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  • Fun With Fonts
    A font is the typeface used on a computer There are a variety of fonts available, and they vary between computer operating systems
  • Staying Anonymous on an Internet Full of Detectives
    Whether you have decided to write under a pen name, create a free website, or maintain an entirely anonymous blog, you need to protect your identity Most people think that keeping their name a secret, but that is simple not enough
  • 7 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Blog's Bounce Rate
    A high bounce rate can be deadly for a free website, particularly one looking to commoditize: one of the surest routes to success is by getting a high percentage of visitors who read more than just one web page on your blog Obviously, great content is the best way to entice visitors, but even great content requires smart planning and design
  • W3C Code - How Important is It?
    If you plan to build your own website, then you've probably already heard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), but if not, it is an international organization that sets standards for XML and other web-based codes For website developers, deciding whether or not to adhere to those standards is a big choice to make, especially given that the standa
  • How to Gain Twitter Followers For Your Business Website
    A priority for anyone who has developed a free Flash website is to gather attention, fans and interested individuals Whether you are giving information or providing services and products, you need to leverage different components for your website
  • Easy Google Tools to Improve Website Traffic
    Whether you have created a photography portfolio or corporate website, the key to getting noticed is to improve the traffic ratings to your site There are several components you can use to increase your success online
  • How to Advertise For Your Website on Facebook
    The emergence of social media is providing everyone with new options of reaching potential clients, fans and traffic for a website One of the top areas for advertising for websites is Facebook
  • What Are Keywords and Where Should You Place Them?
    The legitimacy of your website is dependent on how well you attract others to your website If you have used a free website creator for building an online presence, then you want to make sure you get noticed
  • The Importance of Balance in Website Design
    The first impression that traffic has of your website is from the design that you create If you are working to create free website, then you want to make sure that you apply the correct concepts for web design
  • 6 Cool Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Your Friends On Facebook
    Facebook is like a free website for your social relationships, and it can be lots of fun One of the most common occasions for letting someone know you are thinking about them on Facebook is on their Birthday
  • Are You Using The Right Keywords?
    Keywords form the lifeblood of the internet This is something you've got to grasp when you make your own website
  • Creating Compelling, SEO-Friendly Content
    Reading all of the information out there that talks about how to create a successful, well trafficked free website can be extremely confusing There are some people who argue that the only key to success is creating valuable content that people want to read
  • Different Link Styles to Consider For Your Website
    When linking from your website to another place on the web, you've got some options for how to make that link appear
    Here are the three main types of links, and when they are most appropriate
  • What is Internationalization?
    When you create your own website, if you want people from all over the world to access it, then you must build it in accordance with the latest norms of Internationalization The World Wide Web was never intended to be used by only a few nations; it targets humankind as a whole
  • Social Bookmarking to Promote Your Website
    When you make your own website and everything starts running smoothly, you must find ways to generate as much traffic as possible Banners and contextual advertisements are useful methods to achieve this, but they are costly and most of the time not that effective for a new website
  • 3 Most Important Elements For a Fashion Magazine Website
    Fashion magazines are by far among the most popular forms of literary entertainment in the world today Despite a general decline in the sales and circulation of printed magazines and newspapers, fashion magazines continue to thrive across the world, as people continue to rely on them for keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trend
  • Top Small Business Websites For Inspiration
    Small business owners need a website and a Flash website is the perfect answer to this need A website will give you another venue for your products, or it could be the only place you offer them
  • What Are Canonical URLs and Why Should You Use Them?
    Canonical URL's are a relatively new term which refer to the new ability of a webmaster to let search engines such as Google and Yahoo know which is the best version of a web page to index using a meta tag This not only enables webmasters to suggest a recommended version of the page but it can also help to decrease the risk of being penalized for d
  • 3 Most Important Elements For A Wellness Website
    Designing a Website For the Wellness Industry

    Wellness is the latest buzzword in the health industry With all of the ways that our lives can seemingly go awry, from everything from the flu, to obesity, to heart disease, to genetic disorders, to mental problems of a psychological, emotional, or sociological nature, to overall physical fitness, an
  • LinkedIn Get Linked in With the Right People
    Linkedin is a great network for professionals but do know how to build your brand and get new leads for your websites Check out these 5 tips
  • 5 Reasons Why People Are Afraid to Shop Online
    Incredible as it may seem nearly 1/3 of the internet users are afraid to purchase online What do you have to do to create a website that gains trust
  • 7 Bad Habits That Ruin Your Creativity and Your Success
    You've gone to the effort to make your own website and you're full of enthusiasm Don't fall prey to these behaviors that can ruin it for you
  • Marketing Automation - How to Do It Correctly
    When you create a website include features that give you the ability to market effectively 24/7 on autopilot Turn your website into a lead generating machine

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