirers and detractors Most of the detractors state, correctly, that it is an artificial device and that there are many topics and viewpoints that cannot be effectively shoehorned into the five-paragraph structure
  • What the Research Paper is and What It is Not
    Maybe you wonder why your instructors emphasize research papers so much After all, they usually account for around one-third of your course grade
  • How Long Will It Take to Write Your Dissertation
    In many cases, a dissertation can be completed in about a year, give or take a few months Of course there are exceptions to this
  • Essays - Student Versus Teacher Perception of the Assignment
    The five-paragraph essay is a staple of the American academic composition, and not just in composition classes, but in the humanities and sciences as well Even if an instructor doesn't feel like he or she has the time to assign, read, and grade longer term papers, essays are likely to be part of the syllabus for a class
  • Six Potential Roadblocks to the Successful Research Paper
    Many students, whether in high school, college, or even graduate school, dread the research paper Even if they consider themselves to have good research and writing skills, there is always the variable of the teacher as audience: will the teacher appreciate the effort and understand what the student is trying to say in his or her research paper
  • Should You Choose the 'Thesis' or 'Non-Thesis' Option For Grad School
    For some students, the decision to go to graduate school may rest heavily on what they think about having to do a thesis A thesis presents your master's level research in what is usually a book-length work
  • Getting Started on Your College Essay
    For many students, getting started on a college essay is the hardest part of the process Whether you choose your topic or it's assigned to you, getting those first words on paper (or screen) can be a real challenge
  • Tips For Well-Organized Content
    Do you really know how to make a website crisper, cleaner, more efficient and more engaging Learn how well organized content can help you do just that

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